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2018-07-30 11:57:09

Study in Montreux for foreign students: the cost, reviews

Study in Montreux for foreign students: the cost, reviews

Switzerland for foreign students is an ideal place for obtaining high-quality knowledge and unforgettable student experience: high educational standards, interesting sights, an opportunity to try yourself in various sports, outdoor activities and amazing nature can not help but the most experienced traveler.

Montreux is a popular resort located on the Swiss Riviera. Here the best conditions for life: a mild climate, picturesque terrain, the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva. In this city many festivals and unusual sights were found. In terms of education, Montreux is the guarantor of quality education and a safe, relaxing holiday for students.

Benefits of the Montreux Institutions

  • In the Swiss educational institutions, modern and recognized pedagogical approaches and innovations are applied worldwide;
  • Graduates of Montreux universities become first-class specialists who build a brilliant career;
  • Students can get invaluable experience of an internship in a large European company;
  • There are 4 national languages in Switzerland! A student can master not only English, but also French, Italian or German: the more he knows languages, the more advantages he has in finding a job and it is generally easier for him to find work in Europe;
  • Students can get good scholarships.


The educational system: the basic educational levels and academic programs, the features of teaching and upbringing

In Switzerland, the organization of education is built in such a way that there is no single educational system as such - every canton sets its own rules. For Swiss educational institutions there is no concept of fundamental education, great importance is given to the study of languages and physical culture.

Preschool education

4-6 years old

Primary school classes

6-12 years old

Education in secondary school

12-16 years old

High school

18-22 years old

Pre-school education is not considered compulsory: the main value in preschool pedagogy is to allow a child to be a child and spend a happy childhood. At the end of the kindergarten, children can confidently speak in 2 of the 4 national languages. Kindergartens here are paid.

In elementary school, teachers continue to focus on teaching the student language (compulsory English), as well as on the development of athletic abilities.

In secondary school begins a two-level educational program:

  • Secondaire I , duration 3-4 years;
  • Secondaire II, also 3-4 years old.

In Switzerland, an important place is given to cultural education: on trips the students get acquainted with Italy, Germany and France, the students go on mountain hikes, skiing. Despite the rich leisure program, the study is quite intensive and takes all day.

After completing Secondaire, the students either continue to study in secondary school at the next stage of Secondaire II, or receive a professional education, bypassing Secondaire II. Students after completing secondary education can receive one of two types of certificates:

  • Maturité professionnelle - a certificate of secondary vocational education, which allows you to enroll in applied universities in Switzerland;
  • Maturité gymnasiale - a certificate of full secondary education, or a school leaving certificate: students receive it at the end of the second stage of secondary education, Secondaire II, and can enter an academic or applied university.

It is much more comfortable for foreign students to study at international private boarding schools, where they find themselves around foreign students from other countries, adapt more quickly and are on equal terms. For example, John F. Kennedy International School has programs for primary and secondary schools for foreign students.

In Montreux you can get an education for a wide range of high school programs and pre-university preparation. There are courses oriented to the British educational model (GCSE , A-level), American (High School Diploma), Swiss (Matura), German (Abitur), and there are special school areas: American section, English section, French section (BAC).

If you need to tighten the tongue, then the language school Alpadia Montreux is perfect for these purposes.

Great popularity in Montreux is enjoyed by summer camps that offer combined programs and harmoniously combine active and exciting holidays for children with intensive foreign language lessons. For a cultural and rich leisure program, students do not notice how hard they master the linguistic skill behind the skill. In Institut Monte Rosa you will find many programs that have proved themselves among young travelers and their parents.

Higher educational institutions: system and methods of teaching

All universities can be divided into 2 types: academic and applied, instruction in the first involves the dedication of life to science and research work in the relevant fields: (neurobiology, medicine, physics, chemistry). The degrees of higher education correspond to international standards: bachelor's, master's and postgraduate courses.

In order to enter a Swiss university, overseas students take a special single exam, which is held in Friborg in the autumn. The uniform exam includes various school disciplines (a foreign language, history, mathematics). 2 items can be selected from the list yourself. In order to ensure good preparation, various educational institutions open a preparatory course for the University Preparatory Courses Studies at the Swiss Universities, which will make it possible to tighten the knowledge of school subjects.

HIM Hotel Institute Montreux is an educational institution of applied type, where the best specialists in the fields of cooking and hotel management are studied.

The prestigious business schools MBU Montreux Business University and EU Business School Montreux are located in Montreux, offering a quality education in the field of entrepreneurship.

Opportunities for foreign students

  • Differences in the certificates of students from abroad. In some countries, students learn 11 years, while in the west 12 - because of the mismatch of education systems, as well as differences in the USE, such a certificate is considered partially recognized. The main decision is to transfer from the second year of the university in your country.
  • Work while studying. Students can work 15 hours a week, subject to permission of the administration.
  • Scholarships and grants. Foreign students can apply for educational scholarships on condition of excellent study.
  • Custody. Students under the age of 18 must have an official representative.
  • As a rule, there are 3 main options for living while studying: on campus, at a residence and in a host family.
  • After graduation, the student has the right to stay in the country for another 6 months to find work, but finding a job in Europe is quite difficult, because the advantage when working for a job with Europeans.

What are the programs for foreigners?


Age Range

Language Requirements

Average cost per year of education

Summer Camp, Summer language camp


Low language knowledge and above

1,000 ₣  in Week

High school


Average level of language proficiency

60,000 ₣

Preparing for the University


20,000 ₣

Bachelor's program


Test DAF 4 / DELF B2

1,500 ₣

Master's program


Test DAF 4 / DELF C1

MBA, Business School


50,000 ₣

Doctoral studies

Test DAF 4 / DELF C1

300 ₣

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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