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TestDaF exam: useful information

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TestDaF exam: useful information


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The popular TestDaF exam (Deutsch als Fremdsprache) is an international test that is designed to assess the knowledge of the German language among foreign students applying for admission to higher educational institutions in Germany . TestDaf consists of 4 parts that test:

  • writing skill
  • reading
  • spoken language
  • perception of information by ear.

This exam is held all over the world in special educational centers and has a three-point mark - 3, 4, 5. If the applicant received less than three points, then Deutsch als Fremdsprache is considered to be failed. All 4 parts of testing are evaluated individually; TestDaF lasts 3 hours 10 minutes, not counting breaks.

TestDaF exam for foreign students: features and structure





Reading (Leseverstehen)

Section duration: 60 minutes.

This stage is a task consisting of 3 difficulty levels:

  • Level 1 contains a task that offers subjects to find the correct advertisement in the newspaper for students who want to practice
  • Level 2 means reading the text with subsequent answers to questions
  • Level 3 is the most difficult. The task is to characterize the statements following the submitted text: “correct”, “incorrect”, “non-existent”.




Listening (Hörverstehen)

Section duration: 40 minutes.

Listening consists of 3 audio recordings that the student is invited to listen to:

  • Excerpt from student life: for example, a call to a teacher / fellow student
  • Interview with an Expert in Education
  • A fragment of a scientific text.

The subject listens to the first 2 records once, the last is repeated twice. After reading these audio texts, foreigners must answer written contextual questions.



Letter (Schriftlicher Ausdruck)


Section duration: 65 minutes.

In this task, the student must, based on the proposed text fragment, write a description and argue the position. Punctuation and spelling are usually not subject to assessment - the stage is designed to identify the foreigner the ability to consistently and logically express their thoughts.




Speaking (Mündlicher Ausdruck)


Section duration: 30 minutes.

The oral stage consists of tasks of 7 difficulty levels, each of which imitates different life situations associated with a communicative skill. A foreigner may be asked to “call” the clinic and make an appointment with the doctor, express his opinion on the migration policy in Germany, etc. During the exercise, the candidate interacts with a computer that records his answers.

TestDaF Student Grading System

The TestDaF exam has a three-point grading system:

  • TDN-3 - the lowest test score, corresponding to level B2. It is quite difficult to enter higher education institutions in Germany with this assessment, but a student may consider submitting documents for academic programs that offer education in English , if he/she speaks it at a high level.
  • TDN-4 is the average exam score, which allows foreign applicants to apply for admission to leading universities in Germany (except for specialties in the field of medicine and linguistics, which have high requirements for foreigners).
  • TDN-5 - the highest mark of assessment Deutsch als Fremdsprache, equal to level C1, opens the door to any prestigious German university and provides a chance to qualify for an interesting specialty, including one related to linguistic education.

Each university has certain requirements for applicants - before submitting documents, the student needs to find out the required TestDaF score for successful enrollment in the chosen specialty.

TestDaF exam: registration, cost

Foreign students, who want to pass the TestDaF exam , can register for the test on the official website of the same name. For this, the student will need to create an account, fill out a form, pay a fee of about € 170. Keep in mind that the price can vary by 10-20 € depending on the educational center where the applicant wants to pass the test. Registration at Deutsch als Fremdsprache opens 8 weeks in advance and ends 4 weeks before the expected testing date. Exam results will be available on the official website in a month, and certificates will be delivered from Germany to educational centers in about 1.5-2 months.

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