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Summer Camps in Canada, Canada's Best Summer Camps for Children and Schoolchildren

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Summer Camps in Canada, Canada's Best Summer Camps for Children and Schoolchildren

Learning English and French is possible in prestigious boarding schools in Canada. In addition to quality language training for foreign teenagers, an intensive leisure program is organized, including numerous sports and recreational activities, excursions, etc.

It is impossible to deny the popularity of prestigious and leading language and children's camps in Canada among foreign and Russian children and adolescents, as well as their parents. The attractiveness of Canadian elite language boarding schools is due to the excellent environmental situation inherent in this country, as well as the low cost of education and low crime rates. As for the Russian teenagers and children themselves, staying in the best language camp in Canada will give a significant improvement in the level of English, close acquaintance with peers who are representatives of the most diverse countries of the world, and, of course, amazing rest and participation in exciting and entertaining activities . After reading this article, you will have a full understanding of the educational programs developed by Canada's advanced language schools and boarding schools and the cost of training in the rating Canadian camps.

Brief information - the best language camps and boarding schools in Canada for foreign and Russian children and adolescents

At the first mention of Canada there are associations with hockey, maple leaf and of course Niagara Falls, which makes the country unique. The highest level of quality of life is inherent in this country, in addition, Canada during its development has acquired important elements that allow to maintain on a permanent basis the established high standards, namely significant social guarantees, a strong government, low crime rate. In addition, the educational system of Canada is recognized universally as a reference in the field of education. During its functioning, the best universities and colleges in Canada earned a deservedly flawless international reputation and high positions in various ratings. In connection with this, foreign applicants make a decision to obtain a prestigious education in Canada, the leading educational institutions of which have developed numerous student and children's educational programs for the choice of foreigners and Russian teenagers.

For many decades, Canada deservedly acquired the status of the country, which created all the necessary conditions for a quality stay for foreigners, including Russian, children and adolescents. Canada's key advantages include a low crime rate and an excellent environmental situation, so parents may not worry about staying with their child in the leading Canadian language camp. In addition, education in the prestigious Canadian boarding school for children is characterized by the highest level of efficiency, progress is evident, so, the language barrier is overcome, and the child begins to express his thoughts freely in English. It should be noted that within the walls of the rating Canadian children's language camps provides for a harmonious combination of teaching English and an intensive leisure program, which includes sports and entertainment.

Taking into account the fact that two state languages are established on the territory of Canada, in the majority of cases, the advanced Canadian language camps have developed educational programs providing for the study of English. However, in case of interest of the student, one can find prestigious language schools-boarding schools of Canada, in the walls of which the French language is taught. Typically, such educational institutions are located in Montreal, which is universally recognized as the Canadian capital of French culture.

Regardless of the foreign language being studied, whether French or English, the duration of the classes varies from 20 to 30 hours during the week. As for teaching methods, variations are possible due to the chosen educational program and the age of the student. Thus, classes in English or French for babies are held in a gaming format, on the contrary, for the high school students a more academic environment is created.

Note that the teaching is conducted in the first half of the day, immediately during the afternoon hours provides for various excursions, sports or creative pursuits. Speaking about the sports component of education, the leading language schools-boarding houses of Canada have only modern equipment and equipment. The multifaceted Canadian climate provides opportunities for foreign teenagers to engage in a wide variety of sports, even extreme sports, such as downhill skiing and snowboarding, hockey, rafting, canoeing and kayaking on rivers, and windsurfing on the coast. In case of luck, a Russian teenager will be able to visit one of the NHL games! This is just great news for real hockey fans!

During the summer and winter holidays, training is organized in the elite language camps in Canada. Usually the duration of the training varies from 2 to 3 weeks. During this short period of time, the level of foreign language proficiency is improving, the physical recovery of the student, and the Russian teenager has time to relax, in addition to training.

Note that many of the leading Canadian language courses are created and successfully operate on the basis of rating schools-boarding houses of Canada, which provide for living in the school's cozy residence. In the case of studying at prestigious language centers in Canada, foreign students can live in a comfortable residence or in a host family. Regardless of the type of placement, a Russian teenager is guaranteed constant supervision by the pedagogical and educational staff. Imagine, even at night hours a caregiver is on duty daily, who can render his assistance in solving various issues. As for living in the family, the Russian teenager is provided with three meals a day, at the same time at the end of each month the parents of the child receive a report concerning his achievements and stay in Canada.

Tuition fees in the best language children's boarding schools in Canada

If you compare with the USA, the cost of training in the Canadian children's camp is, on average, 20% less, amounting to approximately 2,000 Canadian dollars for two weeks of stay. At the same time, the cost of training does not include the purchase of airline tickets and pocket money. In addition, variations in the cost of education in the children's language camps in Canada are due to the season, the location of the school, the type of accommodation offered by the leisure program, and the possible additional costs. So, the price of the language program in the EU in Montreal starts from about $ 530, at the same time the cost starts from $ 500 in case of training at ILAC in Vancouver.

