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Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Address: 12666 72 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2M8, Canada

Description Kwantlen Polytechnic University

  • Founded: in 1981
  • Location: Vancouver (+ suburbs), British Columbia, Canada
  • Total number of students: 18-19 thousand people
  • Type of training: joint (mixed)
  • Language of instruction: English.

The Canadian state university Kwantlen Polytechnic University (Kwantlen Polytechnic University) is considered young enough - it was founded in 1981, but for 35 years of work it managed to earn a great reputation and fame all over the world. Initially, the departments of the university worked as part of the Douglas College: Kwantlen College, it became in 1981, and received university status in 2008 (by now it has expanded by 36% compared to the original size!).

He has four large campuses in Vancouver and its closest suburbs, and among the founders are members of the Government of British Columbia. Today Kwantlen Polytechnic University is deservedly considered the leader of professional and innovative education, offers a wide range of programs and directions, actively works in international student exchange and interdisciplinary education. In fact, this is the only Polytechnic University of Canada, that is, a university that successfully and consistently combines academic and applied (practical-oriented) training.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University has the following educational programs:

  • preparation for admission (for graduates of the senior classes)
  • diploma course (biennial)
  • program for obtaining a professional certificate (one-year)
  • full-time bachelor's degree (4 years)
  • postgraduate education, refresher courses.

Main faculties and institutes of KPU:

  • Art (Faculty of Arts)
  • Business (School of Business)
  • Design (Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design)
  • Working professions, crafts and technology (Faculty of Trades and Technology)
  • Health (Faculty of Health)
  • Natural Sciences and Horticulture (Faculty of Science and Horticulture)
  • Academic and career growth (Faculty of Academic and Career Advancement).

Often students are transferred to other specialties after the 1-3 courses or they receive a double specialty - such academic universality and horizons significantly increase their value in the world labor market, make them really popular and specialists.

The Polytechnic University of Kwantlen deservedly takes pride in its unique courses:

  • specialist in Chinese folk medicine
  • degree in beekeeping (since 2017)
  • graphic design in the field of marketing (the only one in Canada!)
  • Design and technology of clothing (the only one in the western part of the country)
  • fashion design (only 2 options in all of Canada)
  • journalism (nowhere else in the Vancouver region), etc.

The original and effective format of the Kwantlen training emphasizes the constant practical application of theoretical knowledge. Students regularly attend internships and internships (many are paid), work in laboratories, and also use offers from the "Field Schools". This is a system of part-time student exchange - students can live and learn for several weeks in different countries and different educational institutions:

  • Summer Business School with the University of Applied Sciences in Munich (Munich, Germany)
  • Summer Business School with the University of Applied Sciences of North-West Switzerland (Basel, Switzerland)
  • Field school for ecologists, biologists, ethnographers (Amazon region, Colombia)
  • training in food security (Cuba)
  • art exhibitions (Paris, France and Kassel, Germany)
  • internship (paid) at the University of Applied Sciences in Regensburg (Regensburg, Germany) and much, much more.

The teaching staff of Quantlan includes more than 1600 professionals, 250 of which are actively and constantly engaged in research of world significance.

Programs and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Program name
from 8 300 $CAD / semester

Bachelor's program

  • Age of students: 17-18 years
  • Duration: 4 academic years (beginning in September).
  • The basic program of higher education is what you need to start a career and a professional career. KPU offers the widest choice of specialties and directions:

  • Anthropology
  • Asian cultures
  • History and Culture of Canada
  • Professional Counseling
  • Creative Writing
  • Criminology
  • Economy
  • English
  • Journalism
  • Music
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • art
  • Political science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology.
  • Business Unit:

  • Accounting and Audit
  • Leadership in the field of entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources and Human Resources Management
  • Marketing and management
  • PR
  • Business Administration
  • Business Management
  • Scientific unit:

  • biology
  • chemistry
  • physics
  • course of general sciences (General Science)
  • mathematics
  • geography
  • applied psychology
  • engineering.
  • Block design (including landscape):

  • fashionable design and technology
  • graphic design for marketing
  • product design and brand management
  • interior
  • Foundation program
  • fashion marketing
  • urban ecosystems
  • plant growing
  • greenhouse structures
  • landscape
  • design of lawns and other natural surfaces.
  • Often students are transferred to other specialties after the 1-3 courses or they receive a double specialty - such academic universality and horizons significantly increase their value in the world labor market, make them really popular and specialists.

