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Stirling University Summer Camp

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Description of Stirling University Summer Camp

  • Location: Stirling, Scotland
  • Age of students: 11-17 years
  • Total number of students: 196 people
  • Language of instruction: English.

Stirling University Summer Camp is an opportunity to relax in Scotland on one of the most beautiful campuses in the world. A balanced summer course attracts students from all over the world - most often students from Italy, Russia, Kazakhstan and Spain come to this camp. Interesting, rich, combined programs will surprise even the discerning guest: additional options for courses, the possibility of a variety of sports training, optional and mandatory excursions, entertainment, events - all this will help create your unforgettable holidays.

Programs and prices, tuition fees in Stirling University Summer Camp

Program name
20.06.2022 - 19.08.2022
from 790.00 £ / week
from 790.00 £ / week
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
20.06.2022 - 19.08.2022
from 865.00 £ / week
from 865.00 £ / week
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year

Accommodation, meals, prices

The summer camp offers accommodation at the University of Stirling: Standard rooms and with a private bathroom. Bathrooms and toilets are located on two on each floor. Each student in the room has a bed and a personal wardrobe, towels and bed linen are provided. Laundry is available for a separate price, and around the clock (£ 2 for washing and £ 1.5 for drying). Common areas are cleaned daily, bedrooms are cleaned weekly.

In common use, children have cozy living rooms with upholstered furniture, there is a safe for valuable things.

Activities Stirling University Summer Camp

For all students on campus are arranged:

  • Welcome and Farewell Party
  • Themed holidays, discos
  • Karaoke
  • Talent Show
  • Treasure Hunt Game
  • Movie Nights
  • Sports games, tournaments, competitions: tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton
  • Dance master classes with professional choreographers.

If desired, students can saturate their extracurricular program with additional entertainment and excursions (for a fee):

  • Visit to the Camera Obscura and World of Illusions in Edinburgh
  • Entertaining and educational walk The Edinburgh Dungeon
  • Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe
  • Walk on the water at the Royal Yacht Britannia
  • Visit to Celtic Park Stadium in Glasgow
  • St Andrews Castle
  • Stirling Castle.

In addition, useful options can be added to any course at your request.

Young Manager

  • Minimum Level of English: B1
  • Minimum start of the course: 12 people
  • Groups of 15-20 people
  • Age: 14-17 years
  • Price: 50£ per person/week.

Summer management program for teenagers is 30 hours of additional classes, designed for 2 weeks. What is this course about?

  • Active development of oral speech, listening skills in English
  • Development of fluency, communication skills
  • Teaching written business English – in a business or academic context
  • Expanding the thematic vocabulary, useful phrases, terms, idioms
  • Developing the ability to negotiate
  • Business etiquette.

Basically, the program conducts practical classes - the theory is immediately introduced into living situations and tested in practice, a large number of discussions, group projects (for example, how to open your own business) are conducted.  Program blocks:

Introduction to the business world = 6 hours

  • How to make a resume, properly communicate with HR and interviewer
  • Teamwork, dynamics of work in the group
  • How to promote your own business idea.

Market launch = 24 hours

Students are divided into groups of 5 people and together come up with a product or service. Using modern technologies (media, digital, advertising, marketing), each team creates a promotional company for its product / service, focusing on a given budget (during the presentation, it tells how and what the budget was spent on). At the end of the course, the team makes a final presentation (at the same time honing the skills of public speaking!) and demonstrates its business idea to other teams, the winner is determined, who receives awards at the Graduation Ceremony.

In this block, students study:
  • Social networks and business skills in them: FB, Twitter, YouTube, bloggers
  • Work with the modern consumer
  • Negotiating in English
  • Finance & Management
  • Preparation and demonstration, promotion of a business plan
  • Public speaking, persuasion skills
  • Advertising, marketing, branding
  • Teamwork skills.

Academic English + IELTS Preparation

  • Minimum Level of English: B1
  • Minimum start of the course: 12 people
  • Groups of 15-20 people
  • Age: 15+ years
  • Price: 50£ per person/week.

The academic English program is designed for 30 hours of classes and 2 weeks. IELTS is the most common exam proving knowledge of the English language, it is indispensable if you want to study, work and live in English-speaking countries.

The course will develop all the main language skills and abilities:

  • Speaking, fluency, getting rid of accent and language barrier
  • Writing, literacy, vocabulary
  • Listening (listening comprehension)
  • Reading.

During the course, students:

  • Get acquainted with the structure of the exam
  • Develop a strategy of preparation and delivery, learn to highlight their strengths and "pump" weaknesses
  • Learn to write different types of academic essays
  • Edit their own speech, learn self-control
  • Get used to the IELTS format: time frame, procedure for filling out documents, format
  • Improve academic reading and writing skills
  • Improve grammar
  • Significantly expand vocabulary
  • They will be able to better articulate, express their opinions and defend their point of view.

