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Guidance on how to study in Melbourne. Top 19 schools and universities in Melbourne, study fees, rankings

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Education information

Do you dream about studying in Australia? Today, Australia attracts a great deal of foreign students with high-quality educational services, high living standards and amazing nature. SMAPSE offers TOP-10 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in Melbourne, Australia where foreign students can get high-quality primary, secondary and higher education. Moreover, Australian language schools and centers provide various language courses and programs that will meet all your needs. 

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

Secondary education for foreign students in Melbourne

Studying in Melbourne is a great opportunity for foreign students in high schools to bring the language proficiency and academic knowledge in accordance with the requirements of Australian universities. The education system in Australia has its own features: the secondary school includes 13 classes. That's why for foreign students, who want to study abroad, their own certificate of complete secondary education isn't enough  - to make up the difference they have to study in high school in Australia. At the end of high school and the successful passing of exams, children receive a certificate of higher education, which gives the right to enter the leading universities of the country. Education in Melbourne's schools allows to combine university preparation with adaptation to the methods of teaching children, the peculiarities of education, familiarity with Australia's culture and life. Secondary education in Australia is free for citizens and permanent residents. 

Simon Kizhner
Simon Kizhner
Regional Admissions representative, EMEA

What aspects do parents consider when choosing a school?

Opportunities for the growth and development of the child - both in and outside the classroom, the diversity of the school community. Some cultural opportunities for  students: world-class museums and theaters, summer internships, visits to the world's largest corporations and research centers.


University preparation for international students: language courses, academic programs

Education in Melbourne for foreign students planning to enter Australian universities includes three specialized educational programs:

  • Pre-foundation

Pre-Foundation - a preliminary course for applicants to the prestigious and sought-after program of the International Foundation. The training system (60 weeks) is appropriate for students with insufficient language knowledge / level of academic disciplines. The program is aimed at adapting children to the English-language educational system, teaching a child the language, studying basic academic disciplines (mathematics, computer technology, natural sciences). After completion of the program and verification of children's readiness for training, a certificate is provided.

International Foundation - an international universal course of pre-university preparation. The program includes linguistic work with children, the formation of educational skills, skills in working with information technology training. Students choose academic disciplines in accordance with their future educational profile. The course includes modules of practical and independent studies. At the end of the course, students take exams and receive a certificate in demand by prestigious English-speaking universities.

  • IDP Diploma Program.

IDP Diploma Program - a program similar to the Foundation and aimed at students with high rates in core subjects, knowledge of English. The course includes lectures, seminars. The main task is to write research work in the scientific / commercial areas. Successful defense of the thesis allows students with high rates to enter the second year of undergraduate studies. Duration - 3-4 terms.

Language courses for academic purposes for foreign students

Studying in Melbourne includes English courses for academic purposes. The program is long - it takes from 10 to 32 weeks (1 academic year). It involves the study of grammar, vocabulary, the formation of reading, writing skills, working out fluent colloquial speech, checking the ability of students to study among English-speaking teachers and students. Classes help to remove the language barrier. The teaching methodology is focused on the development of topics on the history and culture of Australia, the traditions of the country, and the characteristics of the local educational system. Leading educators and native speakers help foreign students quickly adapt to studying abroad.

Preparation for language tests in Melbourne for international students

Language courses in Melbourne include preparation for the popular language tests - IELTS, TOEFL, FCE. These are standardized test programs that check command of English as a foreign language upon admission to universities and employment in multinational companies.

  • IELTS courses - preparation for test tasks in the examination course. The methodology is practiced from 2-52 weeks, includes teaching children English, classes in academic disciplines. In linguistic classes, students study grammar, vocabulary, reading, understanding written English. Classes include the following forms of training: listening, writing exercises, interactive communication exercises.
  • For international students, the TOEFL language courses in Melbourne offer a methodology for teaching academic English compiled by experienced teachers. Intensive study of the main sections of the language, development of exercises similar to the test ones, active communicative practice will greatly simplify the passing of the TOEFL exam. Obtaining a TOEFL certificate allows you to qualify for places in the best universities, facilitates employment abroad, obtaining a long-term visa.
  • Cambridge FCE language test for international students in Melbourne is an international exam confirming English proficiency at an intermediate level. A long-term intensive educational system considers the general aspects of the language, methods of passing the FCE test. An examination certificate certifies that English proficiency is sufficient to live or work in an English-speaking country, as well as to study in English.

