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2019-09-26 00:17:20

Canadian War Museum

Canadian War Museum

Ottawa offers tourists dozens of attractions, among which the Canadian War Museum occupies a special place: it has collected a centuries-old history of all wars and alliances from the time of the natives to the present day. Hundreds of thousands of exhibits located in thematic and chronological halls will tell about the military experience of Canada, the history of individual operations and battles. Spend time with the museum while traveling in Canada - this is a unique place that tells about the state in bright colors, showing important artifacts: from documentary recordings to military jets.

History and features of the building

The museum was created in 1880, and it moved to the current building on May 8, 2005 - on the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II in European countries. Architects tried to create a special style of the building: the museum looks like a bunker, and the tower resembles the tail of an airplane. A number of windows in the tower are made in the form of a code - the phrase “You must not forget” with Morse code: the creators of the museum thus remind modern politicians and leaders of the terrible destructive power of any war, from local to world war.

Roof Features

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the museum is its green roof - 10,684 square meters in area, one of the largest of its kind in North America. Covered with the same tall species that grow along the Ottawa River, the roof is actually a self-sustaining ecosystem that requires minimal maintenance. Plants help to "clear" the air of smog and air pollution.

The roof includes a 300 mm soil mixture and a holding board that holds up to 720,000 liters of storm water. The combined functions of the green roof help to provide additional thermal insulation for reducing energy losses. Plants help to cool and clean the air above the building.


The museum consists of a number of thematic expositions and 4 large halls with chronological exhibitions:

  1. “Wars on our land”
  2. “For the crown and the earth”
  3. "Tempered in Fire"
  4. "Violent world."

Museum ticket price: 17 CAD $ for adults, 11 CAD $ for children under 12 years. There are discounts for students and senior citizens.

“Wars on our land”

The exposition tells about the military history of Canada from the Middle Ages until 1885: these are the wars of the Indians among themselves, and their union in wars against the Europeans. Tourists will see Aboriginal weapons, learn in detail about the American Revolution, the Seven Years War, and conflicts in the West of the country.

“For the crown and the earth”

The history of the wars in which Canadians participated on the side of the British Empire: South Africa since 1899 and World War I from 1914. Canadians fought in a foreign land, defending the interests of the empire. The collection ends with exhibits and documents of 1931 - the date of independence of Canada.

"Tempered in Fire"

The main theme of the exposition is World War II, but the story begins in 1931 - the establishment of dictatorship in Germany and several other countries. Thousands of exhibits tell about the role of Canada in this war, about numerous battles and operations.

"Violent world"

The exhibition begins in 1945 and continues to this day, talks about Canada’s participation in modern wars, conflicts and operations, about the country's role in the UN and NATO. The collection also includes exhibits testifying to the internal security of the state. Board games, comics, and artwork released during the Cold War were compiled. For tourists there is a hall in the exposition, where they can speak out about attitudes towards war and peace, and honor the memory of dead military and civilians.

Thematic Expositions

The museum has halls where collections of weapons from different times are collected, including huge tanks and artillery pieces, military aircraft and armored vehicles. The collection includes the legendary T-34 tank, underwater mines, a small submarine and other exhibits of various sizes, which are interesting for all visitors, adults and children.

Interesting Facts

  • The number of exhibits - more than 500,000.
  • The museum has a Mercedes limousine used by Hitler.
  • Tourists can visit the symbolic hall with tapering walls.
  • The museum has a historical research center.


The object belongs to museums.

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Egor Eremeev
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