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Summer schools in Munich for foreign students

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Summer schools in Munich for foreign students

Study and rest for foreign students abroad is a unique opportunity not only to learn English or German at a high level, but also to get acquainted with the amazing culture of Germany in one of the most ancient cities of the country. Traditional, creative, sports or adventure summer programs of linguistic schools will give students wonderful memories of learning a foreign language in a beautiful, modern, magnificent European city. Vacation programs help to increase the interest of the student to improve the language, study foreign culture, develop communication skills in a multicultural environment.

For foreign students, the language camp is an excellent platform for improving the language in an international setting. Summer language school provides many opportunities for constant practice of language with peers in everyday situations - during games, communication with friends or sightseeing trips. For greater progress in the language for foreign students, one should choose linguistic camps where there are few people from one country, as communication with peers from other countries will make great progress in improving the language.

A foreign summer school for the summer is a guaranteed holiday for students abroad in Munich, one of the most famous tourist cities in Europe with a huge number of attractions, museums and ancient castles. Summer holidays in Germany will give students a unique experience of communication in a foreign language, enhance their communicative and leadership skills, will allow you to get beautiful photos of picturesque Munich, which will reflect only a small part of an amazing and rich trip to a foreign language camp!

Best language schools in Munich: location

Munich is a famous tourist and cultural center, which is located in the south of Germany. Munich is known throughout the world as the "capital of Bavaria", the federal state of Germany, which has gained worldwide popularity for its original culture and unique traditions. Also, this city is one of the educational, research and economic centers of Europe.

Munich, located on the bank of the Isar, offers a large number of elite educational institutions, on the basis of which linguistic programs for foreign students are conducted. Elite schools, top colleges and leading universities offer unique educational programs with many excursions to the ancient cathedrals and majestic castles, historical museums and the delightful streets of the old city.

Popular language schools are located in the city center or in the quiet and peaceful neighborhoods of Munich. Summer camps are usually within walking distance of famous landmarks. Some linguistic courses are held in the best educational institutions located in the suburbs of the city. They usually offer unique programs for extra-curricular activities and excursions.

The advantages of studying in Munich's language schools

Studying in one of the oldest cities in Europe with a unique atmosphere and culture has a number of undoubted advantages for foreign students:

  • Highly qualified teachers with extensive teaching experience
  • Modern educational programs, built on communicative methods of teaching, will make the classes interesting for students from all over the world
  • A large selection of courses and their grades will allow you to choose the program that is ideal for your child
  • Newest equipment
  • A rich leisure program, which includes the work of a variety of creative, sports or scientific sections and recreational activities
  • Excursions to the main sights of the country
  • Positive feedback from students and their parents
  • High ranking of educational institutions, on the basis of which summer courses for foreign students take place
  • High security, which is one of the main advantages of summer camps in Munich.

Summer programs of study: features and conditions of vacation programs with the study of English and German

Vacation programs with the study of German or English in Munich are becoming increasingly popular every year. The reason for this is a high level of teaching and a rich excursion component.

The standard academic program of language schools includes:

  • Classes in a foreign language (25-35 hours a week)
  • The program of extra-curricular activities and excursion trips.

Most of the linguistic camps in Munich offer English or German language instruction for students at a high level using the game method. The orientation of the courses on the student allows you to take into account the initial level of language proficiency, interests and goals of the student, which enables even children with low language skills to feel comfortable in class. The game form of lessons, a large number of discussions, group projects and personal presentations are aimed at increasing the interest of students in learning a foreign language.

A huge number of leisure activities for many years is the hallmark of language schools in Germany. A variety of sections, sports, creative competitions and sightseeing trips will make the summer truly amazing and full of discoveries for every child.

Extra-curricular activities and excursions in the language schools in Munich

Extra-curricular activities are an important component of summer courses. Most linguistic centers offer the following leisure activities for their students:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Barbecue parties
  • Sports
  • Hiking
  • Disco
  • Bicycle tours and much more.

During summer programs in Munich, students usually visit the following attractions:

  • Marienplatz
  • Old Town Hall
  • The Palace of Nymphenburg
  • German Museum
  • Bavarian National Museum
  • Munich Residence
  • Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Bavarian State Opera
  • Olympic Park and others.

Prestigious children's camps for foreign students in Munich: ranking

TOP-3 best linguistic camps for the summer for foreign students:

  • Children's Camp Humboldt in Munich. It offers summer German courses for foreign students. The course program is designed for foreign students and is aimed at developing basic skills of speaking, expanding vocabulary. A wide selection of diverse out-of-class sports and creative events is designed to make the summer an unforgettable experience for every student. Excursion trips for the whole day allow you to get acquainted with the history and culture of Germany.
  • GLS (German Language School) Munich Intensive is a popular network school in Germany, which was founded in 1983. It was awarded one of the most famous awards in education Star School Germany (Star School Germany) in the annual ranking of the magazine Study Travel. GLS offers courses with the German language for the summer for students aged 14 to 17 years. During the education of students, there is also an interesting cultural and excursion program.
  • Summer School German Language School is located in a picturesque location on the lake in the suburbs of Munich (50 km from the city). It offers a unique adventure program with the study of German for young researchers aged 12 to 17 years. A feature of this course is the opportunity to go camping in the Alps under the supervision of experienced instructors or to ride a boat in the crystal waters of Lake Spitzingsee.

Special interest is enjoyed by the unique summer programs of the GLS Munich Young & Fun language school located in the Alps. For example, there students will be able to visit the most interesting educational programs in combination with balanced sports activities - "German + football for the summer" or "German + tennis for the summer".

Tuition fees in summer schools in Munich

Prices for education in the language schools in Munich depend on the ranking of the institution on the world stage, the duration of the course and its saturation, as well as on the cultural and excursion program. The average cost of summer courses per week varies from 800 € -1,000 €.

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