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Atlantic language school

Address: Fairgreen House, Bóthar Fhaiche an Aonaigh, Gaillimh,
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Description Atlantic language school

  • Location: Galway, Ireland
  • Established: in 1993
  • Age of the pupils: from 16 years
  • Accommodation type: host family, apartments
  • Educational programs: English language courses (standard, intensive); preparation for language tests, business English
  • Dates of work: year-round
  • Language of instruction: English.

The modern, innovative and popular English language school Atlantic Language School is located in a hospitable and picturesque Ireland, in the center of the tourist city of Galway. Here, without exception, students celebrate extraordinary intellectual freedom, the emerging craving for knowledge and continuing education - the school provides not only an effective teaching of English, but the development of a completely new way of thinking and style of life.

The distance from Galway to Dublin can be reached in 3 hours by bus, from the international airport Shannon the city is about one and a half hours away.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Atlantic language school

Program name
from 205 € / week

Standard English Course

  • 20 lessons per week
  • Groups of up to 15 people
  • 1 lesson = 50 minutes
  • Minimal entry lesson: Beginner
  • Minimum duration: 2 weeks
  • Dates of the beginning: all-the-year-round, on Mondays.

A general, universal language course is useful for any category of students: this program provides an opportunity to comprehensively and effectively develop all the basic language skills - reading, listening, writing and speaking. The vocabulary is greatly expanded, pronunciation is practiced and accent is corrected, grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, syntax bases are studied. Classes are held in an interesting interactive format - various discussions and role games, debates, work independently / in pairs / in groups are actively organized.

Intensive English course

  • 30 lessons per week
  • Groups of up to 15 people
  • 1 lesson = 50 minutes
  • Minimal entry lesson: Beginner
  • Minimum duration: 2 weeks
  • Dates of the beginning: all-the-year-round, on Mondays.

This course is Iideal for persistent, capable, hardworking and ambitious students who want to significantly improve their knowledge in the shortest possible time. The main attention is paid to the development of communication skills, literacy and fluency of oral speech, overcoming the language barrier.

  • 20 general language lessons + 10 profile lessons weekly
  • Groups of up to 15 people
  • 1 lesson = 50 minutes
  • Minimal lesson for admission: advanced (Intermediate)
  • Minimum duration: 2 weeks
  • Dates of the beginning: all-the-year-round, on Mondays.

This course is perfect for students and active professionals who constantly communicate with foreign customers, partners and colleagues, who want to improve the knowledge of business etiquette. Lessons are conducted mainly in an interactive format: a large number of debates, discussions, role plays and situations are organized, work is conducted in pairs and mini-groups. The emphasis is on the development of literate and fluent oral speech, improving communicative and speech skills, improving listening skills.

Thematic studies (10 per week) are devoted to specific topics typical for the business environment:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership Skills
  • Work with clients
  • Working with objections and claims
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Preparation and holding of presentations
  • Basics of oral and written formal speech
  • Business Vocabulary
  • Resume writing
  • Conducting official correspondence and business correspondence, etiquette of e-mails.
from 255 € / week
  • 30 lessons per week
  • Groups of up to 15 people
  • 1 lesson = 50 minutes
  • Minimal lesson for admission: advanced (Intermediate)
  • Minimum duration: 2 weeks
  • Dates of the beginning: all-the-year-round, on Mondays.

A sufficiently intensive special course is designed to fully and comprehensively prepare students for the successful passing of the IELTS language test, which is highly ranked around the world. Students will not only be able to improve the level of English, but will also become acquainted with the specific features of testing, its structure, possible difficulties and complex moments.

15.06.2020 -21.08.2020
from 230 € / week
  • 18 lessons per week
  • Groups of up to 15 people
  • 1 lesson = 50 minutes
  • Minimal lesson for admission: high (Higher Intermediate)
  • Minimum duration: 1 week

The program is specially designed for teachers of the English language, for which it is not native (not native speakers). The course will be able to deepen the existing knowledge (note that to enroll in the program you need to confirm a very high level of skills), will introduce students to new teaching methods and schemes, innovative approaches and interesting features in conducting lessons. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from experience and share your knowledge with colleagues from other countries, to update your approach to preparing and conducting lessons, to learn a lot about the development of the curriculum.

Classes are devoted to the main topics:

  • Interaction with students
  • Planning and conducting lessons
  • Interactive techniques in the study of English
  • Practical training ideas with high efficiency.

All classes for future and existing teachers are conducted in an interactive, lively and mobile format, actively using modern sources, photo and video materials, the Internet. There are also classes on the culture of Ireland, which give an opportunity to get acquainted with the customs and history of this country.

