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How to get higher education in Europe without good foreign language proficiency for foreign students

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How to get higher education in Europe without good foreign language proficiency for foreign students

Many people are used to thinking that for a journey through Europe, and even more so in a college or university, to get higher education in Europe , it is imperative to have at least one foreign language. This stereotype often stops those who want to get a high-quality education. In fact, today it is quite possible to go abroad with an educational goal without the knowledge of languages. Opportunities for study for Russian students are offered by several countries. One of them isGermany , attracting foreigners by the ratio of price and quality of training.

Educational institutions in Germany

The popularity of the leading EU country among Russian students is explained by two factors: the opportunities for obtaining education of the world standards and prospects. Graduates of universities can legally work and live in Germany.

In the country, several categories of educational institutions were opened for foreign students. The programs of each of them are at an affordable cost. To get an education of a certain level, foreign students in Germany can:

  • in universities, polytechnic institutes and academies - the cost of semester training in them rarely exceeds 600 euros
  • at preparatory departments universities - here, on average 600 euro per semester, you can learn German and improve knowledge of the subjects that are planned to continue to study at the university;
  • in Studienkolleg- this profile educational institution offers programs that allow the Russian secondary school certificate to be aligned with the German Abitur; The emphasis in teaching is on the German language and profile disciplines, the direction the student chooses independently;
  • in the language school - the educational institution is oriented towards those who want to improve their knowledge German, develop the skills necessary for effective education in the university. Language programs in Germany differ in terms of load intensity, specificity, subject matter, cost (from 180 to 3000 per month).

The scheme of admission to the university for an applicant who does not know the language

In Germany, anyone who wishes to obtain a higher education but does not speak German at a sufficient level for admission to a university or institute level, can take the following path:

  • language courses. Their duration depends on the abilities of the student, the intensity - on his ability and desire to focus on achieving the goal. On average Russian students study on language programs for 4-6 months.
  • preparatory university courses. You can apply for them, having reached the level of language A2. The duration of the program usually does not exceed 1 semester.
  • passing a language test for admission to a university or an institution.

It is worth considering the level of basic academic training. For graduates of Russian schools wishing to undergo studies in Europe , the second step to entering a German university will be a one-year study at Studienkolleg. Also, in addition to the language test, an assessment (TestAS) may be required.

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