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2019-08-22 00:24:16

Best schools in Australia for international students

Best schools in Australia for international students

The best schools in Australia for international students: main advantages of getting an elite secondary education

  • The Australian educational system fully ensures compliance with English, in connection with which, certificates and diplomas of leading schools and universities in Australia are universally recognized and highly valued among all countries of the world
  • Tuition for 1 year is 15-20% lower compared to American and British schools
  • Low cost of living in Australia
  • 45,000 $ a year - the average salary in Australia
  • In accordance with the RBC security ranking, there is no crime rank, ranking second in terms of the level of security provided, following Switzerland
  • Excellent environmental situation
  • Favorable and comfortable climate.

It is worth noting the fact that over the past few decades, Australia has been a leader in the international education market. In Australia, the status of the official language is English. The main advantages of studying at prestigious schools in Australia are due to a high standard of living, an excellent opportunity to stay year-round in a warm and comfortable climate. In this connection, every year over 100 thousand foreign students and applicants come to Australia.

Australia's educational system - useful information for foreign students

The Australian education system is subject to strict regulation by public authorities. So, in order to accept foreign studemts, a leading school in Australia requires a state accreditation called Cricos Code, which is a guarantee that the institution meets the established requirements of the Australian Department of Education. Below is detailed information on the educational system of Australia in the context of the age of students and the certificate obtained.

Degree of education

Educational program

School age

Received Certificate

Primary School

Primary school

From 6 to 12 years old


Junior High School

Junior school

From 12 to 16 years old


High school

Senior secondary

From 16 to 17 years old

Certificate of completion of secondary education


Certificate / Diploma / Advanced Diploma



Higher education

Bachelor's program

From 18 to 22 years old

Bachelor degree

Second higher

Master's program

Upon reaching 21 years

Master's degree


Top schools in Australia - how is the learning process organized?

As noted above, approximately 10,000 schools, 300 state colleges, as well as 40 ranking universities are successfully operating in Australia. At the same time, 2 universities are private. Please note that Australia has created a large number of advanced Catholic private schools, run by the Catholic Education Commission.

The greatest prestige is inherent in Australian private schools. It is in elite private schools in Australia that children of wealthy parents are studied, in addition, classrooms have modern and technological infrastructure equipment compared to public schools. In addition, in the framework of teaching, an individual approach is applied to each student, without exception. At the same time, regardless of the choice of a public or private school in Australia, the highest level of quality of teaching is guaranteed everywhere.

The main difference between public and private schools is due to the absence of boarding schools in the first educational institutions. Thus, in the framework of instruction in private schools, foreign students are given the opportunity to live in a comfortable school dormitory under the close supervision of educators. At the same time, while studying in Australian public schools, the student lives in host families.

Australia Advanced School Classification

Along with the UK, prestigious schools in Australia are divided into joint and separate (either boys or girls are accepted for training). As for the proportion of foreign students in Australian advanced schools in Australia, it does not exceed 5%, averaging 15,000 students.

Note that the school year is divided into quarters in the best schools in Australia. Each quarter lasts approximately 12 weeks. That is, the beginning falls at the end of January, and ends at the beginning of December.

There is a correlation between the Australian state and the period of study in high school. So, in states such as New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, foreign students study in high school from grades 7 to 10. While in Western and Southern Australia, Queensland, the Northern Territories, secondary school education falls on grades 8-10. At the end of grade 10, students receive high school status.

As practice shows, after reaching 6 years, children go to school in Australia. The duration of elite Australian secondary education is 12 years. The following disciplines are taught, namely:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Social and natural sciences
  • Foreign language
  • Doing sports.

Also note that high school students are given an excellent opportunity to select subjects for the purpose of studying them from a large list. The preferences of each student depend on the further direction of study at a ranking university. As for graduation classes, the list of disciplines is significantly reduced, while the student independently chooses the direction of study.

In addition, in the framework of teaching, an emphasis is placed on conducting intensive sports, as well as on the development of personal qualities. Also note that in the walls of the best schools in Australia all the conditions for learning European and Asian languages are created.

Leisure program at prestigious Australian schools for foreign students

Within the walls of elite schools in Australia, emphasis is placed on the individual characteristics of each student individually, in particular, the interests, abilities and talents of students are not ignored. The aim of the developed educational programs is the harmonious development of the intellectual, creative, social, as well as career potential of each student, without exception.

Within the walls of prestigious schools in Australia, the emphasis is on conducting active sports. In addition, all conditions for outdoor activities throughout the year have been created. The following sports are available to foreign students, namely:

  • tennis
  • athletics
  • softball
  • basketball
  • football
  • swimming
  • cricket
  • volleyball
  • netball.

Some of the leading Australian schools offer windsurfing opportunities, which are assigned the status of a national sport in Australia.

In addition, the attention of foreign students is offered to visit various clubs and clubs, in particular, chess, oratory, theater and dance studios. It is also worth noting that in the vast majority of advanced Australian schools, students are personally involved in the management. So, students participate in solving various issues that are related to the organization of holidays, exciting trips, as well as official events.

Educational programs for international students

Prestigious schools in Australia have a more flexible educational program when compared with British educational institutions. In addition, regardless of age, admission to elite Australian schools is possible. It is also worth noting that on the basis of the predominant number of schools, language centers have been created, upon admission to which you can significantly improve the level of English proficiency, as well as undergo effective academic studying. In the case of admission to ranking schools in Australia without undergoing preliminary education, a foreign student on an additional basis will study English for 2-3 times a week during the first semester.

Foreign students are given the opportunity to undergo education under the international baccalaureate program, the presence of which allows you to enter top universities in any country in the world.

As for the grading system, the final grades are formed on the basis of the academic results achieved by the student during the period of study. Alternatively, grades can be a combination of school grades and final exam results.

What is required for admission to the best schools in Australia?

First of all, a high level of English proficiency is required. So, for admission to a high school in Australia, you must pass the international language exam IELTS at least 6.5, according to TOEFL it is enough to score 550 points. It is also necessary to provide a report card with school grades for the last 2-3 years of study, in particular, attention is paid to grades in mathematics, English and geography. It is sometimes possible to conduct an interview on Skype, alternatively it is possible to take a written test at the time of arrival in Australia.

The cost of elite Australian secondary education

On average, the cost of education in ranking schools in Australia varies about 16,000 AUD $. So, accommodation for the period of study in the host family varies from 150 to 170 AUD $ during the week.

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