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2018-07-30 11:57:11

Summer vacations in Geneva for foreign students

Summer vacations in Geneva for foreign students

Geneva is a popular lakeside city in Switzerland, considered one of the most beautiful. The city is located on the shore of the lake between the mountains of Jura and the Alps. The city has many parks and greenery, and in the summer time the attraction is the Geneva beach, where residents of the city gather to lie on the beach and soak up the refreshing waters of the lake.

Advantages of children's recreation in summer camps in Geneva

  • Swiss educational institutions have a well-deserved reputation as guarantors of high-quality elite education. Students from educational institutions - from camps for short periods to study and living in boarding schools - are controlled under conditions of increased comfort
  • The system of teaching students is based on the ideas of educating a single-minded and just person, respecting the freedom and choice of the student, but the students learn in a strict and disciplined environment
  • Immersion in the language environment, pronunciation and pronunciation of communication skills. Teaching students to express their point of view in the language of instruction is one of the tasks of teachers
  • In Switzerland there are four national languages, there are programs in English, French, German and Italian
  • Despite much attention to the educational process in language schools, finding in Swiss camps is first and foremost a holiday, active and rich in emotions. For students, exciting programs have been developed, where every child can manifest himself in contests or electives, learn a lot about the culture of other countries, make friends with foreign students
  • Summer vacations in language camps are perhaps the best place for combining pleasant with useful things during the vacation period for students. Experienced teachers seek to use the maximum interactive, apply the game form of education and select the material in accordance with age characteristics.
  • If you need to demonstrate a high level of language proficiency in order to study in a prestigious place, be it a school or college, then the language camps invite all comers. This is an opportunity to learn a foreign language for children with poor language knowledge and in the shortest time to succeed in it!

Features of language programs for students in the summer in the camps of Geneva

The secret of success of top language schools is the competent combination of academic studies with the cultural and entertainment component:

  • The linguistic program includes at least 15 lessons per week on a course of medium intensity and can reach up to 25 lessons in intensive courses. The main principle of education is to form groups according to age characteristics and level of knowledge. Visitors from abroad write a language test, the young people study in groups and have equal opportunities to realize themselves and have plenty of practice. Groups do not exceed 15 people, teachers can give enough attention to everyone, the teacher will help, prompt or correct the educational program for the needs of students.
  • The cultural and entertainment program in Geneva is suitable for active and inquisitive students, hiking in the mountains, campfire around the campfire and spending the night in the open air. Foreign students will be able to learn new kinds of sports - yachting, rafting, sailing, rock climbing and much more. Children who prefer creative activity to noisy parties will be able to try themselves in different spheres of art and amateur performances at various master classes and electives.

Students can choose 2 options for accommodation - host families and residences on campus. Both options have their advantages:

  • In host families, students immerse themselves in the natural language environment, they can get acquainted with the customs of Swiss families and practice their language with native speakers
  • In the residences the students will live together with their peers, communicate and have fun with students from different countries. This is a wonderful experience of independent life.

The meals are organized in the form of full board, the students of the camps will be able to get acquainted with Swiss cuisine, breakfasts, lunches and dinners are full and very tasty, in which there are necessary nutrients for the growing children's body.

Leading summer camps in Geneva: features of vacation programs and tuition fees

For students from abroad, the organizers make hundreds of vacation programs that can be very different and have their own highlights. Which program should be chosen only for young travelers in accordance with their interests and goals. For younger students, the excellent option will be a foreign language program + summer vacation, for students who are already thinking about their future specialization, you can choose a program with a bias in the scientific, creative or sports field. There are courses of low, medium and high intensity, where courses with low intensity will include fewer academic lessons, children will more actively rest and participate in the public life of the camp. High-intensity courses will help prepare for examinations in the short term or simply allow you to improve the language for those wishing to spend the summer with maximum benefit.

Educational institution


Tuition fees

College Du Leman

The college has a large number of programs for students of different ages, where in addition to the curriculum a rich entertainment program has been developed, including sports training and excursions around the country.

From 5,700 ₣ for 2 weeks

Teaching in the family of a teacher Home Language International

This is a unique program that operates in different countries, offers an alternative to the classical camps. The student will live in the teacher's family and be studied right at his home. Individual education will allow you to select a program for the requirements of the student.

From 2,145 ₣ for 2 weeks

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