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École normale supérieure, Paris (ENS Ulm) Higher normal school in Paris

Address: 45 Rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris, France

Description École normale supérieure, Paris (ENS Ulm) Higher normal school in Paris

Paris High School has the status of the most elite French institution providing higher education services. École normale supérieure, Paris (ENS Ulm) has a rich and interesting history. The emergence of the university occurred when the Great French Revolution was in full swing. The first students entered the university in 1794. During its existence, ENS Ulm always sought to enroll only the most talented students. This approach made the university the most famous center of European scientific research. Modern buildings of the Higher Normal School are located in the fifth district of the capital of France. This educational institution is a permanent member of the academic network PARIS SCIENCES ET LETTRES, which unites the most prestigious universities of Paris. In this association one can meet the Polytechnic School, the Sorbonne, the University of Curie and many others.

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Consider all the benefits of admission to this university with examples of the most prestigious faculties.

  • Since the birth of the university and to this day, École normale is characterized as the ancestor of various innovative ideas. This is especially true of philosophical views. The direction of philosophy can boast a galaxy of prominent scientists in this field. Especially worth noting is the period of the 20th century. At this time, the great thinkers of Europe taught and studied here. Among them are M. Foucault and J. Derrida. The Faculty of Philosophy has high rating indicators all over the world, which is confirmed by the constant demand among applicants.
  • An excellent rating values ​​and high qualifications of graduates is characterized by the Faculty of Mathematics. The quality of teaching in this area leads him to the first three dozen of the best departments in the world in this field.
  • Not far behind in international recognition and the Faculty of Physics. It is placed at 43 positions in the world ranking.
  • It is worth noting the high scientific activity of the Higher Normal School, which is implemented in various interdisciplinary studies, connecting the humanitarian and scientific disciplines. An example is the work of the National Center for Scientific Research. In such a project, scientists of the Faculty of Philosophy, together with specialists representing cognitive sciences, are conducting a study of human consciousness.
  • We should also focus on scientific developments in the field of exact disciplines. This is confirmed by the high citation indices of the work of mathematicians and physicists in scientific works.

University pride

  • F. Borel - is a famous mathematician and political figure. Together with R. Leberg he created the theory of measure.
  • E. Durkheim is a brilliant sociologist. It was he who created the scientific doctrine of sociology. His scientific works are still the basis for the study of sociological science.
  • J. Sartre is a famous French prose writer of atheistic existentialism. He wrote several religious works.

Equipment École normale supérieure, Paris (ENS Ulm) Higher normal school in Paris

The main building of the Higher Normal School is located within the famous Latin Quarter. For several centuries, the student life of the capital of France is in full swing here. Small streets divided the most famous universities of the capital. Near the campus of ENS Ulm there is a whole complex of historical sights of Paris. You can visit the Luxembourg Park, admire the Pantheon, look inside the Parisian catacombs or dine on the banks of the Seine. The structure of ENS Ulm includes two more campuses. They are located in different parts of the capital of France.

Scholarships École normale supérieure, Paris (ENS Ulm) Higher normal school in Paris

École normale is a higher public education institution, so education is provided free of charge here. Separately, every year, students pay 600 euros as a mandatory social insurance contribution. This is a common practice in France. The student’s main expenses will be housing rent and personal needs. If you rent private housing, you will have to spend about 600 euros per month. Transport costs and food will cost about 500 euros each month. You can live in a hostel, the payment of which will be about 300 euros per month.

In this school, all foreign nationals are financially supported by the Séléction Internationale program. Through this program, the student can receive a cash benefit of 1,000 euros per month. Such a scholarship will be able to cover the cost of accommodation, food and transportation. Grants for education from the governments of France and Russia are provided separately. It is worth considering that most scholarship programs are designed for graduate and postgraduate students.

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