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2018-07-30 11:56:55

Les Roches, Glion - the best schools of hotel business

Les Roches, Glion - the best schools of hotel business

The industry of hotel business, restaurant business and tourism is more popular than ever and is developing with incredible dynamics. Therefore, it is not surprising that every year more new companies appear in this sphere, and already existing organizations are expanding - and they all need new qualified specialists. The sphere of tourism is chosen by more and more young people from various countries. 

Indeed, there are enough universities abroad where foreign students can get a good education in the sphere of tourism and hotel business according to high European and world standards. And, of course, if you choose a country for education, it is better to go directly to your homeland of tourism and guest service - to Switzerland. After all, it was here that the first educational programs first appeared, and then the universities began to produce young specialists of the industry.

Here there are 2 universities that fall into TOP-3 schools of hotel business and tourism around the world - the University of Glion Institute of Higher Education Switzerland and the University of Les Roches International School of Hotel Management. In the ranking they occupy 2 and 3 places respectively. The school of hotel management in Lausanne is recognized as the leading university. But then SMAPSE experts will only be talking about two universities.

Swiss Schools of Hospitality - Glion and Les Roches

So, Le Rocher school is a higher educational institution in Switzerland, which regularly gets on the list of the best and prestigious institutions where you can get education in hotel management, restaurant business and tourism. The educational programs are held in 2 languages - English and French. Each year, the school learns about 1,200 students, both foreign students and local residents. Le Roche business school has several branches: the main campus is located in the Swiss student city of Bluesch. Also, there is one in China (the city of Shanghai) and another one in Spain (the city of Marbella ). The university also cooperates with US universities in the city of Chicago, business schools in Australia (the city of Sydney and Leura), as well as with Jordan (the city of Amman). To date, the university has prepared and produced more than 12,000 young and skilled professionals who are currently working in one of these areas as employees or have implemented their business projects and give jobs to others. At the University of Les Roches, students receive unique theoretical and practical experience, as well as business skills that they will need to successfully implement career plans. The availability of qualifications for students can be confirmed through diplomas of a bachelor's or master's degree from the University of Le Roche.

Not less popular and prestigious is another Swiss university of hotel education - Glion. The campus of the university is located in the Swiss Riviera, or rather on the shores of Lake Geneva, next to one of the best resorts in the country. Each year, the University of Glion takes in the ranks of its students about 1,500 young people who come to Switzerland from more than 90 countries.

In this university students can pass any of the basic educational programs: bachelor's, master's (including MBA), postgraduate education, certification, summer courses and not only. In the business school with the students there are real professionals from the sphere of hotel business, management and tourism. One of the most important elements of the learning process is compulsory internship of students - usually 2-3 semesters of work in the staff of a really functioning organization (restaurant or hotel depending on specialization). In addition, in Glion, the student has a unique opportunity to change the specialty after the first semester - this is possible if the student has realized in six months of studying that the initially chosen profession is not quite suitable for him and he would like to change his specialization.

On the campus of the university there is also everything necessary for comfortable study and rest, from student dormitories and canteens to classrooms for various professions and sports facilities for physical exercise.

What you need to do in Glion or Le Roche

According to statistics, students of both universities already on the latest courses receive proposals for work from leading international companies, with which universities cooperate on internships for young professionals. Therefore, by the time the diploma is awarded, 85% of students at the Glion University or Les Roches school already receive one or more job offers.

After such optimistic indicators you are sure to be sure that it is in these educational institutions that you receive education in the sphere of tourism and hotel business. The conditions for admission to the leading tourist universities in Switzerland are approximately the same, and some additional nuances can be directly related to the faculty or specialty. So, to apply, the future student must meet certain requirements and have the following documents:

  • age from 17 years
  • a certificate of secondary education or a diploma of first higher education (depending on which education is the first or second)
  • language certificate of the IELTS or TOEFL sample
  • the essay on what educational goals the candidate is pursuing
  • characteristics of the student on behalf of teachers
  • medical certificate.

Tuition fees at the universities of the restaurant business and tourism in Switzerland

The price of study in both higher educational institutions, mentioned earlier, is formed on the basis of several indicators: it is a curriculum (annual or weekly), residence in a residence (2-bed rooms), meals in a full board (3 times a day), teaching materials, uniform and not only.

On average, to study for one year in each of these universities, the student will need from 50,000 Swiss ₣ to 80,000 Swiss ₣. In addition, a registration fee of 250 Swiss ₣ is paid. This cost also does not include the cost of tickets and visa.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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