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2019-11-07 00:07:10

Best secondary schools in Venice for international students

Best secondary schools in Venice for international students

Leading secondary schools in Venice for international students

Currently, prestigious high schools in Venice are gaining popularity among foreign students. Venice is assigned the status of one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe. Venice is located on numerous islands and at the same time is the largest pedestrian city in the world.

By deciding to receive secondary education in Venice's ranking schools, foreign students will be able to significantly improve the level of Italian and English.

Education in Venice for foreign students - what do students need to know?

The Italian secondary education system corresponds to the countries of Europe, it distinguishes three stages:

  • Primary school - children from 4 years old are being studied under the program of preschool education
  • Scuola Elementare - children from 6 to 11 years old are accepted
  • High school - foreign students from 11 to 14 years old are being studied.

In Venice, elite private boarding schools are successfully operating that accept foreign teenagers aged 14-16 to study in grades 9 and 10.

Teaching in the elite secondary schools of Venice is conducted in Italian, so at the time of admission it is required to speak Italian at least at the elementary level. To improve the level of proficiency, language programs of the summer camps of Venice and Italy are offered. The price per week of staying will be about 1,800 £, taking into account the student's participation in various leisure activities. Studying Italian in a multicultural setting, a foreign student is quickly adapting to the new linguistic and cultural environment, to the Italian educational system.

Best Venice schools for international student: program options

Creative individuals are given the opportunity of specialized education in the field of art, where famous designers are involved in teaching. Italy is assigned the status of the pioneer of design, fashion and creativity, because it is precisely in Venice that top design schools, which occupy leading positions in international rankings of the world, work successfully.

Fluent in Italian at an intermediate level, a foreign student of 17 years can enter the elite European Institute of Design. An international situation has been created here — at the same time, representatives of more than 80 countries are studying. The main reasons for the popularity of this school among foreign teenagers are:

  • Application of modern teaching methods, new technologies in the field of design
  • Harmonious and comprehensive development of talents and creative abilities of each student.

Teaching is carried out as part of two bachelor's educational programs: Interior Design and Graphic - Professional Training Program. The educational process includes classes on design, graphics, interior, art, glass, media design, etc. The cost of education will be about 15,000 €: accommodation is not included, but students are helped to find housing for rent.

To get acquainted with the IED, there are vacation design programs (2 weeks) in English, the price is from 1500 €. For those who want to deepen their knowledge at the stage of higher education, master's courses are taught at the IED (English, cost from 18,900 €).

How much does it cost to study at prestigious secondary schools in Venice for foreign students?

The leading secondary schools in Venice for international students 14-16 years old mainly offer an international undergraduate course IB. It has been successfully operating in the world for more than 50 years, it is considered academically strong and effective in more than 140 countries. At IB students waiting for:

  • Studying basic academic subjects + electives to choose from
  • General course of knowledge theory (CTC)
  • Advanced Academic Essay Writing Workshops
  • Personal development
  • Nurturing leadership and autonomy
  • Teamwork Skill Development
  • Intensive study of foreign languages (minimum 2).

Tuition for IB in Venice starts from 25,800 € (with full board accommodation). After a two-year course, students receive a prestigious international certificate for admission to the best universities in the world.

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