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2019-09-26 00:15:17

Bernard Avenue in Montreal

Bernard Avenue in Montreal

Montreal pleases tourists with many attractions, but the city also has little-known objects among tourists, one of which is Bernard Avenue - a wide and noisy street with dense parks, rich in single-family houses, boutiques, restaurants, shops. Here you can relax from a large number of tourists and spend a cozy time among the local population. The street is 5.1 miles long, with no less beautiful and rich neighborhoods with their own characteristics.


  • Le Pier 66. The restaurant opened in 2015 and offers visitors a varied menu of seafood: oysters, shellfish. Smoked fish and fish paste are popular. In the restaurant you can purchase raw seafood so that you can cook them at home.
  • Pinokio. This is an Italian restaurant that will delight you with classic risotto and pasta recipes. At the same time, the restaurant also offers Quebec national dishes: lamb leg, confit duck, papardelle. The company operates a proprietary delivery service Pinokio.
  • L'Gros Luxe. This is a whole chain of cafes, which offer homemade dishes and various hamburgers, snacks, desserts. It is cozy and quiet. Sitting on the comfortable sofas of the establishment, you can relax and spend time comfortably.
  • Les Enfants Terribles. This beer bar welcomes visitors with traditional, solid wood furniture. Here you can taste different types of beer and snacks.
  • La Cuisine d'Izza. The restaurant of Moroccan cuisine will surprise you with traditional dishes of this African country: dishes with honey, caraway seeds, saffron, coriander, orange and so on. You will not pass by: the sign and interior of the restaurant are bright blue, striking.
  • L'Assommoir. This bar will delight you with the special atmosphere created by wooden, steel and leather elements of the interior. There are also old stone details in the hall. The bar offers more than 250 original cocktails, dozens of varieties of wine and beer. For appetizers you will be offered a menu with dried, baked and other dishes.
  • Thaïlande. A traditional Thai restaurant: dishes seasoned with coconut milk, ginger, spices are recommended for spicy food lovers. The drinks are dominated by wine and alcoholic cocktails.

The shops


  • Les 5 saisons. This is a store where you can buy a large assortment of European food products. If you need olive oil, chocolate bars or cookies, this establishment will help out and delight you with a wide range.
  • Yannick Fromagerie. This cheese shop offers dozens of types of cheese: Quebec, French, Austrian, Italian and so on. A real paradise for cheese lovers!
  • Un Amour Des Thés. More than 260 types of tea, accessories for the preparation and use of this drink - the main assortment of the store. Here you can order and drink any type of tea at a small table, admiring the view of Bernard Avenue.

Fashion and souvenirs

  • Bijoux l'inédit. If you are looking for original jewelry - this place is for you: the store offers jewelry and accessories brought from various European countries and from America. There are accessories for people with any lifestyle.
  • Comme des enfants. When traveling around Montreal, do not forget to buy gifts for children. In this store you will find a huge number of things for children 0-10 years old - toys, exclusive clothes, dolls, books, decorative items.
  • Safran A shop that any woman dreaming of walking along Bernard Avenue dreams of: a huge assortment of clothes, bedding, pillows, perfumes, jewelry, cosmetics, decorative accessories, candles and so on.


Object refers to the streets.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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