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2019-09-26 00:15:29

Belvedere in Vienna: a luxurious palace ensemble in the heart of Austria

Belvedere in Vienna: a luxurious palace ensemble in the heart of Austria

Vienna is rich in amazing buildings, and the Belvedere is one of them: these are two palaces built at the beginning of the 18th century, between which there is a gorgeous park with thousands of plants. Belvedere is the pride of Austria and a popular destination among millions of tourists. The buildings have survived to this day in almost unchanged form, except for work on the park and secondary buildings. While in Vienna, take the time to tour the Belvedere: architectural luxury, interior decoration and a gallery located inside the palace will amaze your imagination.

History and features of the Belvedere

The construction of the palace and park complex began in 1714 by order of the famous commander and philanthropist Evgeny of Savoy - he used the Belvedere as a summer residence, was proud of the palaces and loved them. The project was designed and built by the architect Hildebrandt in the Baroque style, in appearance it looks like a small Versailles.

Key dates related to the Belvedere:

  • 1716 - construction of the Lower Belvedere
  • 1722 - construction of the Upper Belvedere
  • 1776 - during the reign of Maria Theresa, the collection of paintings was moved to the Belvedere
  • 1781 - a museum is opened within the walls of the palace, accessible to everyone
  • 1815 - a huge imperial collection of artworks from Ambras was transported here (castle in Innsbruck)
  • 1903 - The Modern Gallery was opened in the Lower Belvedere.

When Eugene of Savoy died, the palace was bought by Maria Theresa, but these were one of the worst years for the complex: Maria chose Schönbrunn Palace as the main residence, and the Belvedere became neglected. The complex flourished in the 70s of the 18th century: the palace was liked by the son of Maria Theresa - Joseph II: at his request, they not only transferred the imperial collection, but also made a catalog of all the works.

Among the emperors, the Lower Palace was the most popular, where a magnificent marble hall, grotesque hall, marble gallery, a stable, a master bedroom, a conservatory are located. The main attraction of the Upper Belvedere is the hall of red marble: important historical documents were signed here.

Garden of the complex

The first alpine garden was created on the territory of the complex in 1803: it is strictly symmetrical, pleases with hedges, flower beds, fountains, sculptures. Thousands of tourists fall in love with the garden at first sight, especially when visiting it in the second half of spring or in the first half of summer: thousands of plants bloom and create an elegant atmosphere. Today in the garden more than 4 thousand plants.

Interesting Facts

  • Artist Bellotto created the landscape “View of Vienna from the Belvedere”.
  • In March 1941, a document was signed in Belvedere on the inclusion of Yugoslavia in the Berlin Pact.
  • In May 1955, a declaration of independence of Austria was signed here.


The object belongs to the palaces.

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