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Camps in England for foreign students

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Camps in England for foreign students

In today's dynamic world, learning English is an essential prerequisite for a successful career and life. When, how not in childhood, begin to learn this wonderful language? In addition, summer language camps for children in the UK allow you to learn English easily and at ease, having fun and fully resting in between classes. Learning English in children's camps in England is a very popular direction of education. In the UK, students will receive not only quality knowledge - but also a unique traveler experience!

Children's camps in England - the best place for your child, if he loves English, wants to learn it, and also have a good rest on vacation before the start of the new school year. Language camps in Britain allow students to have fun, get a lot of positive emotions and impressions, as well as improve their level of English. At the same time, teachers here will not demand homework and "memorizing" grammar rules - classes are conducted in an unobtrusive game form, so children's language camps in the UK will suit absolutely all students. Language camps for children create all the necessary conditions for the full immersion of foreign students (and here they are more often called "holidaymakers") into the linguistic and cultural environment. And although the direct lessons of English in children's summer camps are taken no more than 3 hours a day, the effectiveness of traveling to the UK for a child is very high. To date, language summer camps for children in England are very popular and have become a trendy trend among those who want to learn English from all over the world.

Features of children's language camps in England

Summer is the time of school holidays practically all over the world, this is the time when every child wants to have a good rest after a busy school year, to go explore a new country or go to relatives in warm regions; finally, just stay at home and work out your own business, devote time to your interests, and also have plenty to take a walk with friends. Children's language camps in England - this is a real find for any parents, because being in the camp for children with learning English, the student will be able to do all of the above, and much more!

In the overwhelming majority of cases, summer English camps in the UK are located in the territories of schools or universities, colleges, which in the summer arrange something like a summer school for students from around the world. As a rule, the first half of the summer school is devoted to English lessons, and in the afternoon the students, accompanied by teachers or counselors, go to various events: they go on excursions to different places, go to the cinema or theaters, watch the sights of the city or region in which they stopped. For very young students, classes are held in a play form, so they are not completely perceived by students as "boring school classes." However, even for older students, there are some standard English lessons.

Parents who are concerned about the health of their children (especially those living in large cities) usually would like to pick up a children's language camp with learning English in the UK, located in a small town or even a village for environmental reasons. In such language camps, the child will be able to enjoy pure air, picturesque nature, spread around meadows and ponds, etc.

Kinds of language summer camps with learning English in Britain for children

It should be noted that the language summer camps in England work for 3 summer months and accept students from both Great Britain and other countries of the world aged from 8 to 17 years. A variety of programs are offered, including different modes of teaching English and a different cultural program. For example, one of the most popular types of summer language camps for students, especially among boys, is a children's football camp: students practice English, and also study, often even in stadiums of world-famous football English teams. In addition, there are many language camps that offer other sports and not only: the student will be able to practice horseback riding, design, art, art, tennis, swimming and much more.

Language summer camps for children in the UK are divided into several types. There are standard and intensive language courses, differing in the number of hours of classes in English with teachers; there is a program "English +", in which students pass some selected disciplines, such as astronomy or drawing; finally, the previously mentioned sports camps for students with learning English. In language camps with sports, students after classes can attend sports halls, play football, volleyball, basketball, dancing, swimming, tennis, etc. with professional experienced teachers. For children, sports sections of golf, horse riding and much more are open. Of course, most foreign students like horseback riding - it is not always possible to meet such an opportunity in your native country and stroll through the picturesque landscapes. Sports children's camps in the UK are the most prestigious and popular language summer camps, they are much more popular than any other.

It is worth mentioning, and such an important fact, as the diversity of educational programs in summer English camps for children with language learning. The program of classes varies from season to season and is supplemented by experienced teachers, as a result, even when visiting the same camp, the child will not be bored - on the contrary, the days in the children's language camp fly by unnoticed and leave only vivid memories and impressions. At leading language summer camps, teachers regularly send parents detailed reports on their child's progress, as well as what their children are doing where they are going.

