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2021-08-24 15:34:05

TOP-15 Young Billionaires in the world

TOP-15 Young Billionaires in the world

Even before most of us graduate from high school, some people think about the problems of our time and dream about power, influence and wealth. Some take practical steps and even succeed.

Such lucky people are most often envied, completely forgetting that along with power and influence on their shoulders lies a colossal responsibility and millions of obligations. And while you were in your fourteen years kicking a ball and chasing a ball in the yard, these guys had to plow for themselves and that guy. Hence the condition.

We bring to your attention a list of the fifteen youngest novorishes of our time.


Yang Huiyan

33-year-old daughter of the captain of the development business from South China Jung Kwok Keung, the founder of "Country Garden Holdings" Yang Huiyan is included in the list of the richest women in China. Her father's capital passed to her in 2008, she became vice president of the board of Country Garden and a member of the governing board of directors. Thanks to her perseverance, the company successfully entered the Australian market, issuing a new share capital with a total value of three billion with a profit of 18% - this is more than 400 million. As of January of this year, the total fortune of our heroine exceeds 6 billion US dollars.

Eduardo Saverin

One of the founders of the world's most popular social network "Facebook" is also at the age of Christ - he is 33. This stage is in the past: after parting with Facebook, he moved to Singapore and founded the investment fund "Velos Partners", heading it as chairman. This organization produces vegetarian products without meat, milk and eggs. In addition, Saverin's representatives also offer rental services on the territory of the Silvercar airfield. All this is in addition to equity capital. A total of 5.1 billion people ran in.

Scott Duncan

He is 32, the youngest of 4 descendants of Daniel Duncan, who founded the American transport pipeline system "Enterprise Products Partner" - it owns at least one hundred thousand kilometers of pipes, with the help of which gas, crude oil and refining results, mainly gasoline and kerosene, are pumped from Texas to the north.

The practical management of the company is carried out by his sister Rand, Scott has only shares for a modest amount of 5.7 billion.

Andrew Houston

The guy started his first business at school, but the most famous and only successful startup was the sixth in a row - DropBox: his market capitalization now exceeds 10 billion. Taking into account this, the capital is estimated at 1.2-1.5 billion.

Nathan Blacharczyk, 31

Founder of Airbnb, a cross-platform system that allows travelers to find a home, apartment or room for rent. The site allows the owners of real estate to find additional income for themselves, and the organization lives at the expense of commissions and advertisements.

Thus, without owning tangible assets other than the server, Nathan and his team earned 2 billion.

Ryan Graves, 31

One of the founders of Uber Travis Kalannick was looking for a product manager in his brainchild through social networks. Ryan was found. The successful acquisition allowed the company to earn billions, and at the same time to make a revolutionary revolution in the business of car rental and intermediary services in the taxi business.

This is another example of money out of thin air: without owning its own fleet, Uber has become the largest aggregator in the US and Western Europe and the second in the world after the Chinese state taxi fleet.

Long years of work in the post allowed him to advance - now Graves is in charge of the company's strategy, and his own "capitalization" has exceeded one and a half billion.

Elizabeth Holmes, 31

Elizabeth began to engage in business after the death of her uncle from a terrible cancer - this became her motivational kick. A year later, the company "Teranos" appeared to conduct express blood tests. The activity was successful enough to drop out of the second year of Stanford University.

The coronavirus epidemic has made its own adjustments, and in addition to pregnancy tests, venereal, oncological and other diseases, the organization began to produce antibody tests. Revenue soared, and the share of Holmes herself exceeded $ 4.7 billion.

Tatyana Kaziragi

The Russian name should not be confusing: the girl was born in Santo Domingo and has the daughter of the owner of the second largest capital in Colombia. In 2013, she became the wife of Andreo Casiraghi, Crown Prince of Hanover, son of the princess of the house of the same name and the fourth person in the line of heirs to the Monegasque throne.

The wedding ceremony took place in Monaco in the presence of diplomats and representatives of royal families, and the family fortune doubled at once, reaching $ 2.5 billion.

Dustin Moskowitz, 31

Another founding father of Facebook left Harvard University to join the Palo Alto team as the developer of a new software product. Three years later, he launched Asana, another successful IT startup.

The current fortune of Moskowitz and his wife Curry Tuna exceeds $ 8.5 billion. Owned by the family charitable foundation "Good Ventures" implements charitable programs totaling more than $ 300 million annually.

Mark Zuckerberg, 31

A titan and tyrant of the media business, Zuckerberg is working tirelessly to expand his media empire, absorbing one asset after another. "Facebook", "Instagram", "You Youtub" - it is difficult to name a direction that has not yet been covered by his attention.

Such activity bore fruit - Mark's fortune exceeded 40 billion even before he knocked 30.

Tom Persson

Tom is thirty, his father Stefan is the richest owner of H&M. As a gift for adulthood, this worthy man distributed to all his children a share, which allowed everyone to do their own thing.

Tom, in particular, is engaged in the production of films, he graduated from Met Film School and became the author of several short films and a series. Meanwhile, his stake in his father's business was comparable in value to the annual budget of a small African country and exceeded $3 billion.

Anton Catrajn Jr.

As a gift for the twenty-eighth birthday, the guy received his father's business - Kathrein Werke, the first company that made antennas for cars and a mobile operator. Two years of management allowed to increase personal capital by 200 million - now it has reached an impressive amount of 1.8 billion.

Julio Mario Santo Domingo III

The owner of a group of beer campaigns Santo Domingo prefers the family business to music: he has his own recording studio. According to rumors, he often acts as a DJ at the sites of various nightclubs in New York.

Bobby Murphy

He is 26, he together with Evan Spiegel created an application for cell phones called "Snapchat". This thing made both rich, respected and cool. Google, Microsoft and others showed remarkable interest in their offspring, but in vain. The market value of "Snapchat" exceeds 20 billion, and Bob's personal share is 1.5 billion.

Evan Thomas Spiegel

The second "batyan" Snap is twenty-five, and he owns another 7% of the company.

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