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Residence permit in France with a Guest Visa: how to get a residence permit in France? Acquisition of property in France

France has long been one of the most popular and most visited countries of Europe and the world. Metropolitan Paris, cozy Provence, respectable Nice, Lyon, Marseille - all these cities are not only popular places for vacation and tourism, but also as learning centers, places to buy real estate. 

Since the Schengen visa allows to stay abroad for no more than 90 days (within six months), it is logical that for a longer stay you need to obtain a residence permit. Its registration takes a lot of time, and a residence permit is not given to each applicant, but this is the only way to stay in the country legally for a long time.

How to get a residence permit in France?

In order to obtain a residence permit in France, the applicant must confirm one of the following positions:

  • Reunion with relatives

Is appropriate if your close relatives have long been legally residing in France or have French citizenship.

  • Education

If you enter a French school, college, university, or center of additional education, you will be issued a student visa, valid for the entire period of study (but not longer).

  • Entrepreneurship and business

France, like many other countries, only welcomes foreigners who want to invest in the national economy. The entrepreneur must confirm intentions as follows:

  1. The business plan of the working draft (necessarily with the provision of jobs)
  2. Availability of at least 30,000 euros to start a stable job and investment
  3. Getting an appropriate education (at least a Master's degree, ideally an MBA or work experience of 5 years in the relevant field).
  • Job invitation

If you do not act as an investor or entrepreneur, but want to work in France in a local company, the head of the company should send you an official invitation (employment contract). In this situation, the document for a foreigner will be like a “Residence Permit with the Right to Work”.

  • Full financial self-sufficiency

Do you plan to work in France, but want to live in Burgundy or on the Cote d'Azur, to buy property in France? If you can prove the appropriate financial capabilities - obtaining a residence permit without a right to work will suit you perfectly. SMAPSE experts will look at it in a little more detail: what a “Residence” residence permit gives, how much it costs, conditions for its obtaining.

Residence permit in France on the basis of a Guest Visa 

This is both a very convenient and quite rare case of granting a residence permit in France. What does it give and what are its features?

  • Convenient and more accessible to citizens who can confirm stable sources of high income and buy property in France
  • Receiving does not require a portfolio of investments, creating a business plan with jobs and fulfilling other business commitments in France
  • Easy to extend
  • The applicant should not apply for French jobs + it is desirable to have a permanent residence in a long-term lease (ideally - in the property).

Residence permit in France with a Guest Visa: how to get?

First, SMAPSE experts will compile a list of required documents for those who decide to obtain a residence permit in France on a Guest Visa:

  • Valid international passport
  • Passport
  • Personal documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.
  • Documents about your place of residence in France: lease agreement, certificate of ownership, receipts for utility bills, etc.
  • Financial documents that confirm your stable source of high incomes and a sufficient amount of money in the account
  • Medical insurance
  • Extras: motivation letters, questionnaires for the embassy, etc. may be required.

All documents are drawn up according to certain templates and translated into French (almost always the translation is certified by a notary).

The whole process of obtaining a residence permit in France on a visa "Guest" is divided into two major stages:

  • Application to the Consulate of France, consideration of your case. If all documents are confirmed, then you are issued a national visa for 3 months.
  • The second is already conducted in France (and now you can stay there for 3 months): after entering the country, you send collected documents to the immigration service, hand over fingerprints, pay a fee - and if the French government has no questions or complaints about you, you get a Guest visa. 
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