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The University of Akron

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Description of The University of Akron

  • Location: Akron, Ohio, USA
  • Year of foundation: 1870
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Number of students: more than 16 000
  • Type of education: mixed.

The University of Akron (UA) is a public research university that is part of the Ohio State University System.

Thoughts of establishing a higher educational institution in the field of chemistry appeared in 1867 at the annual congress of the Universalist Church. The university was established in 1970, and in 1990 the world's first courses of chemical rubber were introduced.

UA specializes in polymers, modern materials, mechanical engineering. Students receive bachelor's and master's degrees in more than 200 programs at narrow-profile faculties:

  • Arts, sciences
  • Business
  • Engineering, polymers
  • Health, Humanities
  • Higher school
  • Jurisprudence
  • School of Polymers, Polymer Engineering
  • Williams College
  • Wayne College.

Programs and prices, tuition fees in The University of Akron

Program name
Ask for calculation
All year round
from 11880.00 $ / year
from 11880.00 $ / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
Check with our specialists
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year

Accommodation, meals, prices

UA offers students many housing options of different comfort and distance from the educational campus.

  • Bulger Hall is a 16-story building located on the North Quad. It accommodates 300 students in double suites with shared living rooms, shared bathrooms are located in the corridor. Three passenger elevators are available for residents. The cost of living per semester is about $ 2500.
  • Honors is a modern six-story building, where 300 students live in single and double rooms. All adjacent single rooms have a shared bathroom, the double rooms have a private bathroom.
    Honors College offices, computer lab, classrooms and conference rooms are located in the academic wing. Price per semester ranges from 2900 to 3500$.
  • Orr Hall is a three-story building with an elevator for the disabled. 41 students live here in two-room rooms with shared bathrooms. Semester fee is $ 2494.
  • Ritchie Hall, Sisler-McFawn Residence Hall accommodates 28-64 men and women on separate floors in single rooms with shared bathrooms. Semester fee is about $ 2600.
  • Spanton is a 10-story building for 210 students. On each floor there are four rooms in the style of a suite with two bedrooms, a common living room, three double rooms. In the corridor there are shared bathrooms. Price per semester ranges from 2494 to 2620 $.
  • Exchange Street is a six-story building with an elevator. Up to 500 students can choose from common single rooms, double, quadruple apartments. This dormitory is open during holidays and weekends. The cost for six months of living is $ 3354-3505.
  • South Hall six floors of single and double rooms for 530 students. Each living room has its own bathroom. Semester price is 2960-3354$.
  • Spicer Hall – five floors for 450 students with single, double rooms. Each room has its own bathroom. The price for semester accommodation is 2960-3354 $.

In all living quarters:

  • Furnished rooms
  • Air conditioner
  • Wireless Internet
  • Laundry, recreation areas, offices on each floor
  • Key card for each tenant
  • Assistant managers living on each floor.

There are 16 cafes and restaurants on campus. Meal plans for six months of education:

  • "Golden": 225 meals, additional $ 900 - $ 2250
  • "Blue": 200 servings, $ 600 additionally - $ 2335
  • "White": 180 meals, an additional $ 300 - $ 2005.

For each plan, there are five servings for students' guests.

activity The University of Akron

About 300 student organizations work on campus: hobbies, politics, religion, film industry, ethnicity, music, sports, science.

National teams in football, basketball participate in interuniversity, city, interstate competitions.

In UA there are more than 20 fraternities, women's clubs, of which the most outstanding:

  • Kappa Gamma is the oldest permanent women's society on campus, founded in 1877
  • - Fellowship of the Lonely Star (Pi Kappa Epsilon), the oldest local fraternity in the United States
  • The Ohio Epsilon branch of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, founded in 1875, is the oldest Greek-language organization on campus.


  • R 2 Classification: High Research Activities
  • The world's first college of polymers and polymer engineering (1988)
  • Foreigners come to study from 46 states, dozens of countries
  • 92% of graduates are employed within six months after graduation.

