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Summer vacations in Europe for foreign students

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Summer vacations in Europe for foreign students

What could be more exciting than a summer vacation in a children's camp or a language school among peers with common interests in a warm European country? Participation in the short-term program is a unique opportunity to combine study and rest, get a sea of ​​new impressions and go home with new knowledge. Most often, the main purpose of visiting a foreign camp or school is to increase the level of knowledge of a foreign language, and full immersion in an international environment contributes to effective and rapid learning. Every year, students are eagerly awaiting the start of their journey to go to the wonderful world of entertainment and recreation.

Students can go to any European country:

  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Austria
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Czech Republic
  • Finland.

In each of the above countries, a high level of education and a large selection of entertainment programs: there will be no time to get bored, because every summer here students from all over the world come here and return here with pleasure. The best teachers and educators work with the children, who are engaged in unique teaching methods and adhere to effective teaching principles, instill good manners, contribute to personal development and the disclosure of talents. Summer vacations abroad - the best experience and relaxation for students!

Types of summer courses for students in Europe

Types of summer programs for foreign students:

  • language classes
  • sports camps
  • courses with a scientific bias
  • professional courses: cooking, fashion, design, IT, medicine and others
  • leadership schools
  • adventure programs
  • academic programs.

Whichever course the student chooses, he will receive invaluable experience of education abroad: according to the reviews of students after attending a summer camp or school, they want to continue their studies in Europe on long-term programs at a school, college or university.

Linguistic courses in Europe for students

Language courses deserve special attention: this is the most popular destination among students abroad, because for the study of a foreign language all conditions for a rapid and effective increase in the level of knowledge are created.

For participants of summer programs, who in the future plan to continue their studies abroad, courses with preparation for language exams will suit:

  • SAT
  • GMAT
  • DALF
  • DELF
  • CAE.

Many schools and camps have the appropriate permission, which will allow them to pass the exam at the end of the program and receive a certificate confirming the level of knowledge of the foreign language. These certificates are required for admission to international schools, colleges or universities around the world - so students save a large amount of time combining study and rest.

For participants in summer programs who do not need to prepare for language exams, general English courses are available where they can improve their linguistic skills. The main emphasis teachers make on spoken language is to break the language barrier.

Adventure and excursion programs abroad

Visiting Europe for the summer is wonderful because in their free time students have the opportunity:

  • travel
  • discover new places for yourself
  • to get acquainted with the history of European countries and cities
  • to visit sights.

Travel and excursions are an important part of children's leisure, so the administration of camps with special attention makes excursion programs.

How to organize a trip to Europe for a short-term summer program?

Preparing documents for attending a summer program in Europe is a complex and demanding process. Organizational matters:

  • choice of school and program
  • application for training
  • interview (if necessary)
  • applying for a visa
  • search for housing (during a day visit to the camp)
  • purchase of air tickets
  • organization of transfer.

Any preparatory steps need to be done in advance to be in time before the summer program begins - SMAPSE specialists can refuse to solve organizational issues and fully entrust the process to our employees.

  • Florence University of Arts (Florence, Italy) - a unique school with summer programs: most of the classes are held not in classes, but in a direct trip through Florence, museums and historical monuments. The school invites students from 14 to 18 years for programs: Italian for fashion, Italian in the field of art, design, photo, history of Italian art, cookery courses, general Italian language course. The cost of education from 10,800 $ / 4 weeks
  • Riviera French Institute (Nice, France) - a language camp for students from 8 years old with programs in English and French: weekly students attend 16 lessons, the rest is devoted to rest and entertainment. The cost of education is from 950 € / week
  • Enforex Elviria (Marbella, Spain) - summer camp, located in a quiet and picturesque place of Spain. For students from 5 years of age, English and Spanish language courses are offered. Combine learning a foreign language can be with football, tennis, horse riding or golf. The cost of the education is from 1,650 € / 2 weeks
  • Salem Summer Camp Hohenfels (Hohenfels, Germany) is a German state gymnasium with affordable full board accommodation and summer programs for students from 9 to 16 years old. Courses in English and German are available. The intensity of the lesson is 10 lessons per week, the cost of education is from 2,500 € / 2 weeks.
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