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2019-08-14 16:35:20

The best boarding schools in France for foreign students

The best boarding schools in France for foreign students

Prestigious boarding schools in France for foreign students - a brief reference

The best secondary private boarding schools in France are characterized by a unique, family, cozy and friendly atmosphere reigning in their walls, which allows foreign students to feel comfortable and calm, thereby acquiring the feeling of being at home. Staying in an international environment, foreign students on an active basis establish new and useful acquaintances, get acquainted with French culture and traditions, while at the same time constantly practicing language skills, speaking, expanding vocabulary, and improving communication skills.

Entering the leading French boarding schools, the foreign student is guaranteed the highest level of quality of secondary education, which meets the established high European standards. Upon graduation, graduates become students of the best and top universities in France and other countries, studying within the chosen specialization and building a successful and promising career in a large international company.

SMAPSE experts will tell you about the interesting fact that 10% of French students, and in Paris their share rises to 30%, dream of going to school in prestigious private boarding schools. The ranking of secondary education abroad is universally appreciated, while in France, an extremely serious approach is taken to the issue of education. In particular, the dream of young Frenchmen is to enter the elite French high school Les Grandes Ecoles, the procedure for entering which is extremely difficult, while the prestige of education is at the highest level, higher than studying at a foreign top university.

As a key advantage of obtaining an elite French secondary education, it is worth highlighting the possibility of studying at least 2 foreign languages at the same time. As practice shows, the overwhelming majority of private secondary boarding schools in France provide for the teaching of English and French. In addition, in the framework of some educational programs, it is planned to study additional foreign languages. Thus, the passage of such intensive language education contributes to a significant increase in the status and demand of a foreign graduate in the international labor market.

SMAPSE experts advise parents to realize your child’s dream by sending him to receive prestigious secondary education in the best private boarding schools in France. SMAPSE educational center has selected the top private and public schools in France, which accept foreign students for education, and who have received appropriate accreditation. On SMAPSE portal you can familiarize yourself with the proposed educational programs, the cost of education.


Tuition fees at ranked private French boarding schools

The cost of obtaining a leading French secondary education on a full board basis in private schools ranges from an average of 26,000  to 40,000  per academic year. The most budgetary option for studying will be admission to French public schools. So, it is supposed to pay only for accommodation, the cost of which will amount to an average of 10,000  per year. In addition, private schools that are recipients of state subsidies are successfully operating in France, the cost of education will vary from 15,000  to 20,000  per year.

The process of admission to the best private boarding schools in France - a list of required documents and knowledge

In order to freely enter the advanced private boarding school in France, it is necessary to prepare a standard package of documents, as well as demonstrate a good level of language and academic knowledge. The following documents are listed:

  • Copy of your passport;
  • School grades tables for the last 2 academic years, as well as grades for trimesters or quarters of the current school year;
  • Availability of an international language certificate;
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers in English and mathematics, in some cases it is required to provide a letter from the principal;
  • Sometimes it is necessary to write a motivation letter;
  • Filling in the registration form and school forms;
  • Skype interviews or a personal visit to a French school.

In addition, foreign students will need to pass the internal tests of the French school in English and mathematics to determine the level of preparation for entering at the time of arrival in France.

Please note that when enrolling in some elite boarding schools in France, there is an extremely high competition among foreign students, namely in high school, which leads to the formation of queues. In this connection, it will be required to submit a package of documents 1-2 years before the planned receipt.

Note that SMAPSE educational center is the official representative of the predominant number of the best private boarding schools. In this connection, SMAPSE highly qualified experts will select the preferred French educational institutions free of charge based on the goals and preferences of the child, the financial capabilities of the parents. SMAPSE experts will also help in organizing admission to interesting boarding schools in France.

Types of private advanced boarding schools in France

There are quite a few types of private boarding schools in France, which are divided into religious private educational institutions, which focus on Christian education, multilingual, international, as well as boarding schools, the teaching of which is based on the Montessori method and the Waldorf system. As a rule, all leading French boarding schools adhere to a joint teaching format, however, you can find schools that practice a separate teaching format. In addition, boarding schools have been created that individually work with students who do not cope with studying in a regular French school.

