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Burgos Cathedral - the largest temple in Italy, built in the Gothic style

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Burgos Cathedral - the largest temple in Italy, built in the Gothic style

Burgos was once the capital of Castile. It is a rich, beautiful and majestic city, famous for its attractions, including the Burgos Cathedral. The temple is the pulpit of the local bishop, consecrated in honor of the Mother of God. The cathedral can be called a symbol not only of Burgos, but also of Spain as a whole: last year alone, 12 million copies of various souvenirs were printed with the image of the luxurious cathedral. Thousands of people visit this place both as tourists and as pilgrims - regular services are held here. Be sure to include Burgos Cathedral in your travel itinerary - you won't regret it!

Cathedral history

Burgos Cathedral was doomed to fame: it was founded in 1221 as the future main attraction of Castile. The decree on the beginning of construction was signed by King Ferdinand III on July 20, 1221. The construction of the cathedral took almost four centuries:

  • 1230 - the first worship at the construction site
  • 1230 - completion of work on the main facade, installation of the sculptural complex of Christ with his disciples
  • 1260 - final stage of equipment and consecration of the altar
  • 1417 erection of the 2 central towers
  • XIV-XVI - construction works
  • 1567 - completion of the construction of the cathedral and the performance of the first - after a break - divine service.

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Temple today

Work is constantly underway to improve the adjacent territory: on the square where the Burgos Cathedral is located, there used to be a cemetery, then a food market. In the 15th century, a drinking fountain was installed in front of the cathedral, in the 17th century - a sculpture of the Virgin. Today, there are benches where you can relax and hide from the sweltering Spanish heat.

The building of the cathedral is divided into 2 parts: in the first, services are held, the second is turned into a tourist site. All conditions have been created for a comfortable stay in the cathedral:

  • There are signs in different languages
  • All chapels are signed
  • A large collection of treasures and artifacts has been collected.

Almost all items of the interior decoration of the temple have been preserved from the Renaissance: carvings, gilded items, altars. Despite the strict Gothic lines, the inside of the temple is very cozy - a rarity for medieval cathedrals.

Interesting Facts

  • Burgos Cathedral today - bishop's cathedra
  • The third tier of the building is a gallery containing statues of all the kings of Castile
  • Sid and his wife are buried under the slabs of the cathedral
  • Pay attention to the large rose-shaped window (on the second floor)
  • At the place where it was decided to build the Burgos Cathedral, during the time of the Reconquests, a Romanesque temple was located.

The object belongs to cathedrals.

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