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2019-08-14 16:54:51

Best language camps in France for international students

Best language camps in France for international students

When deciding to visit a prestigious language camp in France, a foreign student is waiting for cognitive educational programs aimed at foreign students, and the passage of which contributes to an effective and exciting learning of the French language during the school holidays. In the framework of this article, you will receive detailed information regarding the developed educational programs, teaching methods, as well as the cost of education.


The best language camps in France for international students

It is worth noting that in France the status of the official state language is assigned to French, while in the overwhelming majority of elite language schools, both French and English are taught. In particular, entering the rating camps of France, such as the Riviera French Institute and CERAN, a foreign student can independently choose the language to be studied, namely French or English. SMAPSE experts draw attention to the fact that all teachers are indigenous speakers of the language; during employment, they have been carefully selected, which guarantees their high level of qualification and professionalism.

Regardless of the time of year, namely in summer, autumn, winter and spring, the ranking language camps in France open their doors to foreign students. It is worth noting that the best French camps have developed educational programs that harmoniously combine the study of the French language and the participation of students in diverse cultural and recreational activities.

Usually in the morning hours classes are provided, and immediately afternoon hours are devoted to leisure activities. So, various sports, creativity, and art are held, in addition, the organization of trips to nearby places is provided. As for full-day excursions, they are held on weekends. The nature and landscapes of France deserve special attention, in particular, the fields of Provence, various entertainments on the Cote d'Azur, Tauri Park, where you can get acquainted with rare animals, and of course stunning walks in Paris. The dream of many foreign students is to visit Disneyland, and it is in the framework of education in the ranking language camp in France, such an opportunity is provided!

Types of prestigious language camps in France

  • National

In the walls of the advanced national camps in France, a foreign student will be educated and relax. In this case, classes in French will have the character of additional lessons. The target audience is students of language specialized schools who do not have obstacles in their conversations with native speakers. In addition, education in the national language camps of France will be extremely useful and effective as part of pre-university education.

  • International

Such camps operate on the basis of elite language schools in France, accepting foreign students from any country in the world to study. The educational program provides classes in French and other foreign languages. At the same time, variations in the degree of intensity of classes are possible. It is worth noting that quite often classes are held outside the walls of classrooms. As for the intensive educational program, it involves holding from 15 to 20 hours of classes during the week. In addition, a super-intensive course has been developed specifically for high school students, providing for 32 to 40 hours of classes. In addition, homework is not provided for students. The formation of language groups is based on the results of input testing. As practice shows, foreign students from one country do not fall into the same language group, thereby providing a complete immersion in the new language environment.

When are the best language camps in France open to study for foreign students?

Typically, the leading French children's camps operate in the summer, namely from June to August. At the same time, prestigious language centers have been created that have developed year-round children's language programs, in particular, the Riviera French Institute, located in Cannes. Between March and October, the Center International d`Antibes (located in Antibes) and Azurlingua, located in Nice, invite foreign students to study.

In winter, namely from January to February, you can go to the ranking language center Riviera French Institute or Ecole des Roches, which perfectly combines the study of English or French with intensive sports.

Educational programs for the best language camps in France for foreign students

Prestigious camps in France are organized on the basis of not only language schools, but also French private boarding schools. The direct option of studying at leading private boarding schools will be attractive to foreign teenagers who intend to receive a ranking secondary education in France. Thus, the foreign student is provided with an excellent opportunity for personal acquaintance with the school environment, the feeling of being a student of a leading French school. However, regardless of your choice, the foreign teenager is guaranteed the highest level of quality of educational services everywhere.

Within the walls of the elite language camps in France, standard courses on learning a foreign language have been developed, providing for 20 hours of teaching French in a week. In addition, the attention of foreign students is intensive education programs, providing for classes from 25 to 32 hours a week.

As practice shows, for foreign young students, classes have a more playful learning format. Directly for high school students creates a more academic atmosphere of learning. Within the framework of classes, close acquaintance of students with grammar and vocabulary is provided, in addition, the correct pronunciation in French is put. In particular, foreign students need more time to practice the correct pronunciation of French sounds because of their unusualness.

It is worth noting that education in the best language camps in France involves the use of a large number of interactive programs in the framework of teaching, as well as the development of acquired knowledge by foreign students in various game situations. At the same time, France’s prestigious language camps are developing an active leisure program involving a variety of recreational and sports events.

It is worth noting that in the framework of education and communication with foreign peers, students are simply required to speak French. Thus, there is an effective and quick overcoming of the language barrier, while at the same time applying the acquired knowledge in practice.

Separate mention deserves the most wonderful conditions for learning and leisure activities of students. So, on the territory of the school territory, equipped classrooms with the latest technology have been created, there is its own sports infrastructure. In addition, all-day meals are provided. As for the issue of nutrition, it is organized in the host family or on the territory of the school residence. Also, all foreign students are guaranteed constant supervision of all students by teachers or host parents.

In most cases, the attention of foreign students is offered a clean course in a foreign language, that is, the student attends classes as part of the language program without accommodation, meals, as well as participation in school leisure activities. It is also worth mentioning the fact that in the framework of the educational programs of the best language schools in France, various special offers are provided, namely “Language + education in diving, sailing, tennis” (offered by Azurlingua), “Language program + snowboarding or skiing” (the program is available for passage at the Riviera French Institute in January).

Within the walls of the elite school CERAN, the most intensive language programs in France have been developed, providing for 28 lessons per week, individual lessons are also offered, thereby ensuring complete immersion in the language environment.

It should be noted that the Vivre Sans Frontiers leading camp does not provide for conducting classes in the classroom, the educational process takes place as part of an informative and exciting leisure program. At the same time, 90% of students are French, the proportion of foreign students is 10%. In this connection, there is a strict restriction on the admission of foreign teenagers, namely no more than 5 foreign students per course.

How much does it cost to study in the best language camp in France?

It is worth starting with the fact that the price of education in France is determined by such parameters as location, intensity of classes, accommodation option, saturation of the leisure program, and, of course, the duration of studying. Thus, the cost of education for 2 weeks under the standard program in the French language, taking into account food and accommodation, will average 2,000 . If you are interested in taking an intensive course or program that is combined with sports activities under the guidance of a professional trainer, the cost of education will increase by 1,000 or 1,500 . In addition, as practice shows, the cost of studying in Paris and large is much higher compared to studying in the provinces.

TOP-7 best language summer camps in France for foreign students

Leisure program in the best language camps in France

For young sports enthusiasts, the widest list of available sports is offered, namely football, volleyball, tennis, climbing, swimming, fencing, karate, badminton, yoga, pilates, diving, etc. Creative individuals will be able to do theater, painting, kite making, film production, take part in various workshops on ceramics, sculpture, graphics, photography, origami, drama, singing, comics, scrapbooking, clothing design, etc. In addition, educational excursions are organized to such French cities as Paris, Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Lerins Islands, Saint-Tropez, Grasse, Antibes and others.

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