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Cyprus Citizenship for Investment

Cyprus Citizenship for Investment

Citizenship of Cyprus for international students, Cyprus passport for investment is becoming increasingly popular. Loyal conditions of immigration, transparent legislation, profitable investment programs involving the acquisition of Cyprus citizenship when buying property, makes the island attractive for foreign students from all over the world.

What attracts wealthy people when choosing a citizenship of Cyprus? The opportunity to live and work in Europe, to transport their family there, to choose the best foreign schools for children, to provide them with knowledge of foreign languages, a high level of preparation for entering European, American universities. In addition, Cyprus citizenship as part of the European Union provides additional benefits: the possibility of visa-free entry to the EU countries, optimal conditions for the preservation and enhancement of assets, the ability to develop their business in Europe.

Before those who decide to start the procedure for obtaining citizenship, there are many questions: what is needed to obtain a residence permit in Cyprus, what documents to submit, whether it is possible to obtain Cyprus citizenship for investments for children, whether there is North Cyprus citizenship, whether dual citizenship is provided by Cyprus law and many others. Our qualified lawyers will be able to answer them, give a full consultation on immigration issues, collect all the necessary documents for submitting an application to the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus and complete the procedure before obtaining a certificate of citizenship.

Citizenship of Cyprus for foreign students: how to get the main benefits

  • Citizenship of Cyprus when buying property gives the right to obtain a Cyprus passport for children under the age of 28 years under the care of the main participant of the program, spouses, father, mother.
  • When applying for documents, the applicant for citizenship and his wife / husband come to the island once to submit biometric data (the duration of the procedure is 1 day). On the same visit is issued a residence permit in Cyprus for international students. 6 months after sending the data and personal confirmation of financial information you receive a passport of a citizen of Cyprus.
  • The program of acquiring citizenship of Cyprus for investments involves investing in real estate or securities, which will become a financial asset of the family, will bring profit; there is no need to contribute funds to charitable funds, as provided for by investment programs of other countries.
  • The immigration law of the Republic of Cyprus offers applicants one of the easiest and shortest options for naturalization without having to take a language test and undergo a medical examination.
  • Investments can be returned after 3 years (except for € 500 thousand, which the applicant invests in the acquisition of the main housing).
  • Cyprus passport offers the opportunity to choose a country to live, study, work, rest in visa-free countries: 159 countries, including 28 members of the EU, the UK, Canada and Liechtenstein.
  • When moving to England, citizens of Cyprus can receive British citizenship after 6 years.
  • Sparing tax programs for those who have not completed the naturalization procedure: exemption from taxes on profits from government bonds purchased under the program of securities.

Immigration to Cyprus for international students 2019

  • Terms of obtaining citizenship - six months
  • You buy only real estate - from € 2 million.
  • The term of retention of funds - 3 years
  • 159 visa-free countries, including the UK
  • Accommodation and employment in 28 countries of the European Union, England.

Who can participate in the program: Cyprus citizenship for children, permanent residence in Cyprus for pensioners

  • You have the right to apply for citizenship to the representation of Cyprus, if you have reached the age of 18, you have not been tried, your property and assets have not been frozen by the decision of the authorities of the European Union.
  • Cyprus citizens through investments according to the rules of participation in the program can become all family members: wife / husband, children up to 28 years old, attending universities, parents.
  • Pensioners with the necessary financial means apply for Cyprus citizenship on a general basis.

How much is the citizenship of Cyprus: investment in real estate, funds, business.

Conditions for obtaining citizenship of Cyprus for foreign students involves investing in various types of property, securities, government funds, the acquisition of their own business. What options does the program offer?

  • Acquisition of residential real estate worth at least € 2 million, which can be returned after 3 years.
  • Combined investment from € 2.5 million in:
    • residential, commercial, land for construction
    • own business in Cyprus
    • Cyprus government bonds up to € 500 thousand
    • alternative investment funds regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Additional investments of € 500,000 (excluding VAT) for the purchase of the program participant’s main housing are irretrievable

Application to the Embassy of Cyprus: documents

  • Application for Cyprus Citizenship in English (standard form)
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Copies of the applicant’s passport (valid)
  • Proof of address
  • Certificate of no criminal record and the fact of criminal prosecution (issued no earlier than 3 months prior to the filing of documents)
  • Investor resume containing basic information about the applicant.

Documents are translated into English and certified with an apostil.

Do I need legal assistance in obtaining citizenship of Cyprus?

When deciding whether to relocate to Cyprus and apply for citizenship of any state in Europe, it is best to contact an experienced immigration specialist. The lawyer will take care of all the issues related to the process of registration of citizenship of another country:

  • Carefully consider your financial documents, assess the peculiarities of marital status, take into account the nature of employment of family members and offer the most rapid and simple ways to apply for citizenship.
  • Prepare documents (including confirmation of investment transactions) in accordance with the laws of Cyprus and send them.
  • Receive preliminary approval from the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Cyprus.
  • Will select and arrange the purchase of real estate, property, following the procedures stipulated by the immigration laws of Cyprus. Lawyers will select the most weekend offers in the real estate market, verify the legality of transactions, conduct the procedure in compliance with legal norms and customer requirements.
  • Compile a cover letter for the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Cyprus, attached to the package of documents.
  • Monitor the status of the application and notify the applicant about the stage of consideration.

The applicant for citizenship and his spouse, if any, visit Cyprus to provide biometric data, personal confirmation of financial and personal information presented in the documents. A subsequent visit to the island before obtaining citizenship is not required.

6 months after the submission of documents, the investor receives a certificate of acquisition of citizenship of Cyprus. If he himself receives a certificate, then in the same period of stay he will be issued a passport of the Republic of Cyprus.

The final stage of the work of lawyers will be preparation of documents for obtaining citizenship of Cyprus for children, parents of the initiator of the investment program.

Cyprus Citizenship for Investment: Everything Is Easier Than It May seem

The process of immigration to Cyprus for investments is a simple one from a legal point of view, but its organization will still require a lot of involvement, special knowledge and experience. Our company has gathered leading experts in the field of international law, visa services, immigration support, closely examines citizenship programs through investments, the acquisition of private and commercial real estate in Europe, the UK, the Caribbean. Distinctive features of our work:

  • High-quality work confirmed by professional community, customers
  • Extensive experience in the field of immigration
  • International relations in investment and real estate markets
  • Confidentiality
  • Individual approach
  • Efficiency

Citizenship of the EU and the Caribbean

We help clients go through the procedure of acquiring citizenship, a residence permit through investments in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, Malta, England, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Immigration and Visa Services in the UK

We offer registration of visa categories for private clients, companies wishing to move, to transfer business to England:

  • Tier 1 Investor
  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur
  • Tier 2 work permit.

We also help to issue, extend visas, permission to reside in Britain urgently.

Optimal solutions to any legal issues

Our lawyers will provide high-quality, competent solution to the most complex issues of the legal sphere, ensure confidentiality, act as a trustee, a representative of the interests of the client.


Our experts will select for you the most profitable, promising real estate offers in the territory of England, Cyprus, Malta, the Caribbean, optimal for participation in the process of obtaining citizenship for investment. Lawyers accompany the procedure for the acquisition of foreign real estate from the choice of the investment object to the entry into ownership.

Capital and assets

We help business owners, tangible assets to ensure the preservation of capital, legal support of transferring the enterprise to a new legal space. Our specialists offer fiduciary administration services, various types of representation of your interests abroad.

Tax and financial planning

We offer the best solutions in the field of tax management, financial planning, taking into account peculiarities of your assets and full compliance with laws of the country you have chosen for immigration or place of permanent residence.

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