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Best private schools in Germany for foreign students

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Best private schools in Germany for foreign students

Germany's fame spread far beyond the borders of the country thanks to far from just football, Bavarian sausages, as well as proven German car brands. So, it is in Germany that you can get one of the highest quality secondary education among European countries. In this connection, many foreign students want to study in the walls of prestigious private schools in Germany. It is also worth noting that advanced German boarding schools provide foreign students with the greatest opportunities for development due to the diversity of educational programs and the teaching methods used.

For German school secondary education, a large number of indicators are characteristic, which must be taken into account when entering an elite private boarding school in Germany. So, it is required to take into account the type of school, the ranking of educational institutions, as well as get acquainted with the requirements for admission of a foreign student. Please note that there may be variations in the requirements due to the territorial location of the school regarding belonging to a certain federal land.

Prestigious schools in Germany for foreign students - a brief reference

Among European countries, it is leading and elite private schools in Germany that everywhere occupy high positions in international rankings and are especially popular among foreign students. Thus, the walls of prestigious German schools adhere to the highest educational standards, in connection with which, after graduation, graduates will be able to enter a ranking university in Germany and other countries of the world, as well as build a promising career in a large international corporation in the future.

The main advantage of German private secondary schools is due to the teaching of two foreign languages at once, namely English and German. Agree that English has the status of an international language of communication spoken by the whole world and the business community. In this connection, having a good command of a foreign language, a foreign graduate is guaranteed demand in the international labor market, while acquiring the status of a highly qualified and valuable employee. Please note that teaching in private schools in Germany is conducted not only in German, but also in English.

The German educational system is characterized by clear structuredness and phasing, that is, students are gradually studying academic compulsory subjects, on an ongoing basis, knowledge is deepened in a particular discipline. In case of successful completion of the school educational program, the graduate is given a diploma that is highly ranked among the admissions committees of top universities, thereby significantly increasing the likelihood of successful enrollment in a university.

You are probably interested in the question regarding the age of foreign students, which is suitable for studying in prestigious private schools in Germany. So, the overwhelming majority of German private boarding schools accept foreign students who have reached the age of 14, namely at the end of grades 8 and 9 in accordance with the special law on the regions of Germany. However, leading German boarding schools have successfully functioned in Germany, accepting foreign students aged 10 and 12 to study, teaching is conducted in German. Please note that at the end of the 11th grade there is an opportunity to study under the Studienkolleg educational program, and after a year of study you can freely enter the elite university of Germany.

Parents should consider getting their child an education at a prestigious private school in Germany. SMAPSE experienced specialists have compiled a list of elite schools and colleges that have received appropriate accreditation for foreign students. Please note that SMAPSE experts do not charge fees for enrollment and admission to advanced private schools in Germany because SMAPSE educational center is an official partner of German educational institutions.


Tuition of elite secondary education in Germany

The cost of studying at a prestigious private school in Germany on a full board basis ranges from an average of 24,000  to 40,000  per year.

The procedure for entering a private school in Germany - a list of documents and requirements for foreign students

To become a student at a prestigious German private boarding school, a foreign student needs to prepare a package of documents, as well as demonstrate a fairly high level of academic and linguistic knowledge and skills. The following are the main documents that are required to be provided, namely:

  • Copy of your passport;
  • Grade tables for the last 2 school years, as well as trimester or quarter grades for the current school year;
  • International language certificate;
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers in mathematics and English, in some cases it is necessary to provide a letter from the principal;
  • In some cases, it is worth preparing a motivation letter;
  • Fill out registration forms and school forms;
  • Skype interviews or a personal visit to a German school.

German secondary education system

Entering a prestigious private school in Germany, development of patience in foreign students is provided. So, in order to receive a ranking of secondary German education, you will need to undergo education for at least 12 years, in some cases the duration of education is 13 years. This period covers elementary school, high school, in the framework of which there is an effective pre-university preparation.

In accordance with German law, each student is required to receive secondary education. In German public schools, tuition is free. If required, then additional payment for excursions, the purchase of office supplies, copying of additional educational materials, etc. is provided.

The structure of school education in Germany

The German structure of secondary education consists of two stages, namely primary and secondary schools. The duration of primary school is 4 years, with the exception of Berlin and Brandenburg, in whose territory the primary school takes a period of 6 years. In this connection, upon reaching 6 years, the child enters German elementary school, and its completion falls on the age of 10-12 years old student. Entering the first grade of a German high school, the student needs to know German at the European level B1, which is a threshold level of independent knowledge of a foreign language. In case of insufficient level of knowledge of a foreign language, the admission procedure may be delayed for at least a year.

