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Year of study in Munich: information for foreign students

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Year of study in Munich: information for foreign students

A rapid step towards a prestigious diploma and a brilliant career will help to make a year of study in Munich. The cost of studying in schools and universities for foreign students is quite high, but investments in studies will certainly pay off. The German state pays great attention to the educational system and invests huge amounts in this sector - thanks to a successful policy, Germany has consistently taken leading positions in world tops, and the country itself has been considered the heart of innovation for decades.

Munich ranks third in the country in terms of population - it is a large tourist center with developed infrastructure, where life is in full swing. Here are prestigious higher educational institutions and schools, the system of private institutions is also highly developed.

Year of study in Munich for foreign students: Bachelor and Master

Today, Germany is the most popular country of higher education in continental Europe - about 160,000 foreign students study here. Higher education in Germany is positioned as free, which, of course, attracts foreign applicants. With the exception of the land of Baden-Württemberg, students pay student fees (about 500 ), and the rest of the study is free. Private higher education institutions offer courses in popular specialties for a fairly high fee: from 5,000 to 10,000 €  (usually the calculation goes on semesters).

Many students choose to study at a bachelor's degree in Munich, because here are the best German universities that guarantee quality education. The duration of the bachelor is 3-4 years, in the academic year two semesters: April 1 - September 30 and October 1 - March 31. Students attend 5-6 compulsory subjects, depending on their specialty, and choose the remaining courses themselves. However, universities monitor attendance, so students study discipline.

Magistracy is becoming more and more adapted to the needs of modern society every year, more and more English-language programs and innovative specialties appear. The duration of the courses is 2 years, and education at state universities is almost free. The emphasis on the postgraduate program is put into practice.

Tuition fees at a Munich school for foreign students

The German school system of education is well developed and includes several types of educational institutions, each of which offers a further path of education or career. For example, after graduating from high school, after passing a single exam, students go to higher education. Real schools are another type of institution that prepares students for higher education. The main schools specialize in vocational education that does not provide for a university level.

Public and private boarding schools in Germany are another division of secondary schools. Many foreign students choose private boarding schools in Germany for many reasons: studying in English, using English or international educational modules, students are supervised by employees of private institutions, live in comfortable residences, and study in small classes.

Already from the initial stage of secondary education, foreign students can go to study in Germany - the cost of studying will be about 3,000 . In private schools at the middle level, students can study according to British educational programs, then the price of the courses will be about 4,000 . Vacation programs are also very popular - for a short period, children can get acquainted with the German form of education, improve their language skills and spend an unforgettable summer. The cost of summer programs in Munich starts from 1,000 .


Year of study of a foreign language in Munich for foreign students

German is the second most popular foreign language in the business sphere after English, therefore language courses in Munich are in great demand. Foreign students are welcomed here hospitably, offering them many options for development and effective education. Students will find a wide range of linguistic centers and courses, low tuition fees. Starting price in language schools: from 200 .


Studying in Munich after 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th grade

The final stage of schooling for the Germans is the passing of the Abitur exam, which is not only the result of all studies in a German school, but also serves as an entrance university test. The exam results are not considered by the admissions committee of German universities, since the level of complexity of Abitur is much more serious (which is understandable, because the Germans study at least two years longer at school).

  • Those wishing to enter a German university should think about preparatory courses that specialize in working with foreign students whose certificates do not correspond to German. After a year of study at the so-called Studienkolleg, applicants are expected to pass the exam.
  • Foundation program - Foundation (from 4,000 per semester) - are aimed at helping to adapt to the new language environment, intensive academic German classes will make entering a university a less stressful event and increase the chances of entering.
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