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TOP-7 prestigious language schools and colleges in Switzerland where foreign students can get high-quality preparation courses for language exams and tests

Education information

Nowadays, education in Switzerland is considered to be the most prestigious and high-quality. SMAPSE offers 7 best language schools and colleges in Switzerland that provide a wide range of preparation courses for international students. 

Switzerland is often chosen as the best destination for educational tourism, because it is a multinational country where foreign students can study  several languages ​​at the same time. The range of short-term and long-term courses is very large.

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Studying programs and courses in 7 best Swiss schools

To pass language exams in Switzerland, foreign students choose the appropriate preparation courses in 7 best Swiss language schools and colleges. Actually, foreign students are tested before entering the university. Certificates obtained in the country are international, they are recognized in many countries in the world where the corresponding language is public.

SMAPSE experts recommend studying in Switzerland to anyone who wants to learn several languages at the same time. Swiss schools offer many interesting (often combined) programs that allow to practice foreign languages, travel in Switzerland, play sports, acquire new professional skills (for example, courses for specialists in pedagogy, management, tourism, etc.).

Language exam preparation programs in Switzerland

In Switzerland foreign students can learn 4 languages: French, German and Italian are state languages, and 90% of the population speaks English. Studying programs provide a great opportunity to gain knowledge and improve command of any of these languages.

Courses are available to foreign students over 15 years old. In this section of the catalogue, SMAPSE experts have collected the most effective programs:

Also, Swiss schools provide language tests in Italian.

All programs and courses presented in the catalogue imply intensive academic studies, conversational practice, obtaining of a certificate. The latter is recognized in many countries, it is compulsory for university entrants, for those who plan to seek work in the international labor market.

Make the right choice with SMAPSE experts

You can filter Swiss programs and courses according to the type of priority examination, the type of school, the location of the school - for this, the corresponding forms are located on the left panel of the page.

SMAPSE clients are also offered an individual selection of courses. To get expert advice, contact us by email, phone or Skype.


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