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2019-08-14 16:30:01

Year of study in Dublin: information for foreign students

Year of study in Dublin: information for foreign students

For one year of study in Dublin, students receive a huge amount of knowledge that helps to achieve high results in life and build a successful career - this is the most popular city in Ireland to study, and the cost of studying at schools and universities in Dublin for foreign students is much less than in America or England.

Foreign education is open to all students who wish to study abroad, receive academic, linguistic skills, an international diploma, as well as make friends around the world. A nice bonus for students is the location of some educational institutions in the coastal zone, which opens up access to water sports and beautiful views of the Dublin Bay. Dublin is a charming Irish city loved by tourists from all over the world. The presence of a large number of attractions, developed infrastructure of the city are of interest to foreign students.


Studied at Dublin Universities - Undergraduate, HNC, HND

A student can get a higher education (Bachelor Degree) in 3 years of study or take a special course and receive one of the diplomas: Higher National Certificate (HNC) and Higher National Diploma (HND) - these options allow you to get professional skills to start a career. To get Higher National Certificate you will need only a year of study, for Higher National Diploma - 2 (the main purpose of study is to gain practical skills). During their studies abroad, students will learn new teaching methods and techniques, and the high quality of education in Ireland is confirmed by world rankings, where the Irish education system occupies a leading place.

Two directions are very popular:

  • graphic design
  • interior design.

Tuition at Dublin's universities for undergraduate programs for foreign students will be from 8,000 € per year, for HNC / HND courses - from 3,100 € per year. Based on this, it can be noted that the passage of shortened programs not only saves students time, but will also be significantly lower in cost.

Studying in Dublin schools for foreign students, the cost of studying in Dublin

Among modern students, foreign boarding schools of Dublin are widespread, where they not only receive education, but also live in the school residence throughout their studies. In Ireland, there are several private schools with a full board system, there is also a division according to the type of education: joint or separate. In Dublin, schools are organized and only for boys, where excellent conditions are created for their comprehensive development and education. Dublin schools are distinguished by the high quality of academic preparation, which allows graduates to enter prestigious and elite universities around the world. Education in schools in Ireland is designed for 13 years: children from 6 to 8 years old go to primary school, and graduation is accompanied by the issuance of a Leaving Certificate.

The cost of education is affected by: the ranking of the school, the type of program, its duration, additional academic, language or sports classes. The minimum cost of study is 8,000 € / term.

Year of study in Dublin for international students

It is impossible to unequivocally answer which school is better - it all depends on the type of programs offered. All year round, foreign schools accept students from all over the world, the best teachers who know the peculiarities of upbringing and education of foreign students work with them.

Tuition for adults varies from 155 € / week - for them are available: general English courses, linguistic program + relaxation, preparation for language exams, business English, courses for teachers. Particularly noteworthy are courses for preparing for language exams - they are relevant for both adults who want to study abroad and students. Dublin's leading educational centers prepare students for TOEFL, IELTSCAE, FCE.

Students from 12 years old can spend time in a summer camp with learning English - so they will have a unique opportunity to combine study and relaxation during the holidays. There will be no time to be bored: in their free time from studies, participants in summer programs have entertainment, sports, travel, excursions, creative evenings, and socializing. The minimum price for visiting the summer camp will be approximately 500 € per week: the price will include a medium-intensity language program (20-25 lessons weekly) + additional classes in the chosen direction (for example, choreography, sports or music).

Where to study in Dublin after 9, 10, 11 classes?

After grades 9 and 10, many students are preparing to enter a foreign university, and in order to expedite this process and not lose time on the preparatory course after grade 11, foreign students can enter the following programs:

After the 11th grade, foreign students often choose the Foundation program, which allows them to bring academic and linguistic skills to the required level and thereby prepare for admission to the university.

Examples of Dublin schools for foreign students, tuition fees in Ireland

  • Wesley College is a prestigious and popular educational institution that teaches middle and high school programs. Here, foreign students can receive a Leaving Certificate in accordance with the Irish education system, and in the summer, children aged 12 to 18 can take a summer English course. The cost for a year of study for foreign students is from 27,200 €
  • Dublin institute of design is a design institute whose graduates become part of large design companies and corporations. Higher education can be obtained through undergraduate, HNC, HND programs or take a short-term design course. The university is also accredited for passing BTEC exams. Tuition starts from 3,100 € / year.
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