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Rhine Valley - the most romantic place in Germany

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Rhine Valley - the most romantic place in Germany

If there is a point of interest in a city or area, this is fine, and if the area has a point of interest, it is doubly fantastic. We are talking about the Rhine Valley - a place that every traveler should visit. Here you can see a completely different Germany: beautiful nature, castles and fortresses, fertile lands. The pride of the Rhine is the vineyards created by the Romans 2,000 years ago to attract the attention of travelers. The wines created from the fruits grown here are a real work of art, which is recognized by connoisseurs around the world. You can choose a vacation to your liking: cruise, bike ride, car trip or sightseeing tour. You will see the valley through a bicycle helmet or through the window of the bus - it does not matter, nothing will stop you from enjoying the Rhine!

Everything you need to know about the Rhine Valley

The Rhine Valley is located between Westerwald and Hunsrück - 2 large mountain ranges. For thousands of years, this area served as a link between local residents and travelers, whose route ran along the Rhine river. The valley is recognized as one of the most romantic places in Germany: there is hardly a person who will not be impressed by winding vineyards, medieval Gothic castles, small cities, as if created based on fairy tales, picturesque natural views.

What to see?

The place has become a bait for tourists a long time ago, so you can take advantage of the well-established routes offered by many local tour agencies. If template Germany is not for you, you can create an individual route, be sure to include in it:

  • Oberwesel is an old town on the riverbank: medieval architecture, a fortress wall, a view of the valley from one of the sixteen surviving fortress towers.
  • St. Goar, where you will be impressed by the Catholic and Evangelical churches built in the Gothic style. Do not forget to visit their crypts and admire the frescoes.
  • The city of Koblenz with the preserved Princely Castle. Nearby is a wine village where you can taste wine from the Rhine vineyards.
  • Terrain Filsen. Local residents are famous for the cultivation of rare varieties of fruits and vegetables. Filsen is especially beautiful during the flowering period of cherries.
  • Lorelei community of skippers and ferrymen.
  • Castles Sterrenberg and Liebenstein.
  • Lahnstein is the heart of the valley’s entertaining life: there are carnivals, quests at Laneck Castle, the Rhine in Lights fire show, a glass festival and a blues festival.
  • Boating on the river.
  • Niederwald National Park.
  • Wine Museum at Bremsburg Castle.
  • Museum of torture.
  • Rhine Wine Center - Boppard.
  • Marxburg Castle in Braubach and others.

Interesting Facts

  • One of the localities of the valley - Lorelei - is named after the mermaid, who, according to legend, sat down on a cliff every evening, pulled out a comb, sang and combed her hair with it. People believe that it was she who caused the many shipwrecks that occurred here. In fact, everything is much simpler: it is difficult for captains to operate a vessel in this area due to strong currents, rocky terrain and fogs.
  • Marxburg Castle was built in the 13th century and has survived to its present day in its original form.
  • The picturesque sights of the valley were sung in their works by Alexander Dumas, Victor Hugo, Byron and Richard Wagner.

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