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How to prepare for OGE in English

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How to prepare for OGE in English

In addition to international examinations, there are also Russian formats for English language testing, one of the most popular among which is the OGE.

The OGE is usually taken by students in grade 9 of the secondary school. Like international testing, the OGE exam tests not only the general level of the English language, but also knowledge of its structure, features, subtleties, readiness for numerous exam "traps" and tricks. The successful passing of the OGE exam will require a high-level student to have all the basic language skills:

  • Reading
  • Listening (listening to speech)
  • Written language
  • Speaking (spoken English)

Structure of the OGE

The exam consists of 2 parts, which includes assignments for all 4 language skills:

  • Written part (listening, reading and analyzing the text, writing - usually this is "Letter to a friend", grammar of the English language)
  • Oral (reading the text and its retelling or answering questions By content, a monologue for a given topic, a dialogue with the examiner).

Here you can learn about the preparation and other testing:

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