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Casa Loma Castle in Toronto

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Casa Loma Castle in Toronto

All tourist routes in Toronto include a visit to the castle with the Spanish name Casa Loma: in translation it means "House on the Hill." This is a castle was built at the beginning of the 20th century by order of a private person: the Canadian millionaire Henry Pellat. He from childhood dreamed of living in the castle, which became possible, albeit not for long. The history of the building and its owners is impressive and surprising: at one time they wanted to demolish the magnificent building, but social activists defended the idea of turning the castle into a museum for tourists - today it is visited by millions of people a year, getting real pleasure, admiring all the splendor of the exterior and interior decoration.

Castle history

Henry Pellatus, earning millions, in 1903 received a land allotment in private ownership. To design the house, the millionaire hired the famous architect Edward Lennox: under his leadership, more than 70 houses were built in Toronto. The construction period was record short, given the size and complexity of the construction: only 3 years! In 1906, Pellat settled in the house, while the interior decoration of the rooms was still ongoing.

It was not possible to complete the decoration with the beginning of the First World War, but at that time a lot was done in the house:

  • Luxurious library with bas-reliefs
  • Glass veranda with city view
  • Indoor steam heating
  • Showers considered rare at the time
  • An organ whose pipes occupied two floors.

In 1923, the luxury building had to be sold because the post-war decline and economic crisis hit the millionaire's fortune hard. He sold the palace at auction and settled on a remote farm.

In 1933, the city became the owner of the castle for tax debts: more than 30 million Canadian dollars. The authorities for a long time decided what to do with the building, but there were plenty of ideas: to organize a school, art gallery, a veteran’s house ... There was even an idea to give the castle to a large family that gave birth to five children at the same time! But, deciding for a long time, the authorities could not decide, and in 1935 they decided to demolish the castle of Casa Loma due to the high cost of maintenance.

In 1936, a proposal was received to leave the attraction as a tourist attraction, and in 1937 the castle opened its doors and began to receive guests.

Building features

The technical equipment of the castle was demonstrated even by water sprayers on flower beds running on steam engines! An elevator was installed in the house, and the number of secret passages is surprising even now (one of them connects the castle with the stable). The idea of building a pool remained unfinished: only the cement box was prepared. The intentions of the designers and the first owner of the house were grandiose.

Today you can not only stroll through the rooms and halls of the castle and see the magnificent park in the courtyard, but also rent the entire building: weddings are held here, private parties - however, rent is available, of course, only to wealthy people. Casa Loma combines several architectural styles, the predominant - neo-Gothic.

Today, the castle museum is striking in its richness and magnificence: in addition to living rooms and halls, where noble guests were received, tourists will see an art gallery and even a collection of rifles. On site attractions include a gift shop and a restaurant. Castle tour cost: 30 CAD $ for adults, discounts are provided for children and senior citizens.

Interesting Facts

  • Casa Loma - Canada's Largest Private Mansion
  • The construction cost in 1903 amounted to 3.5 million Canadian dollars
  • The castle has 98 rooms
  • On the territory of the museum periodically shoot series and films.


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