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Public Schools in France

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Public Schools in France

France, like any other European country, pays much attention to its educational system. Students - both French and foreign citizens - appreciate the complexity of the French approach, strong linguistic training, comfortable learning and living conditions and, of course, valuable diplomas that open up ample opportunities for further training (for example, on a master's or doctoral degree) or building a successful career . Of course, the education system in France differs significantly from the Russian one, but if you decided to send your child to a French school, the first question that should be decided is whether to choose a private or state institution.

What is the difference between public schools and private schools?

Tuition fees in public schools are much lower - this makes them more accessible and profitable. As a general rule, general secondary education is generally provided free of charge, you will only have to cover the costs of staying during training. Many Russian parents choose boarding schools: they provide the child with comfortable living, regular meals and control his safety (as children live directly on campus), but it costs only 1000-2000 euros per year (while private boarding houses can charge a fee 15-16 thousand euros per year).

One of the features of studying in a public school in France is the need for a guardian. There are special guardianship agencies (they must be officially registered, cooperate with the chosen school), and this service is provided to school administrations.

When choosing a school, we recommend that you focus on official ratings: what is the percentage of students who successfully pass exams at different levels, how high is the academic achievement in general, how many graduates enter universities, lyceums and higher schools. Contact us - and Smapse will help you choose the best option for you, prepare documents, tell you about the peculiarities of life and study in France.

How do I enroll in a public school, will my child be accepted?

As a rule, enrollment in public schools in France is free, there are no restrictions and quotas for foreigners. Registration in the guardian agency, a motivation letter, which details the reasons why the child should study at this school, will be required - after that you will receive an invitation for an interview. Also, each applicant should be tested for knowledge of the French language and demonstrate a sufficient level of knowledge in the main subjects of the school curriculum - please take care of the language and subject preparation in advance.

What prospects await us in the future?

Foreigners who have completed the French secondary school receive the same matriculation certificate as French citizens. He gives an opportunity to get a higher education in any university in France or enter the universities of Europe, the US and other countries, in the future to build a successful career in the international community. Studying in a public school since childhood, the student will not have any language barrier, will be able to communicate in French completely freely, which, of course, is a weighty advantage.

Here are some examples of French public schools in which we enroll:
1) Lycée Louis Querbes
2) Collège Saint Joseph
3) Lycée Sainte Agnès
4) Lycée Sainte Marie
5) Lycée Saint Joseph
6) Lycée Bourg Chevreau St Anne
7) Lycée Blanche de Castille . [ 999.38]

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