Note, the cost of teaching English in the advanced language schools for children in Canadian boarding schools starts from 350 Canadian dollars. Please note that the price includes 30 effective classes in a foreign language, a variety of entertainment and cognitive excursions. So, walks to the amusement park Playland, to the Olympic village of Whistler are organized, and also a water park of water attractions on the lake is visited by foreign children. Speaking of Toronto, there are guided tours of Niagara Falls, Canada's Wonderland Amusement Park, the Zoo, and the famous Royal Ontario Museum, etc. If your leading language camp is located in Montreal, then the Aquapark, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Botanical Garden, the Ile-de-Boucherville National Park, Lake Castor are visited by pupils.

On an additional basis, payment for accommodation is provided. As already mentioned above, several possible accommodation options are suggested for choosing Russian teenagers, namely a school residence, apartments or a host family.

Unforgettable holidays in Canada!

Every child is looking forward to the onset of a long summer vacation, which promises a terrific vacation and the making of exciting trips. Our highly qualified specialists recommend sending your child's foreign language for training in a summer educational program to the prestigious language camp for children in Canada. Parents can have no doubt in deciding to send their child for summer vacation to the language school-board of Canada, that they will receive high-quality knowledge, experience of staying in an international environment, and an increased level of foreign language skills will be seen. In the walls of the best summer camps for children in Canada, a full immersion in the language environment is provided, in addition, foreign teenagers have an excellent opportunity to acquire true friends.

Key reasons for choosing a children's language camp in Canada

  • A variety of interesting educational programs have been developed
  • A full immersion in a new language environment is provided
  • In foreign children and adolescents, there is a significant expansion of the horizon
  • During the training period, a foreigner lives daily in an international setting
  • Education in Canada helps to establish close and useful acquaintances.

A key characteristic of the leading summer camps in Canada is due to the conduct of effective and quality classes in English. For the development of educational programs, experienced and up-to-date teachers meet, thereby ensuring the ease of learning the educational material and its cognition. As part of the lessons, there is an intensive practice of spoken English, both with the teacher and between the students.

When parents decide to send their child to study abroad, the basis for their decision is the passage by their child of active conversational practice with foreigners and native speakers of the language. It is worth noting that each prestigious language school-boarding house of Canada is conducting a qualitative selection of experienced teachers who, in the framework of teaching, apply an individual approach to each student.

Below is information on the educational programs offered by the best summer camps in Canada and the English language taught.

  • Camp ILAC
  • Columbia International College
  • Hudson College
  • Kings George International College
  • Eurocentres Canada
  • Summer language programs of the boarding school Bodwell
  • Ridley College.

The educational process in the top language camps in Canada

Staying in the best Canadian language boarding schools will provide the Russian teen with a full immersion in a new language and cultural environment. To achieve the necessary conditions, it is envisaged to conduct classes that differ in the number of academic hours during the week. So, a foreign teenager is given the opportunity to choose an educational program in terms of the degree of intensity, that is, variations of 15 to 30 lessons per week are possible. Usually the number of students in one classroom does not exceed 15 people. At the heart of the subdivision of groups is the age of the student and the initial level of proficiency in a foreign language. At the end of the lessons, the process of immersion in the language atmosphere does not stop. In their free hours, foreign teens take an active part in a variety of school activities. In addition, on an ongoing basis, language skills are improved through communication with peers and local residents.

Schedule of children's language camps in Canada

In the majority of cases, Canada's advanced children's camps operate during the summer, namely from June to August, that is, the longest school holidays. Simultaneously, in the case of an interest of an international teenager, it is possible to organize training during the autumn, winter or spring vacations.

Geographical location of the language camps in Canada

Once again, according to Canadian legislation, there are two official languages, namely French and English. As for the French-speaking population, they mostly live in the province of Quebec, accounting for 24% of the total Canadian population.

English can be effectively studied in the rating language schools-boarding schools in Canada, located in such large cities, namely Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary. As for the study of the French language, it is better to go to the cozy Canadian city of Montreal, or alternatively choose the cities of Victoria, Surrey, Hamilton. It should be noted that the majority of the leading language schools in Canada have board branches in several cities simultaneously, thus providing an opportunity for traveling between cities and qualitative learning of two foreign languages.

The best language schools and boarding schools in Canada have developed language courses for adults, which are year-round. Our experienced specialists advise to take courses in the language courses during the winter and summer holidays. In case of work it is worthwhile to go on training during the period of scheduled paid vacation.

Types of English language courses in Canada

  • General English
  • Pre-university preparation
  • Preparatory programs for taking exams

The target audience is foreigners who want to learn English for everyday communication, while gaining basic knowledge of grammar and improving their key skills in English. Regardless of the level of knowledge in English, every foreign teenager can go on training.

Target audience for passing the language courses are applicants who plan to enter the top universities in Canada. Prestigious language school-boarding house ILAC developed the best preparatory programs. After successfully completing the courses, you can easily enroll in one of the 65 prestigious universities in Canada without taking an English test.

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