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Cyprus Citizenship by Investment

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Obtaining Cyprus citizenship and Cyprus passport grows more and more popular among non-Europeans. Favourable immigration terms, transparent legislation, beneficial investment programs offering Cyprus citizenship upon real estate purchase, makes this island appealing for those who intend to immigrate.

What attracts wealthy people when they choose Cyprus citizenship? Opportunity to live and work in EU, bring their family there, choose the best foreign schools for kids, provide them with knowledge of foreign languages, high level of education required to attend European and US colleges and universities. Moreover, Cyprus (as a EU state) citizenship offers further benefits: visa-free access to EU states, the best possible conditions to save and enhance assets, opportunities for your business development in EU.

Those who decided to apply for citizenship encounter numerous questions: What is needed to obtain residence permit in Cyprus? What documents shall be submitted? Are my children entitled to obtain Cyprus citizenship by investment? Does it offer citizenship of Northern Cyprus? Does Cyprus legislation allow dual citizenship? And so on. Our qualified lawyers will answer them, provide comprehensive immigration-related advice, collect the complete required package of documents to submit to the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus and end the procedure with a citizenship certificate.

Cyprus Citizenship for non-Europeans: How Can I Get Main Benefits?

  • Cyprus citizenship upon real estate purchase entitles to obtain a Cyprus passport for children under 28 who depend on the principal program participant, as well as spouses, and parents
  • When submitting documents, a citizenship applicant and his/her spouse arrive at the island to provide their biometrics (this procedure takes one day). A Cyprus residence permit is issued to the non-Europeans on the same day. You will receive a Cyprus passport 6 months after your biometrics are provided and personal confirmation of your financial information.
  • The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program requires that you invest money in real estate or securities as future assets for your family and income source; however, it doesn't require from you to make charitable donations, unlike investment programs of other countries.
  • The Cypriot immigration legislation offers its applicants one of the easiest and shortest methods of naturalization without the need to take any language tests and undergo medical examination.
  • The invested money may be returned in three years (except for €500 K spent by the applicant on purchase of their main dwelling).
  • A Cypriot passport offers an opportunity to choose a country to live, study, and work in or go on vacations to visa-free countries: 159 countries, including 28 EU states, UK, Canada, and Lichtenstein.
  • Upon immigration to UK, Cypriot nationals may obtain UK citizenship after 6 years.
  • Favourable tax programs for those who haven't completed the naturalization procedure: tax exemption for income obtained from securities and government bonds purchased as a part of the program.

Immigration to Cyprus for non-Europeans 2019

  • A citizenship acquisition procedure takes six months.
  • You purchase only real estate for €2 million and more.
  • Money retention period is three months.
  • 159 Visa-free countries including UK.
  • Residence and employment in 28 EU states and UK.

Persons Who May Qualify for the Program: Cyprus Citizenship for Children, Permanent Residence for Retirees in Cyprus

  • You are entitled to apply for citizenship to a Cypriot mission if you are 18 and older, have clean police records, your real estate and assets have never been frozen by the EU authorities.
  • As the program rules provide it, every family member (spouse, children under 28 (inclusive) who attend colleges or universities, parents) may acquire Cyprus citizenship by investments.
  • Retirees who possess necessary funds apply for Cyprus citizenship on general terms.

Cost of Cyprus Citizenship: Investments in Real Estate, Funds, Business

Cyprus citizenship acquisition requires that the non-European citizens should invest in various properties, securities, government funds, acquisition of their business. What options does the program afford?

  • Purchasing residential property for at least €2 million which may be returned upon 3 years.
  • Combined investments for €2.5 million and more in:
    • residential, commercial real estate, land and construction
    • your own business in Cyprus
    •  Cypriot government bonds for up to €500 K.
    • alternative investment funds regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

further investments for €500 K and more (excluding VAT) to purchase the applicant’s main dwelling are not subject to return.

Application Submission to the Embassy of Cyprus: Documents

  • Cyprus citizenship application in English (standard form)
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Copies of a (valid) foreign passport
  • Residence address confirmation
  • Clean criminal record (verified not later than 3 months before the document submission date)
  • Investor’s CV with the applicant's main details.

The above documents need to be translated into English and certified by an Apostille.

Do non-European nationals need help to receive Cyprus citizenship?

When you decide to immigrate to Cyprus and apply for any EU citizenship, your best choice will be to go to an experienced immigration specialist. A lawyer will address issues related to a foreign citizenship acquisition process; he/she will:

  • Study your financial documents thoroughly, evaluate your family status, take into consideration your family members’ employment status and offer the fastest and easiest ways of citizenship obtaining.
  • Prepare documents (including investment transaction confirmation) according to the Cypriot regulations and submit them.
  • Receive pre-approval of your application from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Cyprus.
  • Select and execute a real-estate and property purchase transaction in compliance with procedures provided for by the Cypriot immigration laws. Lawyers will find the most favourable proposals at the real-estate market, make sure that the transactions are legal, and will complete the procedure in compliance with regulations and customer's needs.
  • Prepare a cover letter for the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Cyprus attached to the package of documents.
  • Monitor the application status and inform the applicant of the process progress.

A citizenship applicant and his/her spouse, if any, will visit Cyprus to provide biometrics and personal confirmation of their financial and personal details specified in the documents. No subsequent visit to the island before citizenship is granted will be required.

6 Months after documents have been submitted, an investor receives a Cyprus citizenship certificate. If they receive this certificate in person, they will obtain a Cyprus passport during the same period of stay.

The final stage of lawyers’ assistance will be preparation of documents to receive Cyprus citizenship for the investment program initiator’s children and parents.

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment: Easier Than It Seems

Immigration to Cyprus by investment is considered to be simple in legal terms, but it requires extensive involvement, specific knowledge and experience to arrange it. Our company has united prominent specialists in international law, visa services, immigration support, studies citizenship by investment programs carefully, looks into purchases of private and commercial real estate in EU, UK, the Caribbean. What makes our work so special:

  • Quality of work confirmed by the professional community and customers
  • Extensive experience in the immigration field
  • International connections at investment and real estate markets
  • Confidentiality
  • Individual approach
  • Efficiency.

EU and Caribbean Citizenship by Investment

We help our customers go through all the formalities related to acquisition of citizenship, residence permit by investment in the Republic of Cyprus, Malta, UK, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Immigration and Visa Services in UK

We offer support with visa categories for individual and corporate clients who wish to immigrate or relocate their business to UK:

  • Tier 1 Investor
  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur
  • Tier 2 General Work Visa

We also provide assistance with visa obtaining and renewal, and UK residence permit obtaining in an urgent procedure.

The Best Possible Solution to Any Legal Problems

Our lawyers will provide high-quality, competent solution to the most complex legal problems, maintain confidentiality, act as an authorized agent and customer’s attorney.

Real estate

Our experts will find the most beneficial and perspective real estate proposals in UK, Cyprus, Malta, the Caribbean, suitable for obtaining citizenship by investment. Our lawyers will support the transaction of foreign real estate purchase from selection of property to invest through ownership.

Capital and Assets

We help owners of businesses and tangible assets maintain their capital, and provide legal support for relocation of their business to a new legal environment. Our specialists offer fiduciary administration services, various kinds of representation of your interests abroad.

Tax and Financial Planning

We offer the best possible solutions in tax administration, financial planning based on the specific character of your assets and in strict compliance with legislation of the country you chose for immigration or permanent residence.

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