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Richest countries in the world: ranking

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Richest countries in the world: ranking

Reputable experts regularly work to create ratings of the wealthiest countries on the planet. Today, this rating includes about two hundred countries, but we will indicate only the TOP-10 richest countries in the world.

Let us recall that the state's solvency determines its GDP per capita.

San Marino ($ 60,359)

The tenth line of the rating belongs to San Marino: it is a small state in Italy with a population of about 34 thousand people. The welfare of citizens is ensured through the tourism area, the sale of ceramics, tailoring and furniture making.

Switzerland ($ 61,360)

Switzerland is not just a beautiful, but also a wealthy state. This country has a high standard of living and a thriving economy, where citizens live with a high level of social responsibility, respecting the traditions and culture of their homeland.

UAE (68,245 $)

The largest economy among the Middle Eastern states belongs to the UAE. A beautiful, wealthy country thriving on oil, tourism and the financial sector. The UAE has a flexible taxation system and ideal conditions for attracting foreign investors.

Kuwait ($ 69,669)

The seventh place in the TOP belongs to Kuwait - an oil-producing state actively exporting oil products. This direction provides 90% of the state budget.

Norway ($ 70,590)

Norwegian citizens live and enjoy the high standard of living that has developed in their state as a result of the sale of seafood and energy resources in the form of oil and gas.

Ireland ($ 72,632)

Ireland's strong economy is the result of revenues from mining, food production and the financial sector. Trade is the foundation of a nation's well-being.

Brunei Darussalam ($ 76,743)

A small Asian state producing oil and natural gas. It is a tourist country with an educated population, free medicine and no taxes on personal income of citizens.

Singapore ($ 90,531)

One can only envy the stable politics of Singapore and the order that prevails in this country. The state is one of the three richest countries in the world. It has an open and free economy, no corrupt schemes, no unemployment. The inflow of money to the local budget is ensured by advanced technologies, quality medicine, tourism and the financial sector.

Luxembourg (109 192 $)

The second line of the TOP is from Luxembourg. The state of Western Europe actively attracts foreign investments in industry and the banking sector for economic development.

Qatar ($ 124,927)

And finally, the "gold" of our rating - Qatar: a unique Middle Eastern country with high economic growth and well-being of the population, which owes its stability to the export of oil and gas, ideal infrastructure.

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