At the time of completion of the course in elementary school in Germany, the distribution of students in different types of schools is provided on the basis of the level of ability of each student. In the case of receiving low marks for final testing, as a rule, a student goes to primary schools.  After undergoing education at this stage, graduates have the opportunity to continue receiving a vocational education or to find jobs in low-paying posts.

Please note that elementary school graduates who have an average level of knowledge are given the opportunity to enter real schools, within the walls of which the emphasis in teaching is on a certain professional activity that interests the student. Upon completion of education, graduates are given a full matriculation certificate, however, further education is possible only in German technical schools.

Education in the prestigious German high school is available to those students who have excellent performance in elementary grades. In particular, the greatest prestige is inherent in advanced state exams in Germany. Successful enrollment in state gymnasiums is possible only by receiving a letter of recommendation from the first teacher, which is a mandatory requirement.

High schools are aimed at those foreign students who seek prestigious higher education. Effective pre-university preparation is conducted directly in grades 11-12, and upon graduation, graduates pass the final exam of the Abitur education program. Based on the results obtained for the exam, admission to the preferred university occurs without passing the entrance exams.

Unified schools have been created on the territory of some federal states, providing for the location of various educational levels in one building of educational institutions, which, in turn, helps minimize psychological discomfort among students, while simplifying the transition from one educational level to another.

Classification of leading schools in Germany

In Germany, special schools have been created, the target audience of which is students who have learning difficulties compared to other students. Note that it is possible to obtain a complete secondary education in German state evening educational institutions.

At the same time, private schools are successfully operating in Germany.

The target audience of prestigious international schools are foreign students who want to receive advanced secondary education that is consistent with the German educational system. In order to successfully overcome the communicative barrier of foreign students at the school, language courses are created and offered to the attention of foreign students. However, SMAPSE experts draw attention to the fact that in order to be enrolled in a ranking international boarding school in Germany, a foreign student will need a good level of proficiency in English and German, which corresponds to the European level B2. It is also worth noting that each leading German school offers to the attention of foreign students a wide range of additional educational services that are focused on the comprehensive personal development of each student. In particular, the German top international school Berlin-Brandenburg enjoys the greatest prestige and popularity among foreign students.

The target audience for education in ranking boarding schools are students of fairly wealthy citizens of Germany. It is worth noting that foreign students also have every opportunity to enter the best boarding schools. However, comparing with admission to German international schools, it is for boarding schools that more stringent requirements are presented in relation to knowledge of foreign languages. In case of insufficient knowledge, additional classes will be required for a fee. On the campus there is provided education and accommodation for foreign students, residential residences are located in beautiful places, at the same time quiet and comfortable. Natural landscapes will be remembered for a long time by a foreign student, his emotions will overwhelm him. As for the list of top best German boarding schools, it includes Spiekeroog, Schloss-Stein, Wittgenstein, Birklhof, as well as Salem.

Grading system in the best private schools in Germany

In addition, a six-point ranking scale is applied in Germany. The points system used in prestigious private schools in Germany is presented below:

  • 6 - very bad
  • 5 - unsatisfactory
  • 4 - very mediocre
  • 3 - satisfactory at a sufficient level
  • 2 - good
  • 1 - very good.

Ranking of top German schools for foreign students

In the field of education, a study was conducted, the responsibility for which lay with the German magazine Capital. Based on the results, the best German public schools were determined. Below is a list of the TOP-5 best schools:

  • Bonn Boyel Joint School;
  • Gymnasium Ahern;
  • College of St. Alloysius;
  • Odenwald School;
  • Grammar school - Hagerhof castle.

The elite schools represented are taught on a full board basis. Public schools are financed from budgetary funds, while the payment of food, accommodation and other additional services is the responsibility of the parents. As for the cost, full board accommodation varies from 14,500 to 24,000  per year.

Elite private schools in Germany deserve special attention. In terms of popularity, the quality of educational services, TOP-6 of the best private German schools can be distinguished, namely:

  • Brandenburg International School;
  • School - Neubeuern Castle;
  • Private gymnasium - Torgelov castle;
  • Luisland School;
  • School of St. George;
  • School - Salem Castle.

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