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Tavrida highway in Crimea

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Tavrida highway in Crimea

The famous Crimean highway "Tavrida" was supposed to become famous because of the amenities it brought in, but earned only the discontent of the drivers and even the nickname "Death Road" because of the crazy number of accidents that occur here (thank God, not all are fatal!) ... Of course, its construction was necessary: with the increased flow of cars to the Crimea and the construction of the Crimean bridge, it was impossible to do without a powerful federal highway. But was it worth so proud of an unfinished building with obvious flaws?

"Tavrida" today: obstacle course

  • From Kerch to Simferopol, only 1 of the two traffic lanes works. Just at the turn to Kerch, the second lane converges with the first, border posts begin to rise proudly, and traffic flows merge almost all the way to Simferopol. But there is heavy traffic and overtaking is prohibited!
  • Road works are constantly going on-left, right, in the middle ... Very often, some heavy equipment "suddenly" appears on the road: a 40-ton truck, a crane, an excavator that can't go fast, which means that they slow down the entire flow.
  • "Tavrida" is abominably illuminated. In the dark, drivers literally bite into the road to avoid crashing (at least) into a fence or a new road sign.
  • Due to the uneven (see point 2.) flow of cars, at the slightest opportunity, cars start to overtake each other at the slightest opportunity, so this happens spontaneously and chaotically. And if you take into account the lack of light (point 3), the situation becomes very dangerous.
  • The most neglected section is now located from Simferopol to Sevastopol approximately to the village. Railway: permanent and large-scale road works, construction and restrictions, a pile of large-sized equipment and building materials (crushed stone, sand). The trip takes at least 2 hours.
  • Along the entire route, there are still no normal recreation areas and campsites, there are not even toilets and recreation areas, not to mention gas stations! We enter the "Tavrida" from the side of the Crimean bridge - once again check that the tank is filled to capacity.
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