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CETT - University of Barcelona

Address: 38 ,, Av. de Can Marcet, 36, 08035 Barcelona, Spain

Description CETT - University of Barcelona

  • Established: 1450
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Students age: from 18 years.
  • Language of instruction: English, Spanish, Catalan
  • Type of study: state university.

CETT - University of Barcelona - School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy of the University of Barcelona, offering 4-year undergraduate programs in tourism with teaching in English, specializing in tourism management, hotel management or digital tourism management, as well as a 4-year undergraduate degree in culinary and gastronomic sciences with teaching in Spanish and selected English courses. Four master's programs with teaching in English include hotel management courses specializing in food, drinks, and a master's in business tourism management with a specialization in event organization.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in CETT - University of Barcelona

Program name

Bachelor's Degree in Culinary & Gastronomic Sciences

  • 4 courses (240 ECTS)
  • Spanish, English, Catalan.

Intercollegiate Degree (UB-UPC) includes the study of culinary, gastronomic sciences with the participation of the Alicia Foundation. This is the first inter-university degree in culinary and gastronomic sciences, which is conducted by two state universities in Spain - the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). The course offers high educational standards to meet the needs of the culinary, gastronomic sector, contributes to study and research.

This course is an important new educational axis related to food processing, health, nutrition technologies, tourism, hospitality, gastronomy. It offers a curriculum that includes the study of culinary, gastronomic sciences, provides society, the food industry, and the restaurant business with the necessary professional profiles to solve new problems.

Bachelor's degree in tourism

  • 4 courses (240 ECTS)
  • Morning / Afternoon Group (Intense)
  • Spanish, English, Catalan
  • Specialization: tourism, digital tourism, business management, a bachelor's degree in tourism, hotel management, a bachelor's degree in tourism, tourism management.

Tourism is one of the engines of the global economy, generating employment and determining the welfare of the whole society. A high level of quality of work in the tourism sector is ensured by university education: specialized knowledge, the basis for innovation and growth, qualified specialists, which contribute to increasing the level of competitiveness within the industry.

The program is approved and fully adapted to the requirements of the new European space. CETT-UB takes into account the interdisciplinary nature of the many opportunities offered for professional development. The course provides comprehensive training in the field of tourism, allows you to consider and understand tourism from a global and international point of view, integrates the development of the necessary skills necessary for future tourism and hotel managers.

Students practice in the creation, production, promotion of tourism products, hotel services, learn to use cultural and territorial resources to develop proposals that meet the needs of tourists.

This course allows students to choose between three specializations: hotel management, tourism management and digital tourism, business management. The subjects and goals of these courses correspond to the main strategic objectives of the sector, and a flexible program allows students to formulate their own curriculum according to their interests and motives.

Bachelor's Degree in Tourism | Hotel management

  • 4 courses (240 ECTS)
  • Morning / afternoon group (intensive)
  • Spanish, English, Catalan
  • Specialization: tourism.

The Bachelor of Hotel Management provides specific knowledge in the field of hotel management. Students will be able to choose subjects that cover different areas of international hotel management. The curriculum provides comprehensive training, integrates the development of the necessary skills needed by managers for tourism and hotel business.

Participants will study the creation, production, promotion of tourism products, tourism services and hotels, explore cultural and territorial resources to develop proposals that meet the needs of tourists looking for new experiences and emotions.

Bachelor's Degree in Tourism | Tourism management

  • 4 courses (240 ECTS)
  • Morning / afternoon group (intensive)
  • Spanish, English, Catalan.

The tourism management course allows you to acquire the knowledge, methods, tools necessary for effective planning, tourism management, development of tourism and intermediary business.

The course allows you to acquire the skills necessary to create a tourist experience, their communication, marketing, sustainable management of tourist destinations and organizations at the social, cultural, economic, environmental level.

Students can enroll in the subjects of this course at the beginning of the third year of study after acquiring basic knowledge related to the tourism sector.

Bachelor's Degree in Tourism | Digital Tourism Business Management

  • 4 courses (240 ECTS)
  • Morning / afternoon group (intensive)
  • Spanish, English, Catalan.

The bachelor's program in digital tourism allows students to acquire the skills necessary to manage a digital business, create travel products and services based on the technical development and digitalization of companies in the sector.

Students will study the main innovative tools and processes from a theoretical and practical point of view, by applying them in real projects. Students can enroll in the subjects of this course at the beginning of the third year of study.

Bachelor's degree in tourism

  • 4 years (240 ECTS)
  • Morning group
  • English.

Participants in the Bachelor's degree in Tourism course will learn English, the fundamental language of tourism, and gain basic knowledge of geography, economics, psychology, and mathematics. In some cases, CETT-UB offers introductory courses if students did not attend basic subjects before entering a university. Participants should be ready to work in a dynamic sector where initiative, ability to work with people is appreciated. The course will allow you to master the skills related to leadership, teamwork, project management.