Higher education for international students in Melbourne: list of programs, rankings

Education in Melbourne for foreign students is open at universities - foreign applicants can study standard programs:

  • undergraduate studies;
  • magistracy.



Learning Content

Studying period


Monash university

The university offers more than 80 undergraduate programs in the following areas:

  • art and design
  • art
  • business and economics
  • pedagogy
  • engineering
  • information technology
  • law
  • Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical Science

3 years.

For medical, engineering and educational academic areas - 4-5 years

University of Victoria

Academic areas of undergraduate studies:

  • natural;
  • educational;
  • engineering;
  • visual arts;
  • human and social development;
  • humanitarian;
  • legal (+ program for doctors of law, Peter B. Gustavson School of Business);
  • social sciences 

3 years


Monash university

The university has 10 faculties, Master's degree is presented in the following areas:

  • art and design 
  • art 
  • business and economics 
  • pedagogy 
  • engineering 
  • information technology
  • law
  • pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical sciences 
  • the science 

1.5-3 years

University of Victoria

Directions of Master's programs:

  • natural science
  • business
  • educational activities
  • engineering
  • art
  • humanitarian sciences
  • law
  • social sciences

1, 2 years

Language courses for adults: year-round programs, individual courses for international students

Education in Melbourne for foreign students - adult students who want to improve their language proficiency - is represented by two programs:

  • year-round English courses;
  • English for beginners.

Year-round general English course is aimed at students with an elementary command of language. Duration of study - 2-52 weeks. The educational methodology is built around the formation of speaking skills, the practical application of the knowledge gained. A comprehensive program develops written, spoken, grammar, vocabulary. Applicable forms of work: listening, reading original / adapted texts; students hold discussions on given topics, overcome the language barrier. The course provides an opportunity to get to know Australia better in the process of communicating with fellow students, leisure activities, and household communications (hotel, residence, family).

The course for beginners is aimed at adult students with minimal / absent language skills. Duration - from 1 week. The educational system allows foreign students to learn a new language for them step by step, gradually expanding the lexical stock, getting used to the grammatical and syntactic structure of another language system and perfecting the oral language skills in class and everyday life. The result is: formation of basic conversational skills, reading, writing and understanding oral, written speech.

For students over 16, Melbourne language schools offer one-to-one instruction. The program, methods, forms of training are fully focused on the student’s educational request, its starting level and the rate of assimilation of the material. The course was introduced as an addition to other classes and includes a small number of academic hours.

Business Courses in Melbourne for Adults

Education in Melbourne for students working or planning to work in international companies is aimed at developing business communication skills in English. Melbourne language schools offer two kinds of courses:

  • communication in English for business;
  • business English courses.

The educational methodology for the first program includes classes in general English + electives of a business area. Optional lessons are aimed at increasing vocabulary, the study of special terms, the practice of presentations, interviews, negotiations, the ability to conduct business correspondence.

Business English courses for foreign students develop basic language skills: fluency and literacy of oral speech, listening comprehension, reading and writing. The business component is aimed at the formation of special language knowledge and the assimilation of the terms of the business environment. In the lessons, students consider topics: corporate communication standards, the specifics of business correspondence. Much attention is paid to mastering the skills of conducting interviews and presentations.

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Sam Jones
Recruitment Director for Partnership with INTO Universities (Europe and Central Asia)

Sam is the Regional Director of Student Admissions at INTO Universities (Europe and Central Asia). Sam has nearly 20 years' experience in international education. Also, he has experience in student recruitment for institutions in the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand and is a qualified EFL teacher with many years of experience teaching abroad. He understands the challenges faced by international students and is aware of all these difficulties and have vast experience in helping foreign students.

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