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Residence permit in Italy, how to get a residence permit in Italy: registration, buy real estate

Making a residence permit in Italy is a fairly simple process. If you have wondered how to get a residence permit in Italy, then first apply for a standard national visa type D, which is valid for 1 year: during this year you can spend up to 3 months in Italy. Visa D received - what to do next, what are the conditions and how much does a residence permit card cost?

Residence permit in Italy: types and requirements

The process of obtaining a residence permit in Italy (here it is called Permesso di soggiorno) is taking place in Italy - there are several types of the document:

  • Residence permit in Italy for the period of seasonal work (valid for 6-9 months)
  • Residence permit in Italy for study or temporary residence (up to a year)
  • Residence permit in Italy to move to the family, for work and business activities, to buy property, to work under a contract (up to 2 years)

The type of document and conditions depend on your goals of stay in the country:

Family circumstances, family reunion

Ricongiungimento familiare

Studying or internship


Scientific activities and research, formal employment, seasonal work

Lavoro subordinato

Entrepreneurship and business, buy real estate

Permesso di Soggiorno per lavoro autonomo

Moving on the conscious choice of permanent residence

Residenza elletiva

Residenza elletiva will suit wealthy people who can confirm a constant high income, can buy property and do not plan to work in the country (passive income).

In order for a residence permit in Italy to be transferred to permanent residence (permanent residence permit), the applicant must:

  • Verify Italian language proficiency
  • Live in the country for at least 5 years
  • Get tested / interviewed at the Consulate
  • Do not commit crimes and offenses.

Issue a residence permit in Italy: where to start, how much does it cost, conditions for filing documents

What you need to get a residence permit in Italy?

  • Get a national visa D at the Consulate
  • Arrive in Italy and within 8 days send to Questura a request and documents for receiving the selected type of residence permit (it is necessary to submit via mail - Postale Italiane)
  • Fingerprints in the immigration office and pay all fees
  • Get a residence permit card (on average, the review and issuance process takes up to 21 days).

What fees are waiting for those who decide to issue a residence permit in Italy - how much does the document cost?

  • Documents for a stay of 3-12 months = 40 € / 1-2 years = 50 € / more than 2 years = 100 €
  • Making a plastic card permit = € 31
  • Stamp Duty = 16 €
  • Postal services and commission = 30 €
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