Catering Management - from 6983 €

  • 1 year (60 ECTS)
  • Spanish, Catalan.

The catering sector, as part of the restaurant industry, is the fastest growing in recent years. The program educates managers / specialists of a changing market, develops a new management style adapted to various market groups: healthcare, education, business, restaurant industry.

More and more people prefer to have lunch and dinner outside the house, so ensuring a healthy diet, a high-quality and varied menu, and improving product quality is of great importance.

This master's course examines the key factors of a successful business: food quality, price, security, cost control, supplier management, key management skills for the correct development, implementation of new products.

Hotel Management (Spanish Version) - from 8350 €

  • 1 year (60 ECTS)
  • Spanish, Catalan.

The tourism sector is a key area of socio-economic development in Spain: the hotel sector is the cornerstone of tourism, which has expanded significantly in recent years. The product life cycle is getting shorter, customers are demonstrating an increasingly high level of demand, the sector constantly needs professionals trained to work in an ever-developing market, able to adopt modern management styles in more complex organizations with a growing tendency to concentrate.

In order to prepare the best hotel business professionals, CETT-UB presents a master's program in hotel management and catering management and practice based on its own travel companies, including the four-star Alimara Hotel: the first Catalan hotel to receive the Certificate of Guaranteed Hospitality Environment Quality Certificate.

The course issues first-class hospitality managers, applies a training methodology that includes such techniques as group dynamics, role-playing games, outdoor training, and coaching.

Events Management - from 7320 €

  • Duration: 1 course (60 ECTS)
  • Languages: Spanish, Catalan
  • Specialization: business tourism management.

The tourism industry has changed significantly over the past decades due to the diversification of various types of events, their growing complexity, global scale, and the impact on overall marketing strategies. Companies began to realize the potential of this industry and use them as an advertising tool, the key to building a recognizable brand. This master's program teaches participants how to manage all kinds of events, understanding the issues of development, planning, and the skills to use them as a marketing and communication tool.

Digital Tourism Marketing - from 7320 €

  • Duration: 1 course (60 ECTS)
  • Languages: Spanish, Catalan
  • Specialization: business tourism management.

The conditions of globalization of the global economy have made technology and tourism the two fastest growing sectors, which creates an unprecedented opportunity for the development of enterprises, institutions, tourism destinations, as well as the growing demand for qualified specialists from both areas of knowledge. Today, tourism organizations are faced with the task of introducing new information and communication technologies, developing new management and marketing models to enhance their competitiveness. The task of e-tourism is to combine traditional marketing methods with the most advanced solutions, among which the Internet plays an important role. The program will allow specialists to obtain the basic skills necessary to influence the technological development of the company, and to receive the following qualifications:

  • Digital marketing manager
  • UX specialist (user experience)
  • SEO expert
  • Community manager
  • Web Data Analyst.

Responsible and Sustainable Tourism - from 6650 €

  • Duration: 1 course (60 ECTS)
  • Languages: Spanish, Catalan
  • Specialization: business tourism management.

The growing competitiveness of the tourism industry, which is becoming one of the main driving forces of the global economy every day, requires increasing customer satisfaction. Optimization and use of resources creates business benefits, prepares tourism business management specialists based on a customer-oriented approach, capable of continuous learning. CETT-UB has developed a strategic business management program, the purpose of which is to create a comprehensive model for training future managers, constantly improving content, and gaining practical experience.

CETT-UB operates its own tourism businesses, including the four-star Alimara Hotel, which allows students to practice their skills.

Tourism Management of Urban Destinations - from € 5,820

  • Duration: 1 course (60 ECTS)
  • Languages spanish
  • Specialization: innovative tourism management.

The goal of the program is to train specialists in urban tourism management. Today, urban destinations have become the main focus of tourist flows: both small cities and large cities offer a wide variety of services for travelers. Cities such as New York, Paris, London, Istanbul, Barcelona or Rio de Janeiro have become symbols, tourist attractions. The city is a big stage where a monumental architectural heritage is combined with cultural wealth, the opportunity to explore the lifestyle of another country. The city becomes a meeting place where a tourist can survive a lot of impressions and emotions in a very short time. This is the focus of museums, cultural centers, art events of all kinds, an ideal structure for holding congresses, political, professional, corporate meetings. The city combines business, shopping, the industry of beauty, health, gastronomy, and becomes the frame of a wide variety of impressions.

Tourism Management of Culinary and Gastronomic Heritage - from € 5,820

  • Duration: 1 course (60 ECTS)
  • Languages spanish
  • Specialization: innovative tourism management.