You will be surprised, but in France it is quite possible to pick up prestigious boarding schools, whose education is characterized by low cost, thereby contributing to their popularity among foreign students. Thus, it is worthwhile in advance to tackle the issue of selecting a ranking French boarding school, while preparing a package of documents and going to study. Within the walls of some of the elite private boarding schools in France, the following algorithm is used, namely, the first to come - the first to enroll.

In the vast majority of cases, instruction is in French. However, leading boarding schools have successfully functioned in France, within the walls of which foreign students are taught in English, and upon graduation, international graduates receive an International Baccalaureate diploma.

Classification of the best boarding schools in France

So, the division of the leading French private boarding schools into 2 types is provided, namely:

  • Schools that teach on a state contract basis;
  • Boarding schools that operate in a free mode.

The education is based on official curricula and educational programs developed and approved by the French Ministry of Education. However, due to the allocation of state subsidies, this type of school is characterized by a lower cost of education.

The educational process is based on educational programs that they have independently developed. However, SAMPSE experts draw attention to the fact that the developed academic programs are based on state programs of the country of the main language in which teaching is conducted. As a rule, these courses are British and American.

Compared to state educational institutions in French advanced private boarding schools, there are fewer students in the classrooms, thereby providing an individual approach to each student, paying attention to every foreign student, in addition, professional assistance is provided in case of difficult situations in mastering difficult educational material. It is also worth noting that as part of the educational process, emphasis is placed on the personal development of students, classes are held based on the preferences of the child in various circles, namely dancing, painting, music, theater, as well as sports.

French secondary education

It is widely recognized that the secondary education system of France is the most progressive among all countries of the world. In order to receive high-quality secondary education in France by foreign students, modern and advanced approaches in the field of psychology and pedagogy are used in the framework of education. Note that, despite the application of these methods, all European countries have a traditional common educational structure due to the signing of the Bologna Agreement. Below are the 3 steps to getting the best secondary education in France.

The beginning of the educational process is marked by the entry of children into a French elementary school, the duration of which is 5 years, and provides for the teaching of a sufficiently large number of academic subjects. As for studying directly in high school, its duration is 4 years. The first grade of French high school is adaptive in nature. So, it is envisaged that foreign students study general disciplines, in addition, students learn a foreign language. During the second and third years of schooling in high school, students study intensively a large number of academic subjects. It is at this stage that the foreign student makes a choice regarding his future profession and specialization.

As for the last year of study in a boarding school, it is marked by professional orientation. So, education is conducted in one of the following areas, namely general education, technical class, as well as professional. At the time of graduation in an elite high school in France, graduates will have to pass an exam, after which they will be issued a Diplôme National du Brevet certificate.

It is at this stage that the end of compulsory schooling occurs. Further, graduates can enter the lyceum of general education with the aim of further admission to a ranking university or professional educational institutions in France.

Note that the duration of studies at prestigious French lyceums of general education is 3 years. So, during the first year, it is envisaged to teach as part of the general educational program, the specialization stage begins directly from the second year of study. At the end of the third year, graduates will have to pass the YOU exam in one of the areas, namely the literary profile, the profile of natural sciences, or the economic one.

The best private boarding schools in France

The walls of elite private boarding schools in France are mainly attended by students who are studying to become students of ranked universities around the world. Especially for foreign students, modern multimedia centers, various indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and libraries have been built on the school grounds. All conditions have been created for fascinating studies in art, music, theater, painting, which will be especially interesting for creative people. Thus, in the walls of French private best boarding schools, all the necessary conditions for the comprehensive development of students are created.

When considering accommodation for the period of study, foreign students can live on the territory of a comfortable school campus, or make a choice regarding the conditions of half-board. It is in the framework of half board that foreign students live in host families, acquiring the status of French guardians for the period of receiving an elite French secondary education.

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Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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