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TOP-10 tallest statues in the world

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TOP-10 tallest statues in the world

Motherland, 85 meters - Russia

On the Mamayev Kurgan in the middle of Volgograd there is an ensemble of a monument dedicated to the heroic battle for Stalingrad, it is crowned with a sculpture of the Motherland. In fact, this is one of three statues, united by a common idea and purpose. The sword forged in the factories of the Urals was raised by the hand of the Motherland-Mother on the mounds of Stalingrad and in the dilapidated workshops of the Stalingrad Tractor Plant - and lowered in Berlin's Treptow Park. The Magnitogorsk statue represents three women holding a sword and bears the unofficial nickname "Women are Frying a Crocodile", while the Berlin sculpture represents a warrior with a child in his arms.

The statues of the great Vuchetich reflect the feat of the Soviet people. The Volgograd statue was erected for 8 years, and for another 23 years it bore the title of the tallest in the world (and up to 2018 - also the highest of the non-cult objects).

The construction took 5550 tons of concrete, 2650 tons of steel and other metals. The foundation is hidden underground. The statue is hollow inside and consists of several hundred rectangular cells; it took the work of an entire engineering bureau to calculate the structures.


Buddha statue in Wuxi, 88 meters - China

The buddha parade is opened by the Usin statue of Gautama Buddha, which is on Lingshan Hill in Jiangsu province. The construction took three years, and money for it was collected from local residents and Chinese believers from other regions of the country.

At the foot is the so-called Fountain of Nine Dragons with another Buddha hidden in a half-open lotus. In the nearby park, in addition, there are several other statues, among them the hand of a large Buddha sticking out of the ground.

Statue of the Goddess Guanyin in Changsha, 92 meters - China

In another Chinese region, Hunan, stands a bronze and gold leaf-covered statue of the bohisattva Avalokishetshevara, or the goddess Guanyin, dedicated to the suffering of all the Buddhas for humanity. In Japanese mythology, Kannon takes the place of Guanyin.

Despite the different names, the ladies look the same: multi-armed, multifaceted and huge. Goddesses need thousands of hands and eyes to help all those who need help. They are not doing very well yet: they need more gold (and eyes and hands).

Buddha statue in Ang Thong, 92 meters - Thailand

Ang Thon Buddha is nicknamed the Big and Great Buddha of Thailand. It is really huge, and not only in height: the statue represents a deity sitting in a mara vijaya pose, whose width reaches 64 meters. The god was built from high-strength concrete, the construction took 18 years - from 1990 to 2008. The statue is gilded with bright paint. Construction began due to the insistence of the abbot of the Wat Muang temple in the base of the statue, and was paid for by donations from Buddhists and Hindus.

The hand of the Great One is honored separately: fingers touching the ground have become a spiritual object, and travelers try to touch the middle finger on the giant hand.

Monument to Peter I, 98 meters - Russia

If we had a marathon of the ugliest statues in the world, the monument by Tsereteli would have won the deserved first place in it and, in general, the entire top ten.

Officially, this monument to the 300th anniversary of the creation of the Russian Imperial Navy was built on a specially poured island near the arrow of the Vodootvodny Canal and the Moscow River. The installation took 17 million dollars and several hundred tons of high-grade bronze.

The monument is almost as ugly as the Tseretelian Columbus donated to the new world. But Muscovites are patient. And what is left for them? Sobyanin can replace the freak with the late Turkmenbashi or the temporarily living President Yanukovych.

Goddess Kannon statue, 100 meters - Japan

The Japanese metropolis Sendai brings to your attention the half-sister of Guanyin, the goddess Cannon, erected 30 years ago. Instead of a thousand limbs, the Japanese deity has a much more modest set - there are two hands: in one there is a pearl of desires, in the second - a vessel with wisdom.

The internal space of the building is organized in 12 floors, on the upper there is a temple with a panoramic view of the surroundings. On each floor in the corners there are 8 statues of small buddhas with a total of 108 - this symbolizes human mistakes and sins. You can enter the temple complex through a gate in the form of a dragon's mouth.

Daibutsu Usiku, 100 meters - Japan

The statue sits astride a 20-meter lotus basement and is the largest bronze structure in the world. The mass reaches 4000 tons.

Zhongyuan Buddha statue, 108 meters - China

Subject of political exchange of statues between India and China. As soon as the Indians set out to build the Buddha of the Future, the Chinese responded with a counter plan to implement an even more ambitious whopper. The Spring Buddha of the Temple (or Source) was erected in the Zhaicun settlement in Hanan 13 years ago. The total height, together with three pedestals (2 lower - the hill at the base of the statue) reaches 208 meters. The price of a Buddhist celebration in the temple building is $ 56 million.

Lezhong-Sasazha, 115.82 meters - Myanmar (Burma)

The statue is dedicated to who would you think? Right. Burmese Buddha at the time of construction was the tallest in the world. It stands on a two-level base: first octagonal, and then turning into an oval. The color of the entire structure is yellow. The interior, like that of Daibutsu, is empty: the useful volume has been used to house a museum exhibition dedicated to the representation of Buddhism in art.

Statue of Unity, 182 meters - India

The largest statue in the world took the primacy from the previous nominee, and at the same time from the Motherland. The memorial to Valabhai Patel, one of the founders of modern Indian statehood, the first deputy prime minister of independent India, was opened at the end of October 2018, marking the 143rd anniversary of the birth of the politician.

The incumbent Prime Minister of India, Narendra Moody, said that Patel is destined to inspire the Indian nation by fostering Hindu values.

At the time of independence, Patel was a figure equal to Jawaharlal Nehru - only, unlike Nehru, he was not a socialist, but a nationalist. The initiative to build the monument was signed by 20 million people, and money was collected throughout the country.

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