Gastronomy as an activity, a system of knowledge, techniques used in the field of public catering, gastronomy as a complex cultural phenomenon have become the object of interdisciplinary study in recent years.

Modern society needs professionals who understand the gastronomic phenomenon as an opportunity for innovation and creativity, people trained to respond to changes in the world of food, to perceive models of cooking and its consumption. The course is based on the concept of gastronomic heritage, increasing the economic and social importance of gastronomy as a resource for regional development and tourism.

The master's degree in culinary, gastronomic heritage implements an approach to the study of these phenomena from an interdisciplinary point of view, includes knowledge of the environment, social sciences, technical and scientific disciplines that help to understand the basics of culinary practice as a combination of methods, knowledge, gastronomy in their widest social and cultural measurement.

The course content is organized around two main axes, complementing each other and related to the needs, expected professional opportunities: on the one hand, the technical and cultural aspects of cooking, and on the other, the modernization and tourist promotion of the gastronomic heritage.

Tourism Management of Natural and Cultural Heritage - from 5,820 €

  • Duration: 1 course (60 ECTS)
  • Languages spanish
  • Specialization: management of innovative tourism.

Culture and relaxation, with the right combination, will become one of the main types of economic activity in the near future. Cultural tourism is an unrivaled meeting place between the tourism, cultural sectors, the private or public sector. This is a new social business reality regarding the potential of natural and cultural heritage, which enhances the convenience of opening the specialization channels necessary to meet the new needs of the sector.

Postgraduate degree in Wedding & Social Event Management - from 3800 €

  • Duration: 5 months (30 ECTS)
  • Opening hours: 750 hours
  • Languages: Spanish.

CETT-UB's Master in Wedding Planning is an online course that teaches you how to organize weddings and social events, taking into account the latest trends.

The program is divided into six modules:

  1. The first module considers various types of religious rites, social events, protocols that exist in the world, introduces the work of the events sector in Spain (the main fairs of the wedding sector, organizing companies), forms an idea of social events that are gaining popularity (children's parties, graduations, engagement, etc.).
  2. The second module considers topics related to the psychology of the client, the design of events (storyboard, creating a mood board, color palettes), conflict resolution.
  3. The third module focuses on the study of various marketing strategies, will help you understand how to grow your business.
  4. The fourth and fifth modules teach the success of an event or wedding. Thanks to time management, budget, protocol (including seating plans, features of gala dinners) you can professionally plan all types of exclusive events.
  5. The sixth module is devoted to the development of a project for completing the course: participants will work in a real professional situation (developing a proposal, business plan, marketing and communication plan).

Postgraduate degree in Revenue Management and Digital Marketing

  • Modality: online
  • Duration: 1 course (30 ECTS)
  • Languages: Spanish.

The CETT-UB course in revenue management and digital marketing allows you to learn how to effectively optimize the income from launching a tourism product while guaranteeing better customer service. The 16-week course is held twice a year and consists of three modules:

  • The first considers the basic elements of revenue management: how to set prices for tourist accommodation services based on market demand, correctly apply key methods of sales, distribution.
  • The second module is devoted to the interdisciplinary issues of business administration and management (IT management tools, online distribution, reputation, customer loyalty). Students will learn key strategies that directly affect effective revenue management (optimal financial management, special income management software, etc.).
  • The third module opens the world of digital marketing: SEM, SEO, working with email newsletters, remarketing, using modern digital tools that develop specific actions and campaigns, following various strategies across several channels (social networks), search engines). Participants will develop a digital marketing plan that increases the efficiency of the travel business.

Upon successful completion of the revenue management and digital marketing program, graduates receive a CETT diploma recognized by the University of Barcelona (UB).

Food and Beverage Management - from 5698 €

  • 1 year (60 ECTS)
  • English
  • Formal Qualification: Power Management.

The catering sector is the fastest growing part of the restaurant industry, so the Food and Beverage Management course offers training for managers / specialists in a changing market, establishing new management styles adapted to various market groups: healthcare, education, business, restaurant industry.

Every day, more and more people eat outside the home, so ensuring a healthy diet, a quality and varied menu is of great importance. The program answers the challenges and opportunities of the commercial restaurant industry, considers the key factors for business success: quality, price, security, cost control, supplier management, and forms key management skills among participants.

A team of lecturers, consisting of professors and experts in the restaurant industry, the best companies in the catering sector, guarantees innovative knowledge and effective practice.

Hotel Management - from 10,175 €

  • Duration: 1 course (60 ECTS)
  • Languages: English
  • Specialization: hotel management.

For decades, the travel sector has become one of the key areas of socio-economic development of Spain, is the cornerstone of the country's economy. The life cycle of tourism products is getting shorter, the client is demonstrating a higher level of demand, and the sector constantly requires professionals trained in the emerging market, able to apply the modern management style of complex organizations with a growing tendency to concentrate. The training of professionals of this level became possible thanks to the master's program in hotel management and catering.