Professional teachers who have experience in preparing for IELTS work with students. They use real materials (tests from the past years) that help children practice in the present conditions.

Dance Academy

  • Groups from 10 students
  • For every 15 people, 1 instructor
  • 10 hours of education for 2 weeks (5 lessons of 2 hours)
  • 72£/person.

Dance Academy is an intensive work with talented, attentive, qualified teachers who will open for you the diversity of the dance world. Students will study contemporary dance, Contemporary Dance, hip-hop, folk dance. Lessons are available for everyone, regardless of the level of educataion!

Football Academy

  • Groups from 20 students
  • For every 15 people, 1 instructor
  • 10 hours of education for 2 weeks (5 lessons of 2 hours)
  • 72£/person.

The football academy will help to hone skills and further strengthen the love for the most popular sports game in the world. Tactics, techniques, strength and ways of relaxation and rest, the development of personal talents, team and individual play - all these aspects will be worked out. Professional coaches with UEFA qualifications will organize intensive and effective sessions: defense and attack, the physical and psychological component of football - everything will be given due attention.

Golf Academy

  • Groups from 3 students
  • For every 5 people 1 instructor
  • 10 hours of education for 2 weeks (5 lessons of 2 hours)
  • 264£/person, individual lesson = 120£/hour.

Classes at the golf academy will help you understand why this game goes crazy the whole world! Coaches (PGA accreditation for everyone) will work with both beginners and more experienced players, help develop existing skills and acquire new ones, hone technique, tactics of the game.

Rugby Academy

  • Groups from 20 students
  • For every 15 people, 1 instructor
  • 10 hours of education for 2 weeks (5 lessons of 2 hours)
  • 72£/person.

Professional coaches with RFU qualifications will work on both the basic skills and the more advanced skills of each player.

  • Pass:regardless of the chosen position on the field, everyone should be able to play their part and give the right pass! Clearing, spin, orthodox and pop passes are considered in different directions.
  • Running and dodging:emphasis on maneuverability and speed, the ability to accelerate and dodge the attacker, a quick change of direction.
  • Support during the game:each player must work in conjunction with the rest of the team, communicate effectively (even if not in words!), understand the partner from a half-word.
  • Interception, selection of the ball:different options and strategies for selecting the ball from the opponent without forbidden and "dirty" techniques.
  • Decision-making during the game:reaction speed, correctness of the situation miscalculation and strategic decisions during stressful situations.

Tennis Academy

  • Groups from 3 students
  • For every 5 people 1 instructor
  • 10 hours of education for 2 weeks (5 lessons of 2 hours)
  • 264£/person, individual lesson = 120£/hour.

Instructors with LTA accreditation will help each player - both a beginner and a more experienced one. The development of skills and abilities, the study of strategies and tactics of the game, the development of general physical form, strength, endurance - the course will give a lot of useful things to each of its participants, preparing for further education, games and tournaments.

Facilities and equipment at Stirling University Summer Camp

Stirling is a small and cozy town in Central Scotland, in which the main dominant is the city castle, one of the main monuments of national history in the country. The summer camp is located in the Old Town, which is full of historic buildings, cobblestone streets and shady alleys. However, from here it is not far to the modern part of the city (2 km) with its shops, galleries and museums, restaurants, cafes and traditional pubs, of course! Definitely worth a look at the monument of William Wallace, dedicated to Scottish heroes and inspired the creators of the Hollywood masterpiece "Braveheart".

The campus is located on part of the Airthrey Estate, which makes it one of the most beautiful campuses in the world: the castle of the XVIII century will serve as the best scenery for your unforgettable summer! This is a beautiful green area, equipped by all modern standards:

  • 4 tennis courts
  • Fitness center
  • Tracks for running
  • Dance studios
  • Own lake
  • Swimming pool with paths of 50 meters
  • Indoor and outdoor sports grounds
  • 12 well-equipped classrooms
  • WiFi
  • Computer classes
  • Dining room
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Art Center, Cinema and Theatre
  • Bookshop
  • Pharmacy
  • Bank branches and currency exchange offices
  • Round-the-clock security with video surveillance.

45 minutes and you are in the centre of Edinburgh! The nearest airports are Edinburgh (38 miles) and Glasgow (25 miles).

Admission dates and extra charges

Shift start dates:

  • June 20 = 2 weeks
  • July 1 = 2, 3, 4 weeks
  • July 15 and 29 = 2-3 weeks.

Summer camp closes on August 19.

Additional costs:

  • Deposit for the safety of property (only for residences) = 50£
  • Extra meals = £8/serving
  • Extra night = 45-55£
  • Individual lessons = 70£/hour.

Institution on the map

Residence permits, citizenship and other services

  • Guardianship services during the studies
  • Student supervision

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