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Roedean School Embassy Summer School

Address: Roedean Way, Brighton, The City of Brighton and Hove BN2 5RQ, United Kingdom
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Description Roedean School Embassy Summer School

  • Students age: 9-16 years
  • Program duration: 2-6 weeks.

The new Summer School invites students from all over the world to relax and improve their level English language on the basis of the famous and prestigious boarding school Roedean. It is a great opportunity to plunge into the life of traditional British boarding schools for a short time, to imbue with a new cultural and linguistic atmosphere, to find new friends from all over the world and learn something new. During the summer programs, students not only attend academic studies, but also engage in sports and creativity, go on excursions, learn a lot about British culture, history and traditions.

A successful territorial location on the south coast of the country offers an excellent view from the campus to the English Channel, opportunities for sporting activities (eg sailing), long walks and picnics, outdoor games.

Each classroom does not include more than 12 students, the same small groups are formed for sports exercises. The ratio of teachers, instructors and coaches to students is 1: 5, which makes it possible to practice an individual approach, to give each student the most attention, to more closely monitor his progress and achievements.

The campus is dominated by an international environment: representatives of more than 30 nationalities and countries are studied annually, which makes it possible to constantly practice speech and communication skills, to learn tolerance, mutual respect and understanding.

The flexibility of the courses is also very convenient for children and their parents: at will the student can practically change courses every week to make the most of all the summer school opportunities (for more details about the types of the course you can see in the specific description of each program).

The campus can be reached in a few minutes by bus to the large seaside town of Brighton, from which direct trains run to London - the British capital is accessible just an hour away.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Roedean School Embassy Summer School

Program name
30.06.2019 -11.08.2019
from 1 125 £ / week

The combined course is perfect for those students who want to not only improve their level of English, but also to have fun and pleasure in spending time in the UK, finding new friends and learning something new.

Academic lessons are planned for the first half of the day and end already by lunchtime. After lunch, students are provided with the widest opportunities for sports and creativity, various excursions and walks, recreational activities on the campus are arranged:

  • Costumed balls and parties;
  • Discos;
  • Quizzes and competitions;
  • Relay races;
  • Barbecues and etc.

Age of students: 9-17 years

Duration of the programs: 2-6 weeks.

30.06.2019 -11.08.2019
from 1 125 £ / week


Program is designed for those who are in love with the beautiful art of choreography!

In the morning, students attend general English courses: all basic skills are developed - reading, listening, writing and speaking, pronunciation and accent are being adjusted, vocabulary is expanding. Thanks to the work of experienced and qualified teachers, as well as the active use of modern interactive techniques, studying becomes as interesting and effective as possible, children quickly learn new information and quickly learn to apply the knowledge gained in practice.

In their free time, students have the opportunity to improve their dance skills in specially equipped spacious and light classrooms. Classes are taught by professional teachers, and the list of available styles varies annually - each student will be able to find a priority for himself.

  • Age of students: 9-17 years
  • Duration of the programs: 2-6 weeks.
30.06.2019 -11.08.2019
from 1 295 £ / week


A combined course gives you the opportunity not only to effectively improve your English, but also to learn how to play golf. One of the most aristocratic sports is waiting for new fans!

Studying is conducted every day in specially equipped fields with all the necessary equipment. Experienced, qualified coaches are able to work with students with any level of preparation: beginners will master the basic strikes and learn the rules, and more experienced players will be able to hone this or that skill and fight with others in friendly games.

Academic English lessons are devoted to the comprehensive improvement of basic skills:

  • Reading
  • Auditing (listening comprehension)
  • Written speech
  • Oral speech
  • Lexicon
  • Pronunciation and accent.

Thanks to a benevolent international atmosphere, children quickly overcome the language and emotional barriers, quickly improve communicative and conversational skills.

  • Age of students: 9-17 years
  • Duration of the programs: 2-6 weeks.
30.06.2019 -11.08.2019
from 1 295 £ / week


A special combined course is designed for fans of such a noble and ancient sport as riding.

Experienced coaches conduct studying for any group of students, with any level of initial education. The course can be enrolled and beginners who will master the basic steps, the ability to care for animals, landing in the saddle, and experienced, advanced riders who will be able to perfect the priority skills under the guidance of professional mentors.

Academic classes in English are conducted in the first half of the day - they are aimed at general, comprehensive improvement of all skills:

  • Reading;
  • Listening;
  • Writing;
  • Speaking.

The vocabulary is significantly expanded, pronunciation improves and accent is adjusted, emotional and language barriers are overcome in a few days, communicative and conversational skills are rapidly improved.

  • Age of students: 9-17 years
  • Duration of the programs: 2-6 weeks.
30.06.2019 -11.08.2019
from 1 225 £ / week


An excellent program is designed for those students who want to prepare for longer and more complex educational programs in the UK, plan to enter British schools and colleges.

Academic English lessons are aimed at the overall development of all key skills and knowledge:

  • Reading;
  • Listening;
  • Writing;
  • Speaking.

The vocabulary expands, pronunciation improves and the accent is adjusted, the language barrier is quickly overcome, communication and speech skills are improved. In addition, students acquire useful academic skills, invaluable when studying abroad: for example, they learn how to work with different sources, to work independently and in a team, to draw up scientific research or a personal project, competently outline materials, etc.

  • Age of students: 9-17 years
  • Duration of the programs: 2-6 weeks.

Accommodation, housing and food

There are 2 comfortable residences on the territory of the school: the students are offered both common bedrooms and cozy rooms for 1-2 people. Meals for the students of the summer school are offered boarding, a separate student dining room is provided for three meals. The diet is varied and balanced, fresh vegetables and fruits are constantly present on the tables, and the dishes are mostly prepared from local, maximally fresh products.

Events Roedean School Embassy Summer School

The extra-curricular leisure program is aimed at giving children the opportunity to try something new, to leave their comfort zone, to acquire new skills and friends. These programs are also aimed at acquaintance with the British culture, history and traditions - during the summer holidays students will be able to learn a lot about the UK. For the students prepared a lot of interesting and diverse excursions, walks and trips, as well as numerous sports electives and creative studios.

Equipment Roedean School Embassy Summer School

On the territory of the boarding school Roedean, students are provided with all conditions for full-fledged comprehensive development. The campus includes 40 acres of playgrounds and grounds for all-weather activities, an indoor spacious pool (which offers beautiful views of the open sea), tennis courts and a multi-purpose sports hall. Separately equipped with dance classes and art studios, a spacious common dining room.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

Roedean School Embassy Summer School reviews

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Good afternoon, Hwang Seung Hoon. Our specialist will contact you by the specified e-mail. Best regards, SMAPS

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