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Sup de Pub School of communications Rennes, Sup De Pub University of Media Communication in Rennes

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Description of Sup de Pub School of communications Rennes, Sup De Pub University of Media Communication in Rennes

  • Location: Rennes, France,
  • Established: 1986,
  • Language of instruction: English, French,
  • Type of training: mixed.

Sup de Pub in Rennes is the newest campus of the private school of communication and marketing, planning to open in the fall of 2023. Here, as at other study sites in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux, undergraduate programs are available.

The institution is part of the international educational network OMNES Education together with leading schools in their fields: ESCE, INSEEC, ECE, IUM and others. The network unites educational institutions in many aspects, providing modern infrastructure, an innovative approach to learning, many internships, exchange programs, giving students of all schools the opportunity to work on joint projects on the same campus.

Sup de Pub offers undergraduate degrees in the format of standard three-year education and four-, five-year programs.

Educational process

In IV-V courses, bachelors will be able to adapt the academic schedule to their needs, including several days off per week. These days, they are allowed to attend a part-time job, internship, or engage in an individual project.

Programs and prices, tuition fees in Sup de Pub School of communications Rennes, Sup De Pub University of Media Communication in Rennes

Program name
Ask for calculation
All year round
from 7650.00 € / year
from 7650.00 € / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year

Accommodation, meals, prices

Sup de Pub does not provide accommodation on any of its campuses, like the rest of the OMNES Education schools. Students can request help from employees, who, in turn, will provide a rating of the best landlords and loyalty programs for living in student dormitories of partner universities.

Activities Sup de Pub School of communications Rennes, Sup De Pub University of Media Communication in Rennes

Comfort and active life, affordability of housing, a variety of leisure activities and many activities make students in Rennes in demand among foreign students. The city hosts music concerts, festivals, film and fashion shows, thematic seminars and master classes, so each student will be able to find entertainment for themselves outside of school hours.

On campus, student interest clubs will be presented, groups of students in which students will share each other's hobbies, develop ideas and work on joint projects. The main governing body of the students is the BDE Student Office, which also organizes all events on campus and more than a dozen events off campus.


  • Students are recruited for any of the courses,
  • The newest campus, bringing together students from several OMNES Education schools,
  • Partnerships with universities and companies both in France and in other countries,
  • Internships and easy job search during and after training.

Facilities and equipment at Sup de Pub School of communications Rennes, Sup De Pub University of Media Communication in Rennes

The territory of the Sup de Pub campus in Rennes, in the heart of the residential and university districts of Tabor, Saint-Elier and Alphonse-Guérin, occupies about 3000 sq.m. and plans to open at the beginning of the school year in 2023.  Located less than a 10-minute walk from the city's train station, the campus offers modern and comfortable conditions for learning and recreation. Students of the Sup de Pub will share classrooms, computer classes, business incubators with students of the institutions of the OMNES educational group. 

All facilities are designed to provide students with the best possible learning experience. In addition to modern computer equipment, students will be able to take advantage of projection rooms, open offices, creative and research studios. 

Admission dates and extra charges

Undergraduate students can choose the language in which the program will be taught. Courses in English will start in September, and French-language programs in October. In English, training is mainly presented only in the fourth and fifth years.

Holidays for students are organized on international, national holidays and in the summer - from July to the end of August. Students rest on weekends (on Saturdays and Sundays).

Additional expenses:

  • Deposit - 1100 €, 950 € of which are included in the payment of the first year of study,
  • Prepayment for the program for foreign citizens - 490 €,
  • Registration fee — 80 €,
  • Off-campus accommodation and meals, canteen visit,
  • Medical care and insurance renewal for foreigners,
  • Public transport
  • Personal expenses.

Enrolment process

Applicants who do not have the opportunity to visit the campus to clarify the stages of the admission process can register for the program using an online application form.

The procedure consists of several steps:

  • Filling out the registration form and attaching the required documents to it,
  • Payment of the administrative fee,
  • Passing an individual interview with the admissions committee in French or English,
  • Obtaining a decision on admission within a week after the entrance examinations,
  • Payment of the deposit for booking a place on the course,
  • Visit to campus for final registration.

Enrolment statistics

New students are admitted to the program only if there are vacant places on it. Applicants are selected as a result of a competition - success is determined by the excellent results of the submitted documents and an individual interview.


Students who graduate from Sup de Pub do not stop interacting with the school and their friends, forming a large-scale network of alumni. They continue to help current students find internships and jobs, conduct master classes and share experiences.

Within six months after the end of the program, about 93% of graduates get a job in their profession.

Entry requirements, how to apply, what is required to enrol

Admission of new students takes place at the beginning of each semester. The student can choose any of the stages of the program, although in most universities you can only enter the first year.

All applicants, including those coming from other countries, must provide:

  • Personal documents: passport, residence permit in France or visa, health insurance and vaccination card,
  • High school diploma and two transcripts for the last years of study OR transcripts for undergraduate studies, if any,
  • Certificate confirming the level of English proficiency: TOEFL (from 79/550/213), IELTS (from 6.0), TOEIC (from 785) OR French: DELF (B2), TCF / TEF (B2, C1), DALF (C1) depending on the chosen program,
  • Individual achievements in the chosen field.

Scholarships Sup de Pub School of communications Rennes, Sup De Pub University of Media Communication in Rennes

Students on all Sup de Pub campuses have the opportunity to receive one of the scholarships or take advantage of promotional programs from partner organizations. The institution offers several options for financial assistance:

  • Fixed assistance of 500 € in favor of tuition fees for students in need,
  • Payment of up to 1500 € annually from the OMNES Education Solidarity Fund.

Scholarships and discounts:

  • Annual scholarship of up to 1500€ for student-athletes depending on the degree of their achievements,
  • Up to 10% discount for siblings of students already enrolled in OMNES Education schools,
  • 20-30% discount for academically successful students with excellent learning outcomes.

Also, anyone can take advantage of state support in the form of loans, credits and installment programs.

Partner institutions provide Sup de Pub students with discounts on rental housing in the city, public transport tickets, some shopping, medical care, and other services.

Institution on the map

Residence permits, citizenship and other services

  • Guardianship services during the studies
  • Student supervision

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