Accommodation, housing and food

The Atlantic Language School offers foreign students several options for comfortable and safe living, among which everyone can find the most suitable (and affordable option) for them.

  • Host family

Irish are famous throughout the world for their good nature, friendliness and hospitality. All the families in whose homes the students reside have been carefully selected by the school staff and are regularly checked for proper quality of service and comfort. In addition, living in the family guarantees daily language practice, constant honing of communicative and speech skills in the process of communicating with native speakers, a deeper understanding of Irish traditions and customs, history and household characteristics.

Students who live in families are offered cozy, fully furnished private rooms (conveniences are generally common, but upon request, a room with an individual bathroom is available). Meals are organized on a half-board basis, twice a day: on weekdays it's breakfasts and dinners, on weekends - lunches and dinners. All houses are located in such a way that the path to the school does not exceed 20 minutes by public transport.

  • Apartments

Most of the apartments offered to students are located in the central part of the city, lively and developed areas - the road to school usually takes only a few minutes at a calm pace. Each apartment is fully furnished and equipped with the necessary equipment to provide students with comfortable living conditions.

Usually the apartments include 2-3 bedrooms (each for 1-2 people), bathroom and toilets, a cozy living room and a functional kitchen. Bedding and towels are provided, access to cable or wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet, cable TV. Many apartments are equipped with washing machines, if they are not available - students get access to the laundry.

Please note that booking of apartments is possible for a period of 2 weeks or more.

Offered apartments:

  • Gort na coiribe and Cuirt na coiribe - the distance to the school is approximately 15-20 minutes on foot; close to the main shopping center of Galway, a cinema and many restaurants, cafes and bars. The distance to the city center can be 10 minutes.
  • Tonn na mara, Kirwan court apartments and Glor na mara are located in the central part of the city, within walking distance from them are the city museum, a large shopping street, the city's national university, the railway station and the city square of Eyre.
  • Galway bay sea view apartments - located near the beach of Salthill, near Galway Bay, provide a great view from any room. In walking distance you can find many cafes and restaurants, the distance to the city center can be overcome in just a few minutes by public transport.

Note for some possible surcharges to the indicated cost of living:

  • Host family accommodation in high season;
  • Surcharge for accommodation in the high season in the apartments 3 * 4 *;
  • Special dietary meal in the host family.

Subjects, specialties, faculties

Subjects list : Academic English, business English, Classes in mini-groups, English, English for family, English for Teachers, English for teenagers, General English, IELTS preparation, Intensive English, Preparation for TOEFL, Preparation of CAE and FCE, Professional English, Standard english

Events Atlantic language school

Galway is often called the cultural capital of Ireland - and it should be noted that it deserves such status and title. The location practically on the Atlantic coast opens incredible opportunities for beach and active recreation, sports and enjoying beautiful sea scenery. Throughout the year, there are many entertainment events, festivals and celebrations, film screenings and theater premieres. You should try to visit the Oyster Festival or national races, which annually gather hundreds of spectators.

Eco-admirers and nature lovers will not be left out. The pearl of this region is the steep cliffs of Moher, striking with its grandeur and harsh, stern beauty.

Atlantic Language School organizes a large number of interesting events of different themes and character. It can be different seminars and lectures (on the culture of Ireland, expanding the vocabulary, about the peculiarities of the Irish variant of the English language, about the Gaelic language), various city tours, book club or film club meetings, dog races, master class "What is a teacher? ", singing lessons or national Irish dances. Together with sightseeing groups and experienced guides, students can visit the Connemara National Park, the famous picturesque islands of Aran Islands, the Moher cliffs, the ancient and majestic Bunratty Castle.

Equipment Atlantic language school

Atlantic Language School is located in a modern, well-equipped building, built of glass and metal: all audiences have huge panoramic windows, equipped with the required equipment (audio and video, interactive). A total of 27 classrooms are available for classes, students are provided with modern PCs and software, a large number of interactive equipment to increase the productivity of studying, free access to the Internet. There is a self-studying center where you can work independently and do your homework, and for recreation a beautiful cozy roof terrace is prepared.

Atlantic Language School is located in the center of Galway: within walking distance you can find many objects of urban and tourist infrastructure, including cafes, restaurants, banks, shops and pharmacies. Perfectly organized public transport system allows you to easily travel not only around the city and its environs, but also to go to Dublin for a variety of excursions and exciting walks (bus stop is directly opposite the educational building, not far is the railway station).

Term dates, timetable and extra fees

Extra fees:

  • Registration fee (for a programme/course) 55 EUR
  • Study materials 55 EUR
  • Transfer (one way) 150 EUR
  • Registration fee (for accommodation) 60 EUR

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

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