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2021-05-21 00:01:37

Studying Marketing and Marketing Analytics in Germany

Studying Marketing and Marketing Analytics in Germany

The German education system offers many opportunities for future professionals to study marketing in renowned educational institutions. Many applicants choose to study marketing in Germany because of the prestige of German universities. The field of marketing is a dynamically developing area of business that is engaged in satisfying the desires and needs of people. Marketing programs in Germany teach you to see things from the consumer's point of view, apply appropriate marketing strategies.

Germany is a great place for foreign scientists and has a quality higher education system. Students choose to study in Germany for several reasons:

  • excellence in education
  • position of a high-tech country
  • rich culture and history
  • a variety of landscapes, from beautiful countryside to vibrant cities.

The specificity of the study varies depending on the university and the program: it usually takes a minimum of three years of full-time study to obtain a bachelor's degree in marketing in Germany.

How much does it cost to study marketing in Germany?

Studying marketing in Germany usually does not require a lot of investment. The current situation is quite favorable for students, since both local and foreign students of public universities in Germany can study for free, with a small fee to cover administrative and other costs per semester.

Private educational institutions in Germany usually have their own fees for studying marketing up to 20,000 € / g. As for the Master's degree in Marketing in Germany, the tuition fees for Master's degrees vary from university to university, around 5000 €.

How much does it cost to live in Germany?

To prepare for studying marketing at German universities, you need to consider the cost of living. The average cost, including accommodation, transport, meals, is around 9500-10,000 € / year. depending on the region. Studying marketing in Germany is comparatively cheaper than, for example, in the UK , but it will require paying for the costs associated with living, renting an apartment or paying for a student residence.

The decision to study marketing in Germany, to apply for admission to one of the German universities for programs such as the Master of Business Administration in Marketing or the Master in Strategic Marketing Management can be more than helpful. The prestige of an educational institution determines its impact on the future prospects of students, the acquisition of a fundamental theoretical base and strong practical skills applicable in today's marketing reality.

The best universities in Germany with the study of marketing

UE University of Applied Sciences Europe

The Digital Media and Marketing course combines the best from an economic perspective with lectures in business research, economics with creative fields such as journalism and public relations. From blockchain to virtual reality and artificial intelligence, media and marketing managers help shape future marketing trends.

Graduates will study the areas of Big Data, Internet of Things, transnational PR, voice marketing, program advertising. UE has developed a degree that will provide the expertise to stand out from the competition.

Bachelor of Science (BSc) studies are conducted at the UE Innovation Center, Hamburg, Iserlohn in English / German; duration - 6 semesters, 5th semester - study abroad or internship.

Berlin School of Business & Innovation BSBI

The Berlin School of Business and Innovation offers the MSc Digital Marketing program in conjunction with the University for the Creative Arts, a Gold Standard institution under the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) ranked 13th among UK universities (The Guardian League Tables 2020) and 7th in Business, Marketing, Management (The Guardian League Tables 2021).

By studying the industry program, students will develop creative and analytical skills, learn how to attract customers. The course provides the tools necessary for project management, forms leadership skills.

Teaching methods: class discussions, lectures. Educational modules include:

  • digital marketing communications
  • global marketing management
  • project management
  • leadership.


The Grenoble MSc Marketing Management program places great emphasis on digital skills to ensure that students become familiar with the latest trends and techniques in digital marketing.

The program allows students to apply skills in practical business, using knowledge to solve marketing problems.

Course duration - more than two years; students spend their first full academic year studying a wide range of marketing topics. Topics cover content marketing, digital analytics, brand management. The second year is dedicated to the Final Management Project (FMP).

  • The cost of training is 15,000-22,000 €.

Munich business school

The Master International Marketing and Brand Management study program provides advanced knowledge in the field of business, marketing, brand management, the necessary skills and tools to successfully apply innovative ideas in practice.

The unique format, holistic interdisciplinary approach of the curriculum allows you to explore new horizons, relevant subjects that make Master International Marketing and Brand Management truly unique. Graduates become sought-after marketing / brand management professionals with a broad cultural understanding.

Cologne Business School (Master's)

The Master Sociology - Social and Economic Psychology program at the University of Cologne provides:

  • A solid foundation in sociological, cutting-edge cross-sectional data analysis.
  • Deep knowledge of social, economic psychology, including advanced skills in decision making, persuasion, consumer behavior, organizational psychology.
  • Skills of planning, conducting, evaluating psychological research.
  • General analytical skills for identifying, understanding, solving social problems.
  • Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the program and the variety of educational programs, students expand their horizons, special attention is paid to business ethics, corporate social responsibility. The theoretical and methodological skills of sociology and psychology are constantly applied to current issues in the course of training.

FHWS (in German)

The Master's Degree in Brand and Media Management in German is held in Würzburg for 3 semesters.

Brands and media are driving economic activity around the world. The Master's Degree in Brand Management, Media allows students to complete management tasks in brand-focused companies, agencies, consulting companies, media companies in three semesters.

In addition to 12 specialized modules (e.g. Brand Strategy, Media Planning, Agency Management), specific issues of daily business life are addressed in two practical projects - for example, developing a brand profile or a social media campaign.

Graduates have excellent career opportunities:

  • in brand-oriented companies (Audi, dm, L'Oréal)
  • in consulting companies (Brand-Trust, Interbrand)
  • in agencies (Jung von Matt, Serviceplan)
  • from service providers (BrandMaker, Optimal Media)
  • in traditional media companies (Axel Springer and RTL)
  • on social networks (YouTube, Instagram).

New European College

New European College, one of the leading private universities in Germany, offers undergraduate, graduate, MBA programs in international management and business. These courses are taught entirely in English.

At the end of any of the programs, students are eligible for an 18-month job search visa (1.5-year permit to stay in Germany in search of work). The administration of the business school actively supports students during their internship, job search on the territory.

  • The cost of training is 4000 €.
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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