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Ferdinandeum: a testament to the luxury and wealth of Tyrol

Ferdinandeum: a testament to the luxury and wealth of Tyrol

Ferdinandeum is the state museum of the Tyrol region, known for its rich exhibits from around the world: visitors can learn about the history of the region, get acquainted with the rare exhibits collected by the rulers of Austria, and other thematic halls dedicated to different periods and different regions are opened. If you are traveling in Austria and visited Innsbruck, be sure to take the time to tour Ferdinandum: it has a special atmosphere and many fascinating stories that are interesting for both adults and children.

Museum History

Ferdinandum was founded in 1823 and named after Archduke Ferdinand - he began he began to assemble a collection of objects and historical monuments that told in detail about the region. One of the main goals of the museum was the preservation of historical documents. The museum gained popularity and expanded every year: over time, collections of medieval weapons, fossils of ancient animals, and the first photographs of Innsbruck appeared here. In 2003, exhibition spaces were added to the museum. In 2007, Ferdinandeum became part of the Association of Tyrol Museums.

Museum Collections

The museum has thousands of exhibits, divided into 7 separate rooms:

  • Prehistoric finds
  • Romanesque art
  • Dutch music instrument collection
  • History of Tyrol
  • Historical findings
  • Scientific and technological breakthrough in the region
  • A collection of works by Dutch artists.

Visiting Ferdinandum, you can see the fossils of a mammoth, prints of ancient plants, household items and weapons. Here are marble statues from the time of the Roman Empire, religious manuscripts, military tools of the medieval era.

The museum has a large number of Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance books, furniture, household accessories, weapons. In the room with musical instruments are stored objects that were played by famous composers, for example, Jacob Steiner. In the picturesque collection are the masterpieces of Brueghel, Rembrandt, Cranach Sr., Van Dyck, Klimt and so on. The book room offers dozens of rare ancient manuscripts and letters, books on the history of Tyrol.

Entrance ticket to the museum costs 11 € for adults, 8 € for children. You can purchase a family ticket for 23 € - it allows 2 adults and 3 children to enter. The ticket price includes an audio guide.

Interesting Facts

  • Ferdinandeum - one of the oldest museums in the world
  • Not working on mondays
  • A number of exhibits are 30,000 years old.


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