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What citizenship will a wild child be given if he is born on a plane

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What citizenship will a wild child be given if he is born on a plane

Expectant mothers are of 2 types: those who are afraid to fly at any stage of pregnancy and who do not neglect flights on the eve of childbirth with the thought that the baby will receive the citizenship of the country of destination. A citizen of which country will a child be born in the air?

What principles apply when determining citizenship?

  • Parents' citizenship
  • The territorial location of the newborn at the time of birth.

For example, parents with Russian citizenship automatically receive Russian citizenship from parents, the place of birth is not important. And in Brazil, on the contrary: any person born in the country can obtain citizenship, while the citizenship of the parents does not play any role. Some countries combine these rules, and the decision is made taking into account the accompanying factors.

What are the principles for determining the nationality of a child born on board an aircraft?

A child who decides to be born in such an unusual way can receive several citizenships at once:

  • Aircraft owner state
  • The country over which the plane flew at the time of birth
  • States to which the aircraft is heading
  • The home country for the baby's parents.

You need to understand that obtaining citizenship is regulated by laws; they differ in different countries. In practice, most often the baby receives the citizenship of the country that owns the aircraft.

This unusual way of obtaining citizenship has both advantages and disadvantages. The plus is that upon reaching the age of majority, a person himself chooses the country in which he will live. The main disadvantage is that parents may have questions about taking their child out of the country. Thus, children of immigrants in the United States will remain in the country if their parents are deported.

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