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2019-09-26 00:17:02

Hellbrunn Palace and Park Complex

Hellbrunn Palace and Park Complex

The city of Salzburg is one of the points for a mandatory stop of tourists while traveling in Austria. The key attraction of the city is the Helbrunn Palace and Park complex, literally translated it means "clean source". The complex consists of many objects spread over 60 hectares: the key place is the palace. It is luxurious and incredibly rich: the Archbishop of Salzburg, who founded Helbrunn, spared no money from the treasury and ordered the use of the most beautiful and expensive materials and elements to equip the complex.

History and features of Helbrunn

  1. 1613-1619 - the construction of the palace, acting as a summer residence
  2. 1621 - the opening of the stone theater in the cleft of the mountain
  3. The middle of the 18th century - the reconstruction of the park and the construction of several amazing objects on its territory
  4. 1750 - the construction of a mechanical theater, surprising with its originality to this day.

During the construction of the palace and a small hunting castle nearby, examples of the works of Rome and Venice were used: frescoes, stucco moldings and other elements were borrowed from the rich houses of Italy. The materials used were the most expensive and the best.

The facade of the palace has a yellowish color with blue accents, in front of the palace is a huge area, and around it is a park: after reconstruction in the 18th century, it gained a rich look with a strict landscape design. In addition to flowers and other plants, tourists will appreciate a number of interesting structures:

  • fountains
  • grottoes
  • sculptures
  • pavilions.

In the park there is a grotto of Neptune with a fountain of a thousand jets and a wet dining table.

A mechanical theater still operates in one corner of the park: performances are shown using 256 wooden figures, driven by a hydraulic system. This theater even has a water organ that fills the performance with a special medieval atmosphere.

The interior of the palace is luxurious: ceiling murals, columns, painted walls and tapestries. The 17th century frescoes are located in the Music Hall, and furniture items from the 17-18th centuries are installed in the rooms.

Tourist info

Allow at least 3 hours to visit Helbrunn in order to have time to admire all the unique parts of the complex. Admission: 12.5 € for an adult, 5.5 € for children under 18 years. There are discounts on buying family tickets, and with the Salzburg Card you can visit the complex for free.

Interesting Facts

  • There are no bedrooms in the rooms of the palace - the residence was used exclusively in the summer, the archbishop returned to spend the night in Salzburg.
  • Helbrunn Stone Theater is Europe's oldest open theater stage.
  • In August, a festival is held annually at the Stone Theater.


The object belongs to the palaces.

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