    The progress in KPU is assessed on the recruited academic credits (credit units) - one loan per item costs 572 $ CAD. On average, tuition at the university costs $ 8,300 CAD per semester (half the academic year).

    from 8 300 $CAD / semester

    Courses in obtaining a certificate / Diploma of university level

  • Age of students: 17-18 years
  • Age of students: 18 years and older
  • Duration: 2 academic years (beginning in September).
  • A special program of "primary" higher education will allow you to start working (usually from the lowest positions of the labor market) or try yourself in several areas and sectors. The certificate can be obtained for a year, a diploma - for two years: this is enough to form a stable basis of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

    Choosing a two-year program, students often stop on the course Associate Degree: it makes it easy to transfer immediately to the third year of the undergraduate degree, provided that the selected specialties coincide. You can choose directions from the following list:

  • Business
  • Trade and technology
  • Art
  • art
  • Music
  • Journalism
  • Design (including landscape).
  • Of course, this list is far from as detailed and diverse as that of the Bachelor's programs, but it gives students the opportunity to determine the priority direction of professional development, to try themselves in this or that field of science - and to complete the higher education program in a narrower specialty.

    The progress in KPU is assessed on the recruited academic credits (credit units) - one loan per item costs 572 $ CAD. On average, tuition at the university costs $ 8,300 CAD per semester (half the academic year).

    Check with

    English Language Courses English Language Studies Diploma Program (ELST)

    A special language course will be useful primarily to foreigners who need to quickly and effectively improve their language skills for successful study abroad. However, at the ELST, sometimes British, Canadians and other representatives of English-speaking countries come to tighten academic English and work more easily in a professional environment, using the correct terminology.

    The program aims to improve academic English to build a career or study at a professional university course: the course ends with the passing of a TOEFL or IELTS certificate (optional). There are 4 levels of ELST in total - each takes 14 weeks. ELST is similar to other programs from educational loans: each costs about $ 500 CAD, but the necessary quantity for the successful completion of training is determined individually.

    Accommodation and food

    The University takes care of its clients (especially foreigners) and helps with finding the best place for living. Since the university does not possess its residences, students are invited to take places:

    • In the host family (excellent language practice, comfortable environment, contact with representatives of national culture and customs)
    • In a rented apartment or room (you can individually, you can together with other classmates).

    On average, a month of residence during studies requires 400-850 $ CAD, depending on the chosen option (location, remoteness from the center, comfort level and services, etc.).

    Subjects, specialties

    Subjects list: Access Programs for People With Disabilities, Accounting (BA), Adult upgrading, Anthropology BA, Appliance Servicing, Arts, Asian Studies, Automotive Service Technician, Biology (BSc), Brewing and Brewery Operations, Business (CPS), Business administrative, Business manager, Cannabis professional series, Carpentry / Building Construction, Chemistry BSc, Commercial Beekeeping Program, Compiling, Computer Aided Design and Drafting, Education assistant, English Language Studies, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Farrier training, Fashion Design & Technology, Good beginnings, Health Foundations, Indigenous Community Justice, Interdisciplinary Policy Studies MPhil / PhD, Mathematics BSc, Metal Fabrication / Fitter, Millwright / Industrial Mechanic, NGOs & Nonprofit Studies, Parts, Warehousing, Logistics and Distribution, Plant health, Plumbing and piping, Political Science BA, Power line technician, Product Design (BA), Professional Pest Management, Psychiatric nursing, Psychology (BSc), Public relations, Public Safety Communications, Qualifying Studies, Sociology BA, Sustainable Agriculture, Technical Management and Services, Trades (CPS), Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture, Urban Ecosystems, Water & wastewater, Welding

    Events Kwantlen Polytechnic University

    The university pays much attention to the sports development of its wards - 6 teams of practically professional level are constantly performing at regional and national competitions, and the most popular destinations are:

    • basketball
    • badminton
    • football
    • swimming
    • volleyball.

    It is worth noting and a separate Career Center: it helps to find a place for internships or practice, correctly draw up a resume and find a permanent place after graduation, is engaged in vocational guidance and helps to create an optimal curriculum for a successful and fast career in the future.


    • one of the largest universities in British Columbia
    • more than 124 effective training programs: preparatory, main courses of higher education, postgraduate programs and professional development
    • 4 large, superbly equipped campus: the latest modern equipment (the technical department has even received a profile prestigious LEED Gold certificate), large libraries, own sites for biological research and plant work
    • the availability of unique courses - for example, Chinese traditional medicine (KPU is the only one in British Columbia to conduct such a program), the degree of beekeeping (from 2017)
    • the highest level of student approval: 94% of graduates positively assess their learning experience, are ready to recommend KPU to their friends and would like to come back here again
    • constant practical training, training, workshops, industrial-oriented programs
    • individual approach, small groups, assistance from qualified mentors, tutors
    • wide opportunities for national and international student exchange
    • pupils can earn additionally during the education, pass paid internships
    • The Career and Career Center provides a very high level of successful employment: 90% of graduates find a permanent job in the first 2-3 months after receiving the diploma. It is Kwantlen Polytechnic University that is considered the largest employer of its region
    • more than 19 thousand students, many of whom are foreigners.

