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Best schools in Amsterdam for foreign students

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Best schools in Amsterdam for foreign students

The best schools in Amsterdam - a little about the Dutch secondary education system

The stage of obtaining advanced secondary education in the Netherlands begins at the time of graduation in a Dutch elementary school. The period of primary education in the Netherlands is 8 years. Within the walls of elite high schools in Amsterdam, teaching is carried out according to educational programs developed in different countries of the world.

As an interesting fact, SMAPSE experts note that it is the Netherlands that is considered the first non-English country, which began to teach in English in accordance with international education programs on a par with national courses.

Elite schools in Amsterdam for international students

Approximately 200 leading elementary schools are successfully operating in Amsterdam. Before enrolling their child in first grade, we advise parents to study the basic conditions of the school. So, we draw attention to the fact that there are differences with respect to the requirements for the time of preliminary recording of the future student. Thus, when entering the ranking schools of Amsterdam, it is necessary to enroll a child almost at the time of his birth, in other schools it is necessary to enroll after the child reaches the age of three.

It should be noted that as part of the study visit, the school principal and the teaching staff will demonstrate the school structure and its infrastructural equipment. In addition, parents will be able to get acquainted with the main principles of studying and teaching, as well as upbringing. At the same time, the parents of the students will need to fill out a questionnaire, as well as share with the abilities and habits of your child. Please note that a student of 11 years old will not need to write tests, pass entrance exams and pass interviews aimed at determining the level of knowledge of the student.

On the territory of Amsterdam, leading schools with different areas of study have been created. Thus, the educational services of ranking schools such as Montessori, Dalton Plan, Yen Plan, as well as Waldorf are offered to the attention of foreign students. At the same time, district schools are successfully operating, teaching within the walls of which is conducted in Dutch.

Tuition at Amsterdam’s advanced public elementary schools is free of charge. So, the amount of various parental contributions during the year varies from 40 to 50 .

If you are interested in receiving a secondary education in English, then it is worth considering the possibility of entering one of the three top English-speaking international schools located both in Amsterdam and in its suburbs:

  • Amsterdam International Community School
  • International school of amsterdam
  • British School of Amsterdam.

Please note that as part of the admission to these ranking schools, there is a large competition for places, as well as fees for studying.

It is also worth noting that in the Netherlands, secondary education is mandatory for students aged 5 to 18 years.

Brief information about the elite international school of Erde in Amsterdam for foreign students from 14 to 18 years old

The year of foundation of this school is 1934. The uniqueness of the top international school of Amsterdam lies in the fact that in this secondary boarding school. Teaching is conducted in English. So, the attention of foreign students is offered for passing the universally recognized program of international baccalaureate. Having a certificate of passing an international baccalaureate program allows you to become a student of ranking universities, both the Netherlands and other countries of the world. As for foreign teenagers, students are being admitted who have completed the 9th grade in their homeland.

Leading secondary schools in Amsterdam for foreign students from 14 to 16 years old

On the territory of Amsterdam, there are 2 types of schools that support international education. So, some educational institutions are subordinate to the Ministry of Education, and funding is being provided from budgetary funds. The other part of the leading schools are private.

It is worth noting that all prestigious international schools in the Netherlands have received accreditation issued by the American Association of Schools and Universities of New England NEASC, the European Council of International Schools ECIS, as well as the International Baccalaureate Organization in Geneva.

The basis of the procedure for enrollment in elite schools in Amsterdam is the result of an interview with the applicant, while providing a certificate from the last place of study. In case of insufficient level of English proficiency, a foreign student has excellent opportunities for passing language preparatory programs.

The most popular among foreign students is the International Baccalaureate (IB) undergraduate program, which combines the key characteristics of European high school programs. The year 1968 was marked by the development of this program in Geneva. Passing the international baccalaureate program is possible in almost any country in the world, including the EU. So, the results of this program are universally quoted by almost all top universities abroad .

British educational programs of the best schools in Amsterdam

Thus, several leading international schools have been created in the Netherlands, within the walls of which teaching is conducted in accordance with the education programs of elite high schools in England. So, a foreign student undergoes high-quality academic preparation for a GCSE certificate, General Certificate of Secondary Education, which is a general certificate of secondary education.

Dutch educational programs - HAVO and VWO courses

Duration of education in the framework of national education programs varies about 5-6 years. So, the following situation is observed:

  • In the case of planning higher education at universities of applied sciences - the duration of study is 5 years, upon graduation, a HAVO diploma of general secondary education is issued.
  • If you intend to enter prestigious academic universities - the duration of study is 6 years, upon graduation, a diploma of pre-university education VWO is issued.

Tuition fees in the best schools of Amsterdam for foreign students

In the case of accommodation in a boarding house, the cost of education varies on average from 34,000 to 45,000 . The difference is due to the type and prestige of the institution and the chosen educational program. If a foreign student lives in the boarding school itself, then the cost of education will be 45,000 for a year.

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