CETT-UB has its own travel companies, including the four-star Alimara Hotel, which allows future managers to practice while studying. The team of teachers includes first-class managers familiar with modern teaching methodologies: group dynamics, role-playing games, outdoor training, coaching.

Accommodation, housing and food

Students live in the student residence of Agora BCN University, which has all the necessary amenities: 193 rooms (100 single rooms, 89 double rooms, 4 rooms for people with disabilities). The city campus is an ideal place for young students, teachers, researchers. All objects are new: educational and recreational facilities, a multi-purpose living room, a wide range of services and equipment.

Single rooms are equipped with private bathrooms, air conditioning, heating, a separate working area with bookshelves, desks, free Internet access.

Double rooms for sharing are equipped with two beds, study areas, work desks, shelves, wardrobes. Private bathroom (for 2 people), air conditioning, heating with independent control, free high-speed Internet access, satellite TV, telephone.

Events CETT - University of Barcelona

CETT - University of Barcelona offers the Buddy Program, a social program for international students that develops:

  • Aquire soft skills: leadership, sustainability, proactivity, communication, emotional intelligence, listening skills, creativity
  • Learning a new language
  • Meet new people, other cultures
  • Volunteer experience, social service
  • Experience in organizing events based on CETT-UB.


  • High quality education is backed by 50 years of experience at CETT - University of Barcelona.
  • CETT relies on empowering students to work together on projects, building relationships outside the classroom, gaining mentoring experience, and practical workplace experience.
  • The campus has over 3,600 square meters. m, fully equipped with the latest technology.
  • Courses are taught by professionals with extensive experience.
  • The university encourages national and international exchanges through a network of partner companies.
  • CETT educates more than 550 foreign students from 53 countries.
  • The institution collaborates with the best companies in the industry, helping students achieve their professional goals.

Equipment CETT - University of Barcelona

The CETT building has applied technology classes, technical classes, kitchens, a resource center, staff rooms, and an administration area of 6720 m². Classrooms offer resources that inspire creativity, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit of the student community. Various workspaces allow developing professional skills of students, specialized knowledge, teamwork skills. On the lower floors, where the gastronomic classes are located, there is an English courtyard to improve the quality of ventilation and lighting systems.

  • Resource center is an interdisciplinary space that offers students a number of tools to strengthen, complete, expand training in accordance with their preferences, needs, and accessibility outside the usual class schedule. The center has various tools: multimedia archives, wireless connections, computer rooms, resources created or acquired by the CETT faculty and intended for self-study in the field of tourism and hospitality. The following facilities are available to students: a zone of new technologies, a language section, a tourist documentation center, a library, a computer room.
  • Restaurant classroom is a space that functions as a real restaurant and is designed to teach catering, study the trends in the culinary arts and hospitality sectors. The restaurant has the same characteristics as a real one, guaranteeing high quality service thanks to a team of experienced professionals who act as lecturers in the kitchens and office spaces.
  • The kitchen class is a space for teaching culinary art, new technologies, skills, and competencies of the future chef. The kitchen imitates a real gastronomic institution where young people will master the practical aspects of training programs as preparation for practice in one of the applied training programs or partner companies. Students learn the technology of cooking products included in the menu of a restaurant or cafeteria.
  • The preliminary training class allows you to apply the acquired knowledge when applying culinary concepts, techniques. This is a universal classroom where young people prepare ingredients that other students process in their classes. Lessons are held in the own space of the showroom, satisfying a variety of pedagogical needs, allowing the use of various teaching methodologies.

Other equipment:

  • Culinary workshop
  • Technical grade
  • Research and Innovation Class
  • Presentation room
  • Touch room
  • Cabinets sommelier
  • Computer rooms.

Scholarships CETT - University of Barcelona

CETT - University of Barcelona presents several types of scholarships:

  • Academic allows CETT senior students who show interest, academic, professional abilities, the opportunity to continue their studies in the field of tourism, hospitality, gastronomy, despite economic difficulties. In exceptional cases, applications from new students may be considered.
  • The academic scholarship is aimed at promoting the mobility of students, allowing them to pay for part of their studies abroad at one of the universities with which CETT UB has bilateral agreements working under the ERASMUS program.
  • International internships are aimed at promoting the mobility and interaction of graduates, allowing them to take internships that will help advance them on the path of their academic careers, and increase employment opportunities.
  • The Excellence Fellowship aims to promote and reward new students.


  • Entrepreneurship Project Competition
  • Prize for the best diploma project in the field of tourism
  • Prize for the best graduation project
  • Prize for the best high school tourism research project.

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