    Equipment Kwantlen Polytechnic University

    In a single region there are 4 large campuses, which form the basis of Kwantlen Polytechnic University:

    1. Cloverdale Campus

    The main campus, specializing in technology and trade programs, the automotive industry, design assembly and installation.

    2. Langley Campus

    It differs in its architectural style: it is a kingdom for students of the direction "Biology", "Botany" and others related to nature and ecology. Here are located huge laboratories, greenhouses and greenhouses, fields for gardening, experimental sites for landscape design, special areas for the study of land resources.

    Additionally, this campus offers ample opportunities for creative development: music classes and rehearsal rooms can accommodate both a duo of musicians and a full-fledged orchestra.

    3. Richmond Campus

    Located in the suburbs of Vancouver campus (half an hour to the city center) stands out for its non-standard, modern architecture and technical support. Computer labs with the latest technology, innovative software and a separate unit for design, modeling and tailoring studios - this is what the students of Richmond Campus use as their main advantages.

    4. Surrey Campus

    Another campus in the suburbs is the citadel of business directions and IT, as well as medicine and art. Here pupils can study in the newest medical laboratories and practical classrooms, use state-of-the-art equipment: optical microscopes, several spectrometers (including atomic absorption), professional centrifuges and gas chromatographs, etc. Surrey Campus also operates as the main administrative office and boasts the largest library in KPU.

    Each campus is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable and productive learning:

    • student cafes
    • cozy sitting rooms for relaxation and beautiful patios
    • quiet reading rooms with office equipment and computers, Wi-Fi
    • parking (including bicycles)
    • libraries: in total in KPU more than 100 databases of electronic publications and more than 190 thousand printed copies.

    Term dates and fees

    The progress in KPU is estimated by the amount of academic credits (credit units) - one loan on the subject of 572 $ CAD. On average, tuition at the university costs $ 8,300 CAD per semester (half the academic year). The indicated cost is not included and is paid additionally:

    • Registration fee
    • Examination Boards
    • Deposit for tuition
    • Accommodation and meals (about 8000 $ CAD per year)
    • Additional academic and language classes (optional)
    • Additional leisure activities and excursions (optional)
    • Air tickets in both directions
    • Transfer in both directions
    • Compulsory medical insurance
    • Personal pocket expenses
    • Visa fees and services, translation and certification of documents
    • Consular fee (paid at the Embassy).

    Entry requirements and extra fees how to apply, what is required to enrol

    All incoming to KPU must meet the following requirements:

    • be over 17 years old
    • excellent knowledge of English: IELTS certificates (from 6.0-6.5 depending on the program) and TOEFL iBT (from 80 and above) / TOEFL (from 550 and above) are accepted as confirmation
    • it is good to recommend themselves in previous educational institutions: it will be useful to provide letters of recommendation, a description, previous tables with grades and a list of subjects studied.


    Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

    Kwantlen Polytechnic University reviews

    Recommendations on when to apply

    Language courses, schools and children's language camps Primary and secondary education - private schools Preparation programmes for entering universities - higher education Higher education (after completing accredited programs A-level, IB, High School) - Bachelor, Master, MBA
    - we recommend to apply 6-9 months before the start of the course (some camps and schools offer discounts for early booking or for lengthy study programs)
    - there are some very popular and high demand children's camps, where the applications need to be submitted 1 year in advance (in particular Switzerland , Great Britain , USA , Canada , Austria)
    - we recommend to apply one year before the start of the training program,
    - some schools have a specific time frame (September-November - please specify an individual school)
    - some schools require tests in several stages (UKISET, internal tests of the school: English, mathematics, logics, subjects, interview, some require a personal visit)
    - we recommend to apply one year before the start of the program,
    - for Foundation and Pathway programs, IELTS and TOEFL certificates are usually required, respectively

    - recommended submission one year before the start of the program,
    - the deadline normally closes in January, for TOP HEIs and, as a rule, in March in other universities
    - for a bachelor, a Foundation or Pathway preparatory program a completed A-level, IB, High School + IELTS / TOEFL are required
    - for Masters you need a graduated higher education, in some cases you need a pre-Masters program
    - MBA requires completed higher education, work experience preferably at least 2-3 years, etc.
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