The advantage of language camps in the UK in the summer is that teachers are well aware that during the summer holidays, children do not want to learn at full strength, because the holidays are a time of rest and recuperation. This is why teachers use tricks: five days a week, classes are held in the form of contests, games, quizzes, discussions, and so on. Students gradually overcome the language barrier by communicating with native speakers (there may be British children in the camp) and teachers. Learning English takes up to three hours every day, the rest of the time children communicate, play, visit excursions and attractions, walk. As for meals, it is usually organized on the principle of part-time (2 meals a day) or full Board (3-5 meals a day), and students are provided with lunch on excursions.

Types of accommodation in summer language camps in the UK

Summer language camps with english language tuition in Britain offer 2 main options for students living abroad: in a student residence on the campus or in the house of a host family in the UK.

With regard to placement in the family, each school has its own lists of British families who agree to accept a foreign child in their home for the period of their English language studies in the UK. Of course, all families from such lists have everything necessary for a comfortable life and study of the child. Parents can familiarize themselves in advance with family options and even get to know the families themselves to determine which house and which family your child will be most comfortable with. Placing a child in a British family has a positive effect on their English speaking skills and listening comprehension, as they will communicate daily with members of the British family, get acquainted with the life and traditions of the British, as well as with their cordiality, hospitality and friendliness. For a British family, accepting a foreign student is also a very important and interesting experience, they are happy to help the child in all of his issues. Also for any child such an important life experience will become original and unique, leave a lot of positive emotions and impressions for life. However, this kind of placement will suit relatively independent and responsible children, which, however, does not prohibit younger students from being housed in the home of British families, because they will be looked after and cared for.

Another option is suitable for adults and independent students who want to communicate more with peers from around the world, spend time in a more mature environment. These people are best to settle in student hostels on the territory of schools or universities, which open summer language camps for children in the UK. In case of accommodation in a general student hostel on the campus of a language children's camp, foreign students can choose how many times a day they prefer to eat: either full board (children are provided with 3 meals a day - breakfast, lunch and dinner) or a part-time board (the children have breakfast and lunch or supper, and the third meal they provide themselves - they cook something in common kitchens in student dormitories).

Of course, the territory of a language children's camp is well guarded, and students are safe both on campus and in the case of off-site excursions outside the camp territory.

Tuition fees in summer camps for children learning English in the UK

During the selection of a language summer camp with the study of English in Britain, you should carefully read the list of services included in the total cost of the educational journey. The cost of studying and living in a summer language camp in England directly depends on the services included in the program: the type of accommodation for the duration of the stay in the camp; directly educational program with the necessary materials; including events and excursions, visits to museums, theaters, galleries, attractions, etc .; type of catering; transfers from and to the airport; insurance.

In addition, the cost of a language camp can sometimes fluctuate depending on the time of year when you decide to send your child to school. Camps in the UK can be held not only in summer, but also in autumn, winter or spring. Accordingly, different seasons mean slightly different prices.

The cost of staying and studying in a language camp in England depends on the age of the child: for example, a child aged 8-10 years needs more attention and care than a student aged 14-16.

The prestige of the language camp plays an important role in the total cost of the educational trip: thus, the prestigious and most popular sports language camps will cost you much more than similar camps at the end of the list of TOP-100 best camps for British children or than a prestigious camp with a classical program without sports).

Finally, it is necessary to determine exactly for how long the child is ready to travel to another country to study English. The most popular period is 2-3 weeks, but you can go for a whole month.

On average, the cost of a week in a language summer camp for children in the UK is about 400 £, and a week in an elite and prestigious camp will cost you several times more: from 1,500 £. Despite this cost, places in such camps are very quickly dismantled, so you need to take care of booking a place for your child and about collecting the necessary documents in advance.

For detailed information about the cost of the trip and to get a free consultation from SMAPSE specialists, you can leave a request at the bottom of this page, call by phone or write to e-mail. SMAPSE professional experts have many years of experience in the field of education abroad and are always ready to tell you, to help organize an unforgettable trip to the UK and other countries.

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