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TOP-20 language schools, colleges and camps in Brighton where international students can study high-quality English courses

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Nowadays, Brighton is one of the most popular resort cities in England that is every year visited by many foreign students wishing to get high-quality education abroad. SMAPSE offers you TOP-20 language schools, colleges and camps in Brighton where international students can study effective English courses all year round. Language schools in Brighton provide high-quality studying conditions, a wide range of courses and programs, exciting cultural programs and high-qualified teachers as native speakers.

SMAPSE experts have collected for you 20 best language schools, camps and colleges in Brighton that allow to combine effective English courses with interesting cultural programs. Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

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Advantages of studying at English schools in Brighton

For schoolchildren and students from all over the world, Brighton offers a huge variety of programs for learning English - creative, educational, vacation, sports, adventure and thematic courses. The advantages of studying in the UK include:

  • Ranking of educational institutions. The UK has for many years maintained the status of one of the best countries for education. Elite schools, popular colleges, prestigious universities offer a variety of programs for foreign students. Most UK language schools are among TOP best.
  • Education in England is considered one of the most high-quality. So, the British A-level is recognized worldwide as the "gold standard" of education. Many courses in Brighton offer preparation courses for entering UK universities
  • Developed infrastructure and modern equipment.
  • Experienced teachers. In England, centuries-old teaching traditions and the latest teaching methods are used, creating effective and entertaining academic programs.
  • A variety of programs and courses will allow to find a language school that suits your child in accordance with his goals, interests and command of English. For example, traditional vacation programs will be an ideal choice for children with insufficient language skills. During the courses, students will be able to get a great deal of language practice in lessons, creative or sports activities, extra-curricular activities, meetings with friends, etc.
  • Large selection of leisure activities and excursions.
  • Multinational atmosphere of the campus. Language schools in Brighton annually host thousands of students from all over the world, which allow children, adolescents and adult students to learn how to communicate with representatives of different countries and nationalities.
  • Experience living in another country.
  • Ancient and interesting UK culture.

TOP language schools in Brighton for foreign students

The variety of courses and programs in the UK for schoolchildren and students makes it possible to find a direction that interests everyone. Among the Brighton language courses, there are several main groups:

  • Vacation programs combine study and rest. They are the most popular and common types of courses for children and adolescents. For foreign students, these programs are an adventure trip to the UK, during which students learn English, get acquainted with the culture and history of the country on excursions, and also relax and have fun at extracurricular activities. Traditionally, such courses take place during summer, autumn, winter and spring holidays and are called "English + Rest".
  • Special courses allow to prepare for admission to foreign educational institutions or for passing international exams for language proficiency. This option is ideal for students who are dreaming about getting a secondary or higher education abroad. During the program, schoolchildren and students will not only increase their English proficiency, but also get acquainted with the educational system of Great Britain.
  • Creative programs are an amazing opportunity for children and adolescents to feel like an artist or musician under the guidance of experienced mentors. Future rock stars, dancers and young actors will be able to get unique experience from international experts and get acquainted with the dream profession.
  • Sports courses are a special chance for schoolchildren and students from all over the world to combine language learning with their favoгrite sport: football, basketball, equestrian sports, etc.
  • Thematic courses are very popular among young people. They allow students to significantly improve their knowledge in the chosen field - business, law, medicine, literature, etc. Such programs often include seminars and lectures with world experts in the selected field.

Tuition fees for foreign students

The cost of studying per person vary from £ 800 to £ 1,500 on average per 1 week on a vacation program.

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