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2019-08-14 16:45:03

Schools in Switzerland for foreign students

Schools in Switzerland for foreign students

This article is about secondary education in Switzerland. About how parents can choose the right school and choose the most useful program for their child. How to prepare a student for a trip so that he not only have fun, but also have a good time in the magnificent Switzerland.


Education of studets abroad is very popular among modern families. The opportunity to attend leading schools in Switzerland for foreign students has been gaining great popularity recently. Secondary education is an important stage in the life of every student, and secondary education in Switzerland is the key to success. It’s no secret that Swiss education is always highly regarded and combines the best traditions of Europe and the UK. For foreign students, education in Switzerland is not only a unique experience of immersion in a new environment, but also the beginning of a journey into the world of great career opportunities. The main plus of the education of foreign students in one of the best schools in Switzerland is that the child receives the practice of speaking in several foreign languages. The general atmosphere in the classroom helps the student to be active, inquisitive and sociable, and extracurricular activities have a strong influence on the formation of the child's personality. Switzerland is an ideal place to receive high-quality and prestigious secondary education and to improve the knowledge gained outside the school, communicating with local residents.

Educational programs for foreign students in schools in Switzerland

Every year, thousands of foreign students from different countries come to study in Switzerland, so you need to apply for school a year or two before the start of education. The secondary education system in Swiss schools is very popular, as it consists of three levels: the first two are mandatory, and the third can be selected at will. All public schools adhere to the Swiss Matura standard, which consists of 2 levels and includes elementary school, 1 stage of secondary education and a stage of higher education, but foreign students, who come to study in Swiss schools, choose leading private boarding schools with educational programs in various fields. Today in Switzerland there are more than 250 private schools that are ready to accept foreign students, help to master several foreign languages and prepare students for entering the best universities not only in the country, but also in the world. A key feature of studying in private boarding schools is that students have the opportunity to receive education not only in the 3 official languages of the country (German, French and Italian) and international English, but also the wishes of students in Chinese and Spanish. The most sought after programs include the following:

The most popular educational program in English, which makes it possible to obtain a degree for continuing studies at any university in Europe. The program includes compulsory second language learning, including German, French or Italian.

The educational program is held in English and is suitable for those children who are planning further studies at universities in the UK.

  • American Education Program

Private schools in Switzerland, which teach foreign students in this educational program in English, guarantee admission to the most prestigious universities in America.

  • Anglo-American program

The program is distributed among those interested in English-language studies in Switzerland.

  • French educational program

The program is conducted in French and promises parents that upon graduation their child will speak French along with a native speaker.

The educational program in German. Usually it is chosen by those students who are studying in schools located in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

  • Swiss program

Education is conducted in accordance with the recommendations of the Swiss Department of Education in English, German or French.

The choice of school and educational program depends only on what country the student is going to go to continue his education at the university.

Some schools in Switzerland provide special programs without knowledge of English, German, French. This opportunity is suitable for foreign students who either do not speak any languages at all, or their level of knowledge is insufficient for teaching in a foreign language. The purpose of these educational programs is to provide support and professional assistance to the student in learning a foreign language and undergoing quality education in order to successfully master academic disciplines.

Additional activities for foreign students in schools in Switzerland

Studying in schools in Switzerland is a great opportunity to learn a foreign language and prepare for admission to foreign universities. Regardless of your stay, even a week of study in one of the schools in Switzerland will give you many new knowledge and experience. A variety of educational programs and a large number of useful items that are accessible to all foreign students are not the only important indicator of the choice of schools in Switzerland. In addition to academic subjects, educational programs include outdoor activities and sports. In winter, all students can ski and snowboard on the Alpine slopes, and in summer they can play tennis, go in for swimming, go hiking in the mountains and relax in nature, arranging picnics and discos. Mandatory in every school are a visit to Zurich, Bern and Geneva, familiarity with the intricacies of the production of the famous Swiss chocolate and familiarity with the amazing and unique nature of Switzerland.

The system of food and accommodation for foreign students in schools in Switzerland

As a rule, foreign students live in the guest houses in Switzerland in single rooms with all amenities. Sometimes students live in comfortable rooms for 4 people, but all the amenities are also located in the bedroom. Such campuses have everything that is necessary for a comfortable stay of foreign students: recreation areas, computer classes, spacious libraries, sports grounds and even kitchens. Food in schools is organized 5-6 times a day and includes only environmentally friendly products. The menu is quite diverse and consists of traditional dishes from different countries.

The process of admission of foreign students in schools in Switzerland

The popularity and relevance of Swiss schools is increasing every year. Now every foreign studet can receive secondary education in modern leading schools in Switzerland. In order for a boarding school in Switzerland to accept a child, parents must go through the process of submitting and confirming a certain list of documents before the start of the school year. The requirements may vary depending on the school, but as a rule, in order for the student to be accepted to his chosen educational program in one of the schools in Switzerland, the following documents will be needed:

  • student performance report;
  • grading sheet from past place of study;
  • certificates of passing the international language test;
  • letters of recommendation from teachers of the school;
  • characteristics of the student;
  • motivation letter;
  • medical insurance.

Some schools may additionally conduct interviews, language testing, IQ tests or exam in one of the academic subjects. Teachers who have been working with foreign students in schools in Switzerland for many years are advised to go to school abroad at the age of 12. In their opinion, students at this age are already independent and can safely join the educational process.

Tuition fees in the schools of Switzerland for foreign students

Teaching foreign students in schools in Switzerland is considered one of the most elite and expensive secondary education in the world. Although education in Switzerland is expensive, its quality always justifies the price. Your child will not only study at one of the leading schools in the world, but will also receive strong knowledge of foreign languages from qualified teachers in Switzerland, learn to work in a team and gain experience in communicating with students from different countries. The cost of high - quality secondary education in the best schools in Switzerland on a full-board basis varies from 70,000 to 140,000 Swiss per year. It is also worth taking into account the high cost of living in the country, so foreign students spend about 1,000 per month on pocket expenses. A nice bonus to teaching foreign students in Swiss schools is the fact that most schools pay scholarships for excellent academic results. This allows you to save on pocket money and reduce the cost of education.

So, SMAPSE experts conclude that Swiss schools are among the most prestigious secondary educational institutions in the world, and the possibility of teaching foreign students in schools in Switzerland is a good step towards a successful career in the future . All teachers pay special attention to the psychological characteristics of each student in the classroom, and the school does everything possible to make your child think independently, take a responsible approach to tasks and be tolerant. Let's not forget that private guesthouses in Switzerland provide not only a quality education, but also provide an opportunity to acquire useful contacts. Indeed, in the best schools of Switzerland, students of politicians and businessmen will study with your children. Acquaintance and friendship, which arises in the learning process, can later develop into reliable partnerships. All this together gives incredible results! Your child will be fully prepared for adulthood and studying at the best university in the world!

If you are thinking about sending your child to one of the prestigious private schools in Switzerland, then SMAPSE experienced specialists will assist you in choosing the most suitable school and the most effective educational program. SMAPSES employees are well versed in the secondary education system of Switzerland and professionally approaching the issue of decent education for foreign students abroad. Therefore, SMAPSE experts are ready to advise you in detail on all issues at any convenient time and in any convenient way.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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