Facilities and equipment at The University of Akron

The university's campus is located in the capital city of Akron on an area of 218 acres – 80 buildings of auditoriums, laboratories, computer classes, event spaces.

The University School of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering is located in a 12-story building near the city center. The Archive of the History of American Psychology is a branch of the Smithsonian Institution.

The headquarters of several "rubber" corporations are located next door to the university: Goodyear, Firestone, General Tire and Rubber Company, Goodrich. The Goodyear Polymer Center is a 146,000-square-foot research center at UA. It is equipped with:

  • Several faculties
  • 60 laboratories
  • 20 teaching offices
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Center
  • Biers Library, Reading Room
  • Art Gallery of the International Science Hall of Fame.

The Richard Fleischman & Associates building consists of two tall towers for informal communication. It also includes:

  • Eight groups of polymer synthesis
  • Computer Simulation Capabilities
  • Microscopy kits
  • Laboratories of molecular, morphological characteristics
  • Equipment for thermal analysis, testing of mechanical properties.

In addition to these educational buildings, eduaction is carried out in:

  • National Educational, Research Center for Corrosion, Material Properties
  • Conquer Chiari Research Center specializes in studying Chiari malformation, improving patient outcomes.
  • - Center for Tire Research, a National Science Foundation for Collaborative Research, a consortium of tire industry participants
  • Ohio State Center of Excellence: Polymers, State-of-the-Art Functional Materials
  • Institute of Applied Policy.

Sports facilities include InfoCision Stadium – Summa Field, James A. Rhodes Arena, FirstEnergy Stadium – Cub Cadet Field, sports and gyms.

UA branches in Ohio:

  • Wayne College, Orville
  • Lafayette University Center
  • UA Lakewood in Cleveland.

Admission dates and extra charges

There are three semesters in the academic year, after each a session is organized. Studies last from August to July. Students rest during the winter and summer holidays, on weekends - Saturday-Sunday.

Additional costs:

  • Books, consumables – about $ 900
  • Accommodation, meals – about 11 220$
  • Transport – from 350$
  • Sports, creative sections
  • Personal expenses (mobile communication, clothes, rest, etc.)
  • Medical care – 1177$
  • Registration, regular campus fees.

The total amount of additional expenses for the academic year is about $ 23,000.

Entry requirements, how to apply, what is required to enrol

You can submit documents and an application through a mobile application or the official website of the university.

For future freshmen of undergraduate programs, the following requirements are as follows:

  • Certificate of secondary education
  • Official transcripts
  • Optional SAT/ACT test
  • Paid registration fee – 50$.

You can apply from October 1. If the application is submitted before January 1, the registration fee is not charged.

For applicants entering the magistracy or doctoral studies, the minimum requirements:

  • Diploma of completion of four years of undergraduate studies
  • Good academic performance, confirmed by transcripts of courses taken
  • GPA with a total amount of at least 2.75 points out of 4.0
  • Gre, GMAT testing
  • Paid registration fee – 50$.

From foreign applicants will be required additionally one of the certificates of knowledge of the English language:

  • TOEFL (iBt from 71)
  • SAT (from 500)
  • ACT (from 18)
  • IELTS (from 6.0)
  • PTE (from 48).

Scholarships The University of Akron

Scholarship programs for bachelors:

  • Scholarship of the President ua: 1000-7500$ for the first year of study
  • Akron Advantage Program: from $1,000 for students from other states
  • The Akron International Scholarship Award covers accommodation, programs, and meals for international students.

Nominal scholarships:

  • Canadian Friends of the University – designed for Canadian students
  • International Student Foundation Gorazde – encouraging Bosnian students
  • International business scholarships of Samir, Salma Gibara for foreigners.

Among the financial assistance:

  • Student loans
  • Grants for graduating classes
  • Postgraduate Programs
  • Grants for doctoral dissertations
  • Military scholarships for graduate students.

Institution on the map

Residence permits, citizenship and other services

  • Guardianship services during the studies
  • Student supervision

Review about The University of Akron

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Recommendations on when to apply

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