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Best private schools in Italy for foreign students

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Best private schools in Italy for foreign students

Private schools in Italy for foreign students - a brief reference

Italy is universally considered and included in the list of TOP world capitals in the field of culture, style, art, as well as history. So, every year millions of tourists decide to make a trip to Italy in order to immerse themselves in the truly unique flavor of the country, to get acquainted with the mentality of local residents, as well as traditions and life. In this connection, prestigious Italian schools are especially popular among foreign students, within the walls of which there is an opportunity to receive a high-quality European-style education and a valuable diploma recognized by all top universities abroad.

So, graduates who are confident in their knowledge and strength, full of ambitions, able and loving the educational process, as well as seeking to gain new knowledge and skills and expand their existing horizons, leave the walls of the best private schools in Italy.

The popularity of prestigious Italian schools for students is due to the excellent level of language education. So, a foreign student can learn not only Italian and English, but also other European, world languages. SMAPSE experts guarantee you that your child will be able to relax and get a good education thanks to the rich Italian culture, natural scenic landscapes, as well as the unique identity of the Italian regions. When there are no classes, adult students, as well as teenagers who initially received permission from their parents, actively travel, visiting famous cultural sites and new cities, while getting to know the main historical places of Italy.

Do not deny your child a fascinating education in Italy. Experienced specialists of SMAPSE educational center compiled a list of elite private schools in Italy, which received the appropriate accreditation. You can have no doubt about the effectiveness of education!

The cost of education in prestigious schools in Italy for foreign students

So, the cost of studying in one of the best Italian schools on a full board basis, on average, ranges from 30,000 to 40,000  per year.

The procedure for entering a ranking private school in Italy - a list of necessary documents and knowledge

In order to be enrolled in a leading boarding school in Italy, it is necessary to prepare a package of standard documents, as well as a foreign student will need to demonstrate a good level of academic and language knowledge.

Below are the main documents that need to be prepared for a foreign student:

  • Copy of your passport
  • School grades tables for the last two academic years, as well as grades for the quarter / semester of the current year
  • International language certificate
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers in English and mathematics, it does not hurt the presence of a letter from the principal
  • Motivation letter
  • Fill out registration forms and school forms
  • Skype interviews or school visits.

In addition, it is necessary to pass an internal school test in English and mathematics in order to determine an adequate level of preparation for admission to a prestigious Italian school.

SMAPSE experts want to note that SMAPSE educational center is the official representative of the predominant number of leading private schools in Italy. In this connection, SMAPSE experts will help you to select and organize education and admission to elite Italian boarding schools on a free basis.

Ranking private boarding schools in Italy

This type of educational institution in Italy accounts for 5% of the total number of schools successfully functioning in Italy. The main characteristics of advanced Italian private schools are the following, namely:

  • Highest level of quality educational services and teaching due to learning in small classes
  • Applying an individual approach to each student in school.

In addition, a foreign student will be able to study only in prestigious private schools in Italy. Due to the fact that the child’s parents do not live permanently in Italy, the foreign student make many friends who are representatives of various countries of the world.

Specific characteristics of elite secondary education in prestigious private schools in Italy

A key characteristic of the functioning of Italian advanced private schools is due to the lack of the right of this type of school to issue certificates. To obtain a document on completion of secondary school graduates need to pass certification exams in conjunction with public school students in Italy. After which they are issued a document on the formation of a single sample.

As for the duration of the periods of study, there are no differences from the leading public schools in Italy, namely:

  • 5 years is devoted to primary school
  • 3 years in the first stage high school
  • 5 years in high school of the second stage.

Educational programs at prestigious private schools in Italy

There are two types of advanced private schools in Italy, due to the curriculum being taught, namely:

  • The first type involves teaching in the framework of the state education program. Italian advanced some schools are supposed to supplement the educational program with elective disciplines. Education is conducted in Italian.
  • The second type provides teaching in the framework of international educational programs, in particular, American, Canadian, as well as British. In this connection, disciplines are taught in English, and Italian is studied as a separate subject.

It is worth noting that the second type of educational institutions in Italy, which guarantee effective academic and language education, the passage of which allows you to become a student of a rating university abroad, is most popular among foreign students.

Elite international boarding schools in Italy with learning English

Teaching is carried out as part of the International Baccalaureate educational program, which provides quality education aimed at successfully enrolling in top universities in Europe. Elite schools successfully operate in Italian cities such as Milan, Monza, Siena, as well as Modena.

As for American Schools, they are educational institutions in Italy, which are taught in accordance with American standards in education. So, foreign students are guaranteed effective pre-university education at the best universities in the USA and Canada. Such ranking schools are located in such famous Italian cities as Rome, Genoa, Milan.

If you want to receive a prestigious Italian education in English, you should pay attention to Canadian College, located two hours from Rome, and Sir James Henderson British School, located in Milan. Foreign students can be educated on a full board basis, as the predominant number of students on a permanent basis live in the residence throughout the academic year.

Once again, SMAPSE experts draw your attention to the fact that in prestigious private schools in Italy, teaching is conducted both in English and in Italian. In this connection, the study of the Italian language as a compulsory school subject in the framework of the teaching of all disciplines in Italian is enough to further receive advanced education. As for the level of proficiency in English, it is sufficient for the successful passing of